How To Become Luckier Using Astrology

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The Internet has a new favorite thing: lucky girl syndrome. And everyone wants to know how to catch it!

The lucky girl syndrome trend on TikTok is all about using positive affirmations to bring luck into your life with one primary catchphrase: “I am so lucky; Everything works out for me!”

While positive affirmations can work for everyone, there's a way to make your affirmations more successful using astrology.

After all, it's no secret that your birth chart can reveal how you can create your own luck... if you know what to look for.

For example, Jupiter is known as the lucky planet in astrology, representing fortune and success.

But did you know about the asteroid Tyche?

Tyche asteroid in astrology

This lesser-known asteroid (a.k.a Asteroid 258) influences your luck.

According to TikTok creator @shawtyherbs, this asteroid is "associated with your good luck, your good fortune, prosperity, and random chance and opportunities."



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You can find out where Tyche sits in your astrological chart by using a birth chart calculator and selecting Tyche from the extended list of asteroids.

And once you know your Tyche sign, you can manifest luck using your Tyche placement.

How to manifest more luck using Tyche in astrology

Tyche in Aries

Candle magic and incense manifestation are your go-tos for becoming luckier if you have your Tyche in Aries. More specifically, green candles and cinnamon incense.

Tyche in Taurus

With Tyche in Taurus, positive affirmations are your best friend when it comes to manifestations. It's almost like you were born with the lucky girl syndrome and you never knew it!

Tyche in Gemini

If you have your Tyche in Gemini, you can activate and bring more luck into your life by writing down your manifestations.

Try the scripting technique. Or the journaling technique. Or the love letter technique (if you want to manifest love).

Tyche in Cancer

With Tyche in Cancer, the best way for you to manifest luck is to jump into the shower and visualize what you want to manifest. Or draw a soothing bath and visualize when you are feeling completely relaxed.

Tyche in Leo

With Tyche in Leo, the best way for you to manifest luck is to act as if you already are what you want to be or you already have what you want in your life.

After all, Leo energy is known for blessing its natives with acting abilities. And the best actors are the ones who become one with the act.

Tyche in Virgo

Scripting manifestation will work wonders for you if you have your Tyche in Virgo. After all, Virgo loves being methodical and private, and this technique checks both those boxes.

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Tyche in Libra

Since Venus rules Libra, your go-to manifestation method with Tyche in Libra is to visualize your desires while listening to 221.23 Hz frequency, which is that of your ruling planet Venus.

You can even tune into a meditation track with this frequency and go to sleep while thinking of your manifestations.

Tyche in Scorpio

With Tyche in Scorpio, luck manifests in your life when you let go of the toxic and choose to transform.

You can even visualize yourself replacing what you no longer want with something that you desire.

Tyche in Sagittarius

Visualizing while listening to the 183.58 Hz frequency of the planet Jupiter is your go-to method for manifestation if you have your Tyche in Sagittarius. More so if you want to manifest abundance of any kind.

Tyche in Capricorn

Tyche in Capricorn is perfect for manifesting with bay leaf magic.

Just write your desires on a dried bay leaf and carry it around in your bag or put it under your pillow before you go to sleep!

Tyche in Aquarius

This placement brings luck into your life when you are more spontaneous and try new things. Plus, vision boards work extra well for Tyche in Aquarius because that's literally an Aquarius thing!

Tyche in Pisces

Meditation manifestation is your best friend if you have your Tyche in Pisces. After all, Pisces is the most spiritual sign of them all and finds it easy to connect with the beyond and the metaphysics through meditation. 

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