We All Have An Undeniable Purpose — But You Need To Dig Deep To Find It

For the people struggling with putting a foot forward.

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By Diondra Ross

It’s important that we know our purpose and manifest it in such a way that not even your own doubts and thoughts can get rid of it.

Not knowing your purpose in life has everything to do with not knowing who you are. When you don’t know what you are fully capable of, you tend to sleep on yourself and believe you have nothing to offer.

However, I come with great news! For the individuals who have convinced themselves they don’t have a purpose in life, they would be better off gone; for the people struggling with putting a foot forward:


Every single being that has breath has a purpose, regardless of if you have not fully tapped into it yet.

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Often, we tend to view locating our purpose like the childhood game “Hide and Seek.” We look high, we look low, and even to our peers just to find it. You’ll never be successful going that route.

Our purpose, which is our gift, is hidden inside of us and we have to tap into it. Ask yourself questions and answer them.

What do you like to do? What comes naturally to you? When you give that answer, exercise it.

Strengthen the core of your gift, because the older generation will listen to you. Your generation will cling to you. The younger generation will look up to you.


The world needs everything you have to offer because no one else is like you. We are all set apart. Understand that your gift is a God-given gift. Anything He gives, He puts a lot of razzle dazzle on it... we just have to work it!

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When I was a child, I enjoyed talking people’s ears off no matter what it was about. As an adult I still love to talk, but only to receivers. By “receivers,” I mean people who listen to understand so we can create a healthy dialogue.

Being a conversation-starter and engaging in any type of discussion became natural to me. I’m sure I heard, “Stay out of grown folk’s business” a few times in my life.


Not only did I enjoy talking — I loved writing essays, fiction stories, songs, and poetry.

When I was a teenager, my top goal was to be a motivational speaker because I knew I could captivate others’ attention. I loved motivating people to push past what they thought they could do.

Being a spoken-word poet never came to mind at all, but that’s the razzle dazzle I mentioned earlier.

Y’all know how Professor Utonium made the Powerpuff Girls with a recipe, right? God was like... talking, writing, and everything that makes a bomb poet!

It was in me from the beginning. I just had to BE (Bold & Effective).


I hope I encouraged you to dig deep within yourself and locate your purpose in the world.

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Diondra Ross is a journalist, poet, spoken word artist, social media marketing manager, and author of a poetry collection, "Revealing New Skin."