What Each Zodiac Sign Can Manifest On July 17, With The Nodes Of Fate

A new era is beginning.

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Here is the daily affirmation and how to manifest what your zodiac sign needs on July 17, as the Nodes of Fate change signs. Take a deep breath and let go of everything from the past few years. Let the lessons fall like raindrops upon your shoulders as they quench your desire for understanding and forgive whatever happened to bring you to this moment.

Today, one of the most monumental transits in astrology occurs; the North Node shifts into Aries just as the South Node moves into Libra, changing everything but, most importantly, giving you the benefit of knowledge. While the Nodes rest in a particular sign, the lessons are often so ongoing, especially during eclipse season, that you cannot absorb or assimilate into them until they transition.




In April of this year, you experienced your first eclipse in Aries, a preview of what the next few years will hold, and since that time, you’ve been processing lessons of the Taurus and Scorpio axis as the Nodes prepared for the dramatic shift. Now, however, is when they finally change, and with it, a new era in the world and your life begins. While Taurus and Scorpio were all about stability and passion, this new dynamic helps you to understand and embrace the energy of your individuality and that of the collective. It’s partnership energy, but also highly motivated and confident.


This is your chance to focus on what you want your intention to be for the next two years as the Nodes make their way through Aries and Libra, and it’s a chance to also finally put the lessons of the past to rest. There isn’t anything more for you to learn, and there isn’t even anything else for you to fix. Accept things where they are, take a deep breath, and welcome the new era of newness, hope, and abundance.

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What your zodiac sign can manifest on July 17:


(March 21 - April 19)

How to manifest: Your greatest life

You can create an intention jar, beginning by writing what you are calling in during this new phase of life while keeping the affirmation in your mind's eye. Once finished, place it in the jar and add basil for prosperity, lavender for luck, cloves for abundance, and rose petals for love. You can keep this in a south-facing part of your home to welcome new beginnings.


Daily affirmation: I am embracing my greatest life as all things flow effortlessly to me.

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(April 20 - May 20)

How to manifest: Divine knowledge

Begin a daily practice of spending time with your inner self by anointing your third eye with lavender essential oil and wearing amethyst jewelry to tune into your intuition. As you return to this space of quiet and meditation, place your hands in gyan mudra while repeating the affirmation, as it represents divine knowledge.

Daily affirmation: I am tuning into my divine knowledge and trusting my intuition.

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(May 21 - June 20)

How to manifest: Truth

Create a smudge for yourself and your home using verbena and white sage; repeat the affirmation as you perform this ritual using a white feather for purity. You can also incorporate tiger’s eye or lemongrass essential oil into your practice for greater truth.

Daily affirmation: I am confident that living in truth will attract what is meant for me.

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(June 21 - July 22)

How to manifest: Career motivation

Gather a green candle, etch your name on it, and then anoint it with olive oil for abundance. Place this in a dish of cinnamon and add this to your altar space. As you meditate here, repeat the affirmation ten times as you visualize the career and financial abundance you seek.


Daily affirmation: I am inspired to reach for my dreams and make them a reality.

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(July 23 - August 22)

How to manifest: Expansion and abundance

Create an altar space using a yellow and white candle which you can bind together using a green thread for abundance. Surround the candles with rose petals and rosemary. As you begin your ritual, anoint your pulse points with frankincense essential oil, focus on the two flames becoming one, and repeat the affirmation.

Daily affirmation: I am ready to expand and embrace abundance in all forms.

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(August 23 - September 22)

How to manifest: Transformation

Anoint your chakra points with palo santo essential oil and create a space of reflection. As you settle your breath and find peace, place your hands in the hakini mudra and visualize yourself as a butterfly exiting a cocoon of growth. Focus on what you are moving toward rather than what you’re leaving behind while keeping the affirmation silently in your mind.

Daily affirmation: I embrace transformation as growth and a gift from the divine.

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(September 23 - October 22)

How to manifest: New romantic possibilities

Write your affirmation on a slip of paper and anoint it with rose essential oil. Please place it in a sachet with lavender and basil leaves; once you’ve added your ingredients, send your intention into it. You can then hang it in a tree in your yard or even a rose bush as you repeat the affirmation.


Daily affirmation: I am open to new romantic possibilities and am ready to give love another chance.

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(October 23 - November 21)

How to manifest: Focus

Create a space for intention by lighting a white candle of protection and gathering materials to make a vision board. Add anything representing the new life you are trying to create while keeping the affirmation in mind as you work. Please place it in your bedroom, where it will be one of the first things you see each morning.

Daily affirmation: I am focused on taking care of myself as I am determined to live the life of my dreams.

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(November 22 - December 21)

How to manifest: Committed joy

Jupiter, your ruling planet, represents your right index finger and holds joy, abundance, expansion, and happiness themes. For your ritual, begin by anointing your chakra points with sweet orange essential oil, clearing your mind, and then tying a yellow string around your right index finger, repeating your affirmation as you do. Jupiter represents your right index finger. Jupiter represents your right index finger.

Daily affirmation: I embrace commitment as a pathway to ultimate joy and freedom.

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(December 22 - January 19)


How to manifest: A loving home

Create a smudge using rosemary, pine, cloves, and lavender to bring healing, love, and greater peace to your home. As you light the smudge and walk around your home to each room, repeat the affirmation and feel yourself exhale everything you are releasing to create a loving, safe home.

Daily affirmation: I am faithfully creating a loving and healthy home for myself and those I care about.

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(January 20 - February 18)

How to manifest: Speaking your truth

To open the space for your ritual, begin by anointing your throat chakra with rosemary essential oil for authenticity. You can also incorporate lapis lazuli jewelry for added strength by adorning yourself with a necklace made from this precious stone. As you sit and focus on expanding your throat chakra, practice the no worries breathwork practice to heal and open this vital energy portal while repeating the affirmation.


Daily affirmation:I am honoring my truth in all ways as I am committed to nothing but authenticity.

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(February 19 - March 20)

How to manifest: Divine protection

Wake up your third eye by anointing this chakra point with clove essential oil and settling into a space of confidence and trust. Then take your practice outside while you sit for five to ten minutes, noticing the sounds and sights around you as you place your hands on your heart, feeling divinely protected by the universe. You can also consider adding liquid chlorophyll drops to this practice to nurture your inner connection to the world around you.


Daily affirmation: I am divinely protected and guided by the universe and all its powers.

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