Every Zodiac Sign's Luckiest Day Of The Month For June 2023

The more you open to new experiences which take you out of your comfort zone.

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During June 2023, you are being called to step out of what feels safe and be brave enough to take a risk toward something new. You are fully supported in doing this as Venus moves into Leo, just as Mercury shifts into Gemini. 



All the passion and motivation are there. You just need to align yourself with your deepest desire as you trust this will lead you forward into the luck you seek. You are most lucky when operating from the same frequency as the universe. This occurs when you choose to listen to your passions and see them as your purpose so that nothing can hold you from the destiny meant for you.  


Here's the luckiest day of the month for June 2023, by zodiac sign:


Luckiest Day: Saturday, June 3rd  

Break out of any ruts or comfort zones this month to attract more luck. The Full Moon in Sagittarius will light up your life with new opportunities and goals, but you need to start doing things differently to reach them. Don't be afraid to throw out old plans or the rule book for life so you can be open to embracing the best that life is trying to deliver to you. Everything you want is possible. You just need to create the space to receive it.  

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Luckiest Day: Sunday, June 11th 

Before you can move ahead, you often need to go back and take care of those minute details before they detract from the luck you're trying to create. As Pluto retrograde returns to Capricorn this month, it's your chance to look at things with a new perspective to allow for more truth and light. As you allow yourself to change your beliefs and even heal more deeply, you'll be surprised at how much more successful you can co-create with the universe.  

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Luckiest Day: Saturday, June 17th 

Not all lessons are painful. Some are those which show you just how much you are capable of. Saturn will retrograde in Pisces, helping to bring some important realizations regarding your career and your life purpose to the surface. Don't discount your purpose for a paycheck because if you follow the wild call of your soul, you will always create luck and abundance.



Luckiest Day: Saturday, June 17th 

It can be scary to feel like you're starting over again, especially if you felt like you finally just had it right. However, when you continually see it as just peeling back layers for better clarity and success, you can find the grace and courage to surrender to the process. As Saturn turns retrograde in Pisces, it's your chance to find greater acceptance for your process and to even return to a few opportunities for expansion you might have previously passed up. This time don't say no.  


Luckiest Day: Friday, June 30th 

There must be a balance in how you see and perceive things. Seeing everything through rose-colored glasses can be just as problematic as through a lens of fear or dread. The trick is to remain hopeful and honest about what's real. As Neptune retrogrades in Pisces, you'll have a chance to focus on deeper truths and learn how much a balanced perspective can generate a deeper sense of luck.  



Luckiest Day: Monday, June 19th 

Jupiter has just moved into Taurus, which means for the next year, you will be in a place of extreme luck and abundance. In June 2023, though, Jupiter in Taurus will align with Saturn in Pisces, creating a lucky moment of opportunity for you to grow into a new phase of your life. Remember that you can't control how luck shows up for you; it will likely be unexpected, but if you stay committed to the expansion theme, you'll see everything is happening for your highest good.  

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Luckiest Day: Sunday, June 11th 


You have learned the importance of honoring yourself as much as those who are important to you. As Mercury shifts into Gemini this month, it's time for you to start speaking about your great plans and ideas. Communicating about what you want from life, or even what you hope to achieve, is a love language, and in June 2023, it's being doused with luck. Take time to get clear on the path you want, and then be direct and honest with those in your life so you can be sure you are completely aligned with the universe.  


Luckiest Day: Thursday, June 22nd 

You have to become so serious about your success and path ahead that the universe has no choice but to conspire with you to make it happen. As much as you may want wealth, freedom, and even love, you must not be afraid to commit or take chances to receive it fully. 

Juno, the ruler of contracts, shifts into Cancer during June 2023, and things are about to get more serious — but it's also exactly what you need to get to the next level of your life. Don't doubt the good things when they start happening.  


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Luckiest Day: Monday, June 5th 

Knowing what you love makes it a lot easier to tap into the power of attraction to manifest it. Lucky for you, during June 2023, Venus shifts into a passionate and ambitious Leo, helping you focus more on your passion. This is an important lesson to help show you what you feel most called to pursue will always be where your greatest luck resides.  

Don't be afraid to commit fully to your dreams, even if it means a tremendous change. You owe it to yourself to go all in on what makes you feel most alive instead of overthinking or doubting your calling.  


Luckiest Day: Wednesday, June 21st 


You can't neglect yourself and hope all you achieve outside will compensate for it. During June 2023, Ceres will shift into Libra, helping you to understand the value of putting yourself first. Take time out of your busy schedule to tend to your needs, whether this is catching up on appointments or just some much-needed downtime. You can't move mountains if you're not feeling strong enough to. The more you pay attention to your emotional, mental, and physical needs, the more luck you will create.  

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Luckiest Day: Wednesday, June 21st 


The world is a big, beautiful place, but often it's the meaningful relationships you have within your life which truly bring a feeling of destiny or luck. During June 2023, as Ceres moves into Libra, pay attention to nurturing the important relationships in your life and the ones you have with yourself. Think of it like tending to a garden. Now is your time to catch up on watering and weeding, so you can reap the harvest you have hoped for. Slowing down and focusing more on what matters to you will help you discover greater opportunities for luck.  

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Luckiest Day: Saturday, June 3rd 

Since Saturn has moved into your zodiac sign, you've become more serious and committed to manifesting your dreams. This has helped you understand that hard work pays off and will come your way with the Full Moon in Sagittarius during June 2023.


It's time to let your hard work now start working hard for you as you embrace a divine reward or opportunity from the universe for greater recognition and abundance. Embrace the new opportunities this will bring into your life because nothing is out of the question. The luck you're about to receive is the one you've put in the effort to create.  

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