Each Zodiac Sign's Weekly Horoscope For January 9 - 15, 2023

Each Zodiac Sign's Weekly Horoscope For January 9 - 15, 2023

A quick look at this week's astrological forecast shows us that the last thing we'll have to worry about is love, while the topic on so many people's minds is none other than money.

In the pursuit of money, we risk our health and our sanity; it's as if we've never caught on to the side effects of what it's like to work, day after day, with our only goal being 'make the money.'

This week's transit lineup seems to be putting pressure on us...but what's the pressure for? Is it so that we continue to go at the breakneck pace that we've been going, or are we being told to take it easy, and worry less?

The good part is that we won't be worrying about love, in fact, many of us will be starting new love affairs this week. Love and romance come with spectacular results during this time.

This leaves us worry-free, but you know how the human mind works; it will seek to find something to worry about, and several of the signs here will not settle until they can clearly find something wrong.

We want more out of the year, and being that it's the second week only, we feel that this is the right time to start figuring out which direction exactly we wish to take, so that we may reach higher goals.

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We do have a few Mars transits taking place this week that could bring about too much anger, and anger always gets in the way of achievement. While we can use anger to clear our heads, we should not use it as a barometer for personal change. Libra energy comes towards the end of the week and acts as a soothing balm for the soul.

Each zodiac sign's weekly horoscope for January 9 - 15, 2023:


(March 21 - April 19)

You are purely driven this week; you have goals to accomplish and you mean to get them all done. You aren't up for being social at this point because you feel much more satisfied by completing the tasks you've laid out for yourself. You are success-oriented and success-bound, and while that might make you an 'all work and no play' type, you are happy to do what you feel is necessary. You are unstoppable and ambitious.

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(April 20 - May 20)

The big decision is made this week, and it comes to you early one morning; you need to change something in your life or you will have to accept that you are living a lie. You don't want to live a lie, but you've given this one situation more than enough time to pan out for you, and it doesn't look like it's going to be pleasing. You trusted that all would be well — and yes, it will be, but you are going to have to make a radical decision as to what your next move will be.

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(May 21 - June 20)

Finally, a week has arrived when the only thing you know is love, sweet love. Love of family, love of friends, romantic love...it's all there, waiting for you to experience fully. Mostly, you'll notice that your friends are simply the best. You have made a family of friends that you cherish with all of your heart, and during this week, you'll be in touch with many of them. There may even be a celebratory dinner of sorts and much sharing of good cheer and laughter.

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(June 21 - July 22)

It's time for you to stand back and survey your territory. What this means is that you've worked hard towards a certain goal, but in order to really see what's going on, you have to remove yourself and then come back to it. Your perspective has gone blurry on this one project and you might feel you're 'too close' to it to be able to understand what's going on. You will make the wise decision of stepping away for a day or two, to gain perspective and a fresh set of eyes.

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(July 23 - August 22)

It's been a while, but this week will have you thinking about something with wonder and amazement. There is something new in your life, something precious. What it is, you do not know as of yet, but it's more than likely something creativity-related. You're at that 'blank canvas' phase, and you love it. You love not knowing exactly where you are going with it, but you feel the rise of inspiration inside, and you will achieve something great...starting this week.

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(August 23 - September 22)

Forget work, it's all about the love story this week, for you, Virgo. Just as soon as you thought love was not a thing in your life anymore, BANG ZOOM, in it comes, and perhaps with flowers, too. You and your mate, or new person, will cross a border this week and it will bring you closer.

There is no threat, nor is there even a chance for worry as the situation here is all love, all the time. You rarely have weeks like this, Virgo, so if you want to be loved, then stay open and accept that this week is all about profound love for you.

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(September 23 - October 22)

Strict decisions will be made today, along with swift changes. You are responsible for completing something this week, and it's no problem for you. But you will be harsh on several people, and you will feel justified in being that way.

You are on a no-nonsense tear; you do not have time for small talk or meaningless activity. Everything you do this week has a purpose and you mean to tackle all of your responsibilities with finesse and timely attention.

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(October 23 - November 21)

Because of this week's Neptune influence, you may wake from a nightmare or so, but there will be kernels of wisdom in your dreams. There's a reason you are having nightmares and that is because your psyche is telling you to look deeper into yourself for answers.

There is something that has been bothering you, and you are consciously avoiding looking too deeply. It is recommended for you stare your dreams in the face so that you can get to the bottom of what's really bothering you.

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(November 22 - December 21)

Your week of love and romance is on, but not everything is altogether perfect; what you may experience is flack, coming from what we used to call 'the peanut gallery.'

This means that, while you're having the time of your life, in love, there are naysayers all around you that have the nerve to put your choices down, as if they are you. You may become riled up by these people, and you may even read them the riot act for their nerve. Do yourself a favor, Sagittarius: ignore them.

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(December 22 - January 19)

Another one bites the dust, as they say, and that's what you'll experience at work this week. It may be a work partner, or it may be an actual project; what's known this week is that something's gotta give, as they say, and something is going to give.

There's a weak link in your world of business and for you, Capricorn, that's the ultimate no-no. You do disapprove of the weakness of any kind but in business? No way. And there will be no way that you will allow the weak link to take your week down.

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(January 20 - February 18)

This week is going to present you with challenges and you are going to be firm in your decisions. You've grown, Aquarius; you are no longer the pushover that you feel you once were. This year have you feeling better than last year...you feel as though you can lay down the law and not worry about second-guessing yourself.

This week will also have you standing up for yourself; there is no way you're going to let yourself be insulted or condescended to, and this week, you prove that to yourself.

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(February 19 - March 20)

You may find that you'll be doing a little too much self-soothing this week in the form of spending money. Hey, we all know how comforting it can be to drop a bunch of money down on something ridiculously expensive, but in your case, you'll be doing that to overcompensate for your feelings of depression and anxiety.

You have many things on your mind, Pisces, and until you sort them all out, you'll be spending money like it's water. Seen in a different light, you'll be having fun doing it!

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