The Law Of Attraction Secret That Will Help Make Your Dreams Come True

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If you're constantly setting new ambitions for yourself — yet never achieving them — it's likely because you're thinking about them all wrong.

And you're probably not harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction to help you make your dreams come true, either.

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First off, we tend to set "resolutions" and not "goals." However, resolutions are typically reductive or diminishing in their thought processes, which is why they don't tend to stick. 

We are going to stop smoking, drinking, eating poorly, and so on — sort of like making year-long Lenten sacrifices. And while the intention of bettering ourselves — through the denial of something we don’t think we should be doing — may be heroic, managing our past shortcomings doesn’t enlighten our paths to a full and enriching life ahead.

That's why setting goals is a more effective means of creating change, compared to resolutions.

Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar takes it a step further when he tells us, “A goal properly set, is halfway reached.” Making a plan — the more detailed the better — helps us get to where we want to go. 

Yet, in order to be achievable, our goals and grand plans need to be broken down into smaller, actionable steps. What's more, you need a clearly defined means of measuring your success in completing each step, too.

For example, as a young sales rep, my husband was told that the historical data indicated that it was going to take at least 100 cold calls a week to book the 5 appointments he needed each week to hit his monthly quota. Using this information, his business and work goals were easily set — and improved upon — to make the 120 cold calls each week he needed to grow his sales.

For many of us, this kind of goal-setting works amazingly well. And while we may not achieve every goal we set, overall, we feel empowered by our success rate so that we continue the process of writing goals down, making sure they are achievable, and creating steps that are measurable. By doing so, many of us continue to hit where we aim.

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But what about the dreams we have for ourselves in response to a yearning deep inside of us — the ones that defy logic and often seem unachievable?

Regardless of what we perceive to be standing in our way — whether we don’t have enough education, money, or time to achieve these dreams — the yearning persists.

When we create a vision for these dreams, we acknowledge that we are not alone in creating our outcome. We know that it takes more than our limited capacity to get there. It takes faith in an outer power greater than us.

Many refer to this power as energy, the Divine, God, or the Universe. Creating a vision board, however, is far from a religious activity. It simply allows us to relax into the knowledge that we don’t have to achieve everything by ourselves. It gives us the courage to pursue the dreams we have that seem unobtainable.

Let’s say you’ve always wanted to go to China with your entire family. However, you’re the sole income earner in the family, your eldest child is in college, and however you make the numbers work, there is no extra money to take the family to China.

So one of the items you place on your vision board is a picture of a family walking along the Great Wall, with a big smile on everyone’s face. You have no idea how you will get there, but you are willing to trust that somehow you will.

This is where the Law of Attraction comes into play.

After completing your vision board, you now spend a few minutes daily experiencing what it feels like to be in China with your family. You feel the joy that rushes through you as you walk on the Great Wall. You imagine the things you might smell and sounds you might hear. After this short meditation, you continue on with your daily routine.

This tuning into the feeling of your vision on a daily basis allows you to open yourself up to bring this vision into your life — this is the practice of the Law of Attraction in action. Most often, it doesn’t happen in the way you might expect. It’s rare that you hit the lottery.

Rather, the Law of Attraction often manifests in a more surprising way. For example, your company has opened a new location in China and would like you to go train the new employees (and is willing to fly your entire family). Or your relative offers you a week in a timeshare in China because they cannot attend a trip they had already booked.

Watching the unfolding is what is the most fun and realizing how little effort it took for you to attract this vision!

So now, let go of those resolutions that always seem to be a source of failure. Enhance the power of establishing goals with a vision board that exceeds what seems realistic. Then, stand back and see for yourself the benefits of creating a vision and the power the Law of Attraction has in helping you make your dreams a reality.

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Selina Schuh is an educator, author, speaker, and owner of Empowered Living Strategies. Click here to visit her library of free resources.

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