The One-Line Manifestation Every Zodiac Sign Should Say This Week, May 8 - 14, 2023

This week’s manifestation rituals for May 8th through the 14th , 2023.

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As the Sun enters Taurus this week, from May 8 to 14, 2023, you can tap into your determination and strength to manifest your dreams. Remember that hope is always present in every moment, and imagining a different reality requires courage. There are no limits or barriers to what you can achieve, and to embody this truth, you must work with the universe and current energies to manifest what's available to you.




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In doing so, you honor the rhythm of the earth and your soul, co-creating with the universe to build an incredible life. As the eclipse season's lucid tides recede, tune in to your deepest desires and needs, and let your beacon of hope lead you towards a new world, not just a new life.


The one-line manifestation every zodiac sign should say this week, May 8 - 14, 2023: 


Manifest: Hope  

Amazonite is known as the stone of hope. This week use this powerful crystal during meditations, carry it on yourself during the day and even while repeating the weekly affirmation to instill greater hope into your life.  

Manifestation affirmation: I embrace new hopes and wishes for my life.  

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Manifest: Recognition 

Using a gold or orange candle, draw your name vertically on it. Then roll it in honey and crushed bay leaves as you repeat the weekly affirmation and visualize the recognition or promotion you hope to receive.  


Manifestation affirmation: I am worthy of recognition for my efforts and talents.  

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Manifest: New experiences 

Create an altar with symbols of everything you want to welcome in your life, placing a white candle in the center of it. As you meditate each evening in front of this space, repeat the weekly affirmation to ensure you embrace every new experience in your life.  

Manifestation affirmation: I release whatever holds me back from the new experiences I want to create.  

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Manifest: Happiness 

White sage can cleanse a space, while roses can bring happiness, love, and positivity. Using a smudge of both, cleanse your space and yourself each morning or evening this week as you repeat what you release and what you want to manifest in your life.  

Manifestation affirmation: I embrace every moment of change as an opportunity for greater happiness.  

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Manifest: New love  

Collect a pink or red candle and symbols of what you hope to experience within your relationship. Etch the words new love into your candle, and then rub olive oil over it with your hands as you repeat the weekly affirmation.  


Manifestation affirmation: I release any person from the outdated belief holding me back from the love I am worthy of.  

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Manifest: A Healthier Routine 

Mix together dried rosemary leaves, camphor, sage, mustard seeds, frankincense and rose. Create a loose incense that you burn every other evening while visualizing and prioritizing yourself. You can also use essential oils if preferred to create a room spray.  

Manifestation affirmation: I allow myself to prioritize self-care.  

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Manifest: Gratitude 

Begin a morning gratitude practice of writing down three to five things you are grateful for. Create a nurturing space with hot tea, a white candle and the time to fully reflect on everything you get to do versus what you may feel like you have to.  


Manifestation affirmation: I let go of doubt and fear and embrace gratitude for everything I am surrounded by.  

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Manifest: Healing 

Try incorporating Lapis Lazuli into your meditation practice this week alongside your affirmation. This will enable you to incorporate greater healing into your perspective, allowing you to change your life from the inside out.  

Manifestation affirmation: I embrace healing in every aspect of my life.  

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Manifest: Confidence 

Begin by writing down all that you are proud of, that you are, and that you have accomplished. Then take a small yellow candle, massage bergamot oil into it, and look at yourself in the mirror as you read off what you have written. Try to embody the feeling into your body rather than just looking at your appearance to help instill greater confidence within yourself.  


Manifestation affirmation: I speak truthfully and confidently and trust the process.  

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Manifest: Acceptance 

Start by placing a pink and white candle on your altar or safe space. Collect three seeds, an envelope, and a piece of rose quartz. Repeat the affirmation while putting the seeds into the envelope, signifying your own body, mind and spirit, and then place them near the candles with the crystal on top.  


Manifestation affirmation: I release the idea of perfection and embrace its beauty.  

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Manifest: Trust 

Write down what you hope to trust on a piece of paper. Plant this in your garden, placing a piece of blue lace agate on top. Return to this place daily and water it as you repeat your affirmation.  

Manifestation affirmation: I trust my intuition to lead me toward my highest good.  

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Manifest: Joy 

Collect a yellow feather, place it on your altar during meditation, and wear it on your body during the day, repeating the weekly affirmation to focus on and curate more joy into your life.  


Manifestation affirmation: I welcome happiness and love into my life.  

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