3 Key Concepts To Calibrating Your Energy Field With Intention

Make ordinary life experiences extraordinary.

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What distinguishes ordinary life from extraordinary — and seemingly magical — experiences? Is it a matter of happenstance? Is it connected to being born under a lucky star or into extremely favorable circumstances?

Moments of supreme happiness, downloads of creative energy, or flashes of spiritual insight are not the result of luck or circumstance.

They unfold in response to our level of consciousness.


In fact, there are just two factors needed to elevate an ordinary experience into the realm of the extraordinary.

The first is an understanding that spiritual energy is the origin of every humanly, worldly manifestation. The second is having the ability to direct the flow of this divine energy.

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So, what does it mean to calibrate your energy field?

It’s ordinary to relate to the world as a three-dimensional reality, where credence is given only to physical objects that you can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.

It’s ordinary to take relationships and events at face value, without consideration of their significance in growth and evolution.

It's also ordinary to assess the circumstances of your life in any particular moment of time and allow those circumstances to shape your identity, alter your mood, influence the direction of your thoughts, and determine the trajectory of your life.

By these definitions, most people live ordinary lives.

When you study most of the people you know, you’ll discover that it’s ordinary to allow your past accomplishments or failures to dictate what you're capable of in the present.


It’s ordinary to hold onto grievances, judgments, hurts, and resentments for decades on end, and to allow these to rob us of the energy to fully experience the present moment, fresh and new.

In short, it’s ordinary to be a passive participant of life, who simply observes and reacts to the people and circumstances around us.

To be extraordinary is to know yourself not as someone who must face whatever reality is before you, but as someone with the innate power to mold and shape reality according to your desires.

Non-physical energy is the birthplace of all physical things.

The present moment that is unfolding around you right now — the circumstances that are currently assembled around you — are as temporary as grains of sand moving through an hourglass.


Like clouds form and disperse in response to underlying weather patterns, the circumstances of your life are caused by, generated by, and originate from non-physical forces.

As an awakened, extraordinary human being, you hold certain wisdom within your very DNA. Perhaps, you’ve known this all your life. Or maybe you're now in a process of actively uncovering it.

You might be someone who knows many things without knowing how you know them.

You weren’t born in this unprecedented time in history to simply observe reality or to limit your desires to what’s been created before.

You didn’t come here to find yourself at the mercy of the status quo or to demand other people to change their ways to make you feel more happy or secure.


And you didn’t take birth in human form to allow other people’s limitations to determine what’s possible for you.

You came here to be the creator of your own reality and live in this three-dimensional world with full knowledge that the higher dimensions of life are the source of everything that happens on this one.

You came here to be an energy master, a fully awakened human being with the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Here are 3 keys to calibrating your energy field with intention.

1. Understand that everything is energy.

All that appears to our senses as solid matter is simply energy vibrating at different rates of speed. Your eyes translate light waves into vision. Your ears translate soundwaves into hearing.


Gravity interacts with your body’s sense of equilibrium to provide an experience that the Earth is standing still when, in actuality, it's hurtling through space at dizzying speeds.

In truth, nothing is static, nothing is fixed, and nothing is material. This means that the "stuff" that makes up the world we know is actually not stuff at all — it’s energy.

Energy is the birthplace of everything that manifests into material form.

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2. Seek energy mastery, not control over material objects.

An extraordinary person is one who influences, directs, and creates the experience of their own life by directing the flow of their own energy.


In contrast, an ordinary person is one who seeks control by manipulating circumstances, events, or other people.

In studies conducted by David Hawkins, a widely known authority within the field of consciousness research, it's estimated that approximately 87 percent of humanity is calibrated to a frequency of energy that leaves them feeling powerless and therefore spiritually weak.

In simple terms, the frequency you dwell in is the frequency you create from.

An extraordinary person is one who consistently chooses a higher frequency, thereby counterbalancing the collective vibration of mass consciousness.

Decide, in advance, on the quality of vibration that you would like to bring into that experience and then deliberately open yourself to receive this frequency.


Imagine the energies of joy, expansion, ease, connection, and well-being pouring from your divine source into you. Feel this frequency entering and uplifting every aspect of your being.

Rest in the knowledge that your energy field affects everyone and everything around you and look for evidence of your positive influence.

Cultivating an internal state of ease and balance is the greatest gift you can give to the people around you.

The higher you raise your energy frequency level, the more beneficial you become to the world at large.

3. Calibrating your energy field is key to transformation, ascension, and liberation.

The choice between ordinary and extraordinary is simple.


You can allow the dominant frequency of the world around you to calibrate your energy field or you can take responsibility for deliberately cultivating the energy you wish to live in.

One choice leaves you at the mercy of world events and other people’s actions and reactions. The other choice returns you to your power to create the kind of world you desire to live in.

You can’t help other people thrive if you, yourself, are not thriving. You can’t help others escape from lack and limitation unless you, yourself, are prosperous.


You can only lead by example.

Learning to master your own energy field is essential to being extraordinary in every facet of life. It's both your responsibility and a precious opportunity to learn to calibrate your energy on purpose.

2021: An Unprecedented Opportunity

Last year, 2020 brought about a breakdown in many of the systems and social structures that constituted your idea of ordinary life.

Thus, right now, you're faced with an unprecedented choice: Reconstitute the ordinary, outworn ways you related to life or reinvent your relationship with it.

Use this unparalleled time in human history to become a master of your own energy field, which is the sum total of your most dominant thoughts, feelings, moods, beliefs, perceptions, and expectations.


When conflict arises in the outer world, don’t chase shadows by trying to change external conditions. Instead, turn your attention inward, to the source of the light.

An extraordinary person is one who has learned how to access the invisible realm of energy, deliberately choose the direction of their own thoughts, and decide in advance of each interaction and situation who they want to be and how they want to feel — regardless of circumstance.

Such a person is resilient and self-reliant, in both good times and bad.

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Christy Whitman is a transformational leader, celebrity coach, and the New York Times bestselling author of “The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance." For more information, visit her website.