3 Zodiac Signs With 'Cheerful’ Horoscopes On April 4, 2023

Optimism changes your entire perspective.

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Starting April 4, 2023. as a brand-new month rolls on, the energy turns cheerful and optimistic as the Moon dances between Virgo and Libra, coloring your day with moments of joy and connection.

Yesterday’s energy was all about being decisive and making those important choices to help shape your current path and the direction your soul feels called to pursue; however, today is more about enjoyment. It can often seem frustrating that within a phase of transformation, it does not seem that you can forge ahead each day, but there is always a purpose to every moment. The day begins with the Virgo Moon creating a harmonious trine with Venus in Taurus. As the Virgo Moon and Venus in Taurus unite, optimism permeates recent thoughts and events.


Three zodiac signs will feel happy, cheerful, and disengaged from anything chaotic or unpleasant. Sometimes, these moments clarify that much of the strife or challenges you engage in can come down to choosing to be a part of it.

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Of course, some situations involve conflict resolution or the advocacy of boundaries. However, there are also those which come down to you trying to get validation or changed behavior from someone that isn’t in the place to give it. These are the moments you can choose to disengage, let people do what they will and choose happiness for yourself. This is not in a toxic ‘good vibes’ only way, but in protecting your peace and recognizing what is yours to carry and what is absolutely another's.


By embracing this energy, you will be carried through to the peaceful embrace of the Libra Moon in the late afternoon hours. The Libra Moon continues the positive energy boost and creates a desire for peace and harmony within yourself and your life.



It becomes easier to walk away from those situations or perspectives that steal that from you, and instead, you can see that with boundaries, you can remain in control of how you feel and the energy surrounding you. Because Libra is one of Venus's ruling signs, there is also a romantic theme to the evening hours. You’re encouraged to embrace some of that cheerfulness and peace within your romantic relationship.

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This creates the perfect opportunity for a midweek date as the Libra Moon forms a loving trine with Pluto in Aquarius. The Moon and Pluto wake up your emotional self and the desire to embrace excitement and joy with the one you love. Use the evening hours to socialize, whether with a lover or even a friend and lean into those that bring joy and peace into your life By embracing those moments that bring precisely what you want to create, more of you are harnessing the law of attraction. Because when you embrace a more cheerful, optimistic perspective, then that is precisely what you see.

The three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes on Tuesday, April 4, 2023: 

1. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

The Moon will be in your sign, lighting up your first house of self through most of the day. This allows you to find better emotional grounding and clarity within some feelings that may tend to steal your peace a bit. While your first house, which governs your beliefs, ideals and wants, feels more secure and stable today, Venus in Taurus activates your ninth house's delicious themes. Your ninth house governs luck, abundance, adventure, education, and spirituality. Early in the day, you will be able to gain greater meaning from your recent feelings, providing you with peace and a deeper sense of purpose.

Use this for temporary relief today and some long-term plans with the changes you hope to incorporate into your life. Later in the evening hours, as the Moon shifts into Libra, your second house of value will be activated along with Pluto in Aquarius, highlighting themes of health and routines from your sixth house. It is a great day to find emotional stability within your life that will let you figure out what goes into you feeling like your best.


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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

Today is an amazing day for joy and fun as the Libra Moon interludes with Pluto in Aquarius. Earlier in the day, the Virgo Moon may bring up some new understanding as it rules your twelfth house of the subconscious. While it is trines Venus in Taurus, it will create harmony within the themes of transformation that your eighth house rules. For you, it is all about realizing your new truth that goes along with how much you have grown recently, shedding outdated concepts of love and relationships. Once that occurs, you will be in the best place in the evening house to relish the joy and pleasure you have created for yourself.

The Libra Moon will put you in touch with your feelings and desires, all aspects of your first house, and Pluto in Aquarius will touch upon your fifth house of joy, commitment, and self-expression. When you fully understand that you are not who you used to be and your relationship has evolved, you are finally in the place to enjoy what you have created instead of being afraid it will not last.


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3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

Early in the day, the Virgo Moon creates a supportive trine to Venus in Taurus. These two signs rule over your eighth house of transformation and your fourth of home and family. Because Uranus has been and will continue to reside within your fourth house through 2026, this area will continue to evolve and change but only into what will be long-lasting and stable. Today, you can notice some important feelings and a greater willingness to embrace change.


This will set the stage for later in the day when the Libra Moon activates your ninth house of luck and abundance, forming a positive trine to Pluto in Aquarius. Pluto in Aquarius will help you navigate your feelings as it governs your first house. Together, you can give yourself greater leeway and freedom when taking risks, trying new things, and even taking a chance on love. Life will inevitably turn out differently than you had thought, but it also means it usually will be far better.

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