Venus 'Morning Star' Manifestation Affirmations & Rituals For Each Zodiac Sign

To manifest with this energy as Venus emerges as a morning star, focus on what you want to begin anew within your life.

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Venus retrograde in Leo has been a leading energy source over the last few months, and in reflecting on the year 2023, it will end up being one of the pivotal catalysts for which all other changes are initiated because of.

On Monday, August 21, Venus emerges from the underworld and its time is spent in the darkness of the soul while it once again appears as a morning star. This is the pinnacle moment of the Venus journey because it’s one where not only does it return to the light, but you can also start to feel like you are. It’s a time for renewed hope, clarity and feeling ready to implement the new awareness of truth which surfaced during the darkest moments of Venus retrograde.  




Just as it reemerges into the light, it squares off with Jupiter in Taurus. This brings both an opportunity for transformation and the blinding reality that the world you are reentering now is vastly different from the one in July when Venus first began its retrograde. In many respects, it’s not just a new reality but an entirely new life, only impeded by your human task to align your feelings with the life you dream of living.  


To manifest with this energy as Venus emerges as a morning star, focus on what you want to begin anew within your life, even if it’s an area that will need greater focus or work in the months ahead. This is no time to look back but to focus on the future with unwavering determination and hope as you take your ritual outside under the energy of Venus once again entering the light and as you embrace the Sun’s life force. 

Venus and Jupiter bring a deep desire for growth and expansion through your intimate relationships. While not everyone will be called to begin a new relationship, many will, and those who have developed a more profound bond during this time can celebrate an entirely new chapter of connection within their lives. You are now called to notice that the person you’re in a relationship with isn’t just someone to cuddle and love upon. It’s also someone that determines your life path — including the growth and opportunities you decide to seize.

Manifestation affirmations and rituals for each zodiac sign on August 21, 2023


(March 21 - April 19)  

What to manifest: A new romantic commitment


Daily affirmation: I commit wholeheartedly to what aligns with my soul and brings me the greatest joy.

Reflect on the lessons of Venus in Leo as it emerges as a morning star activating your sector of joy and commitment. Begin by anointing a red candle in ginger essential oil and rolling it in cinnamon, both herbs representing the sign of Leo. Place the candle halfway in the earth in the morning hours, and as you light it, repeat your affirmation, silently meditating on what you want to manifest until it burns down to the ground level. Cover it with nearby soil and sprinkle white rose petals to bind in your intention.

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(April 20 - May 20) 


What to manifest: A new home 

Daily affirmation: I am opening myself to create positive changes in my home as I embrace a greater level of healing.

As Venus in Leo emerges as a morning star, it highlights your home and family areas, helping you to focus on purchasing a new home or creating a new sense of one. Begin by creating an intention jar using a key, your written affirmation, basil, rosemary and cinnamon, all herbs representing the sign of Leo. Repeat your affirmation while sealing it with white wax, and then leave it next to your front door.

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(May 21 - June 20) 


What to manifest: A new project

Daily affirmation: I am excited to work on a new project to bring me closer to my divine purpose.  

Focus on using Venus in Leo as it emerges as a morning star in your communication, writing and projects sector. Whether with a partner or yourself, embrace this energy by writing yourself a letter about all you want to create during this new project. Take your letter outside under the light of the Sun, and anoint it with cardamom essential oil, a symbol of Leo. Fold it away from you three times to send it to the universe, and then place it underneath the peridot to protect it while manifesting.

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(June 21 - July 22) 

What to manifest: A new inner value

Daily affirmation: I am honoring my inner value as I learn to let it lead me toward what is meant for me.

Embrace your new inner self-worth and love as Venus in Leo emerges as a morning star lighting up this area of your life. Create an aura spray using plain witch hazel and the essential oils of ginger, cinnamon and rosemary, which carry the energy of Leo. As you mix it, repeat your affirmation to send its power into it and then use it to cleanse your energy and your home, especially your bed, where you sleep and dream.

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(July 23 - August 22) 

What to manifest: A renewed sense of self

Daily affirmation: I am releasing all that was as I step into a renewed sense of self with excitement for the future.

Focus on reintroducing yourself to the world as Venus in Leo emerges as a morning star highlighting your sector of self and beliefs. Begin by anointing a yellow candle in ginger essential oil and placing it in a sugar dish. As you light it, sprinkle rosemary for healing around the candle while repeating your affirmation, allowing yourself to focus on the flame and visualize how you will do things differently moving forward.


(August 23 - September 22) 


What to manifest: A new beginning

Daily affirmation: I welcome a new beginning in every facet of my life as I embrace forgiveness and gratitude.

Embrace the possibilities of new beginnings as Venus in Leo emerges as a morning star helping you to bring closure and acceptance to themes from your past. To begin your ritual, write down your affirmation on a slip of paper and gather several marigold seeds, said to be the herb of the Sun, as it represents Leo. Once outside, place your affirmation into the soil and the roots and repeat it as you bury them. Sprinkle cinnamon on it for luck and abundance.

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(September 23 - October 22) 

What to manifest: A new goal

Daily affirmation: I am determined to energize my new goal to bring it to fruition as I honor what is most important to me.

Spend time focusing on your goal as Venus in Leo emerges as a morning star, helping you absorb the lessons from this area of your life. Begin by lighting a gold candle and write down any new ideas or goals that have surfaced during Venus retrograde. While repeating your affirmation, drip the melted wax over the paper, covering the words and binding in your intention. You can then fold it three times toward you and place it under the candle as you feel more vital to focus on your dreams during this time.



(October 23 - November 21) 

What to manifest: A new career focus

Daily affirmation: I am allowing myself to dream of a new position, career or even level of success as I honor my desire for more in my professional life.

Reflect on your career as Venus in Leo emerges as a morning star activating your professional sector. Begin by anointing a green candle with olive oil and rolling it in basil, an herb representing Leo, before lighting it. You can then take a few deep breaths, settle yourself and write an ideal job description you want to fulfill. Once finished, roll up the paper like a scroll and tie it with a green ribbon before taking it outside into the garden. Lay it on the soil in the Sun, and drip the melted wax over it, binding it into the earth and guaranteeing its growth.


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(November 22 - December 21) 

What to manifest: A new opportunity for expansion

Daily affirmation: I am forging my authentic path as I embrace new opportunities for expansion and growth.

As Venus in Leo emerges as a morning star, it lights up your luck and abundance zone, helping you to take flight toward your wildest dreams. To harness this energy, select a yellow feather, hold it between your hands as you sit in the Sun and repeat your affirmation. Once you’ve done that nine times, take a violet ribbon representing your intuition and tie the feather into a basil plant to manifest all you desire.


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(December 22 - January 19) 

What to manifest: A new level of intimacy


Daily affirmation: I surrender to the force of love as I allow my vulnerability to help shape a new level of intimacy within my relationship.

To embrace the power of Venus in Leo as it emerges as a morning star, focus on creating intimate time with you and your partner as themes of both intimacy and transformation are heightened. Create a space with four red and four pink candles. Light vanilla incense as you open the space for self-massage or a shared massage with you and your partner. As you use ginger essential oil, which represents the zodiac sign of Leo, have you or your partner keep the affirmation in your mind’s eye, allowing your breath to bring you to a deeper level of vulnerability. Let the candles extinguish, and then bury them in your garden beneath a rose bush for greater love.

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(January 20 - February 18) 


What to manifest: A new romantic chapter

Daily affirmation: I am excited to begin a new chapter in my romantic life as I embrace all that I have recently learned.

As Venus in Leo emerges as a morning star, reflect on your romantic relationship and the new chapter you dream of beginning. To begin your ritual, take a white and red candle outside, binding them with a white ribbon and a piece of rose quartz. As you light the candles, envision them representing both the past and the future, you and your partner and other themes of duality in your romantic life. Please repeat your affirmation, sprinkle cinnamon around the candles for passion and allow them to burn for seven minutes before extinguishing them with essential rosemary oil on your fingertips for any healing.

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(February 19 - March 20) 

What to manifest: A new practice of wellness

Daily affirmation: As I care for myself and prioritize my needs, I create a recipe for success.

Embrace the transformation within yourself as Venus in Leo emerges as a morning star and activates your wellness sector. Begin by brewing ginger tea in the morning, then create space for a simple Leo-inspired yoga practice. You can start by anointing your heart chakra with cinnamon essential oil and then practice a few heart-opening poses, like fish or camel, as you breathe deeply and repeat your affirmation. Leo rules the heart chakra, so these poses will help instill a greater feeling of well-being as well as harness the energy of Venus.


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