How To Start The New And Improved Life You've Always Wanted

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By Ashlyn Thomson

The sensation it brings, the energy, the emotional escape, the impact, the addiction, the high.

Drugs? Well that is a whole other article, but the high I’m talking about is something you can’t buy from the corner store on 2nd Street.

I’m talking about the high you never want to lose, the one you take for granted but later regret, the one you’ve always wanted: Being high on life.

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Life is an upside down merry-go-round. Troubled but still continuing to move. The ultimate goal of life is to correct that merry-go-round and continue to travel around freely, in sync with the music.

The only question: how does one make that happen?

As each day passes you by, you have a chance — a chance to create something. Something new, something bold, something you.

We all change and we all find ourselves within the things that make us happy. The things that create excitement. The events that change our lives. The adventures we take. The challenges we face. And the stories we create, all lead us to essentially being us.

Being high on life is a feeling like no other. Being able to experience what it feels like to be high on life is something not everyone has the opportunity to feel, to see, or to enjoy.

So what does it take to officially be high on life? What does it take to finally be excited to get out of bed? To experience? To enjoy? To live life properly? It takes you, and only you.

This isn’t a game plan on how to create and find that best thing about yourself. I can’t give you that answer; I can’t point you in the right direction of how to live your life.

But what I can do is explain why you need to find it and why you need to start as soon as you feel you possibly can.

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When you dream of your future, what do you see? What do you hear? What do you daydream about? What do your dreams look like?

For me, I continue to see different places. Nature, cities, monuments. The excitement of something new. I see the world, I see culture, and I see people. I am a traveler and that is my future.

So for myself, I learn the steps I need to take to become a traveler. I find a way to see the world and wake up everyday living that dream.

Your dream may be the complete opposite, but once you find your dream and the steps to complete it, your life will be forever changed.

This is a lif- changing event. This is you not caring that you may have a low bank account. This is you not worrying about that 9-5 job. This is you not caring about what everyone else thinks.

This is you, taking the step to be high on life, finally taking advantage of your own life.

Once you feel that spark, that thing that ignites your soul, that tingly sensation, that desire to have more. That is when you know your life will change.

Those sparks, the sensations, your dreams, are what make you, you. And when you follow them, you’re officially living life the way you desire it to be.

Being high on life is something I dream of, something that makes me smile from head to toe. Something that ignites my spark. That creates that first step to achievement.

It’s a high you’ll never want to lose, and when you finally achieve it, it is the best moment of your life. Well, the start of your new and improved one!

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Ashlyn Thomson is a writer and musician who writes primarily about relationships, money, and self-improvement topics. Visit her author profile for more.

This article was originally published at Unwritten. Reprinted with permission from the author.