The September 2022 Love & Relationship Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Sign's Monthly Love Horoscope For September 1 - 30, 2022

The month of September turns our focus toward partnership and reciprocity as Libra's energy starts to filter into your romantic relationships.

Libra is one of two zodiac signs that represent Venus, and which bring a great deal of romantic partnership focus to your own life.

Although the month of September will begin under Virgo energy with both the Sun and Venus in this earth zodiac sign, it is the ability to highlight themes of healing and seeing what really is that will benefit you as the week progresses.

September's horoscopes are about reciprocal energy you put into love and relationships recognizing that it is more than just the words you say but also the action that you take.

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Mercury does also turn to retrograde mid-month in Libra which brings a review for any agreement, legal or others, that has to do with your relationship and also provides a turning point for your journey towards greater balance in your life.

During Mercury Retrograde watch for new loves that seem better than they really are and give everything time.

Nothing needs to be rushed into during this time and if it is still there post retrograde then it is something that you can give yourself permission to fully pursue.

Work with the energy not against it and keep your eyes open to see how your partner and even you are showing up for the relationship itself.

Improvement is always possible, but first, you need to admit that it needs to happen.

Important dates for each zodiac sign's love and relationship for September 2022:

Monday, September 5th

Venus, the planet of love moves into Virgo on this day changing the way that you may see your partner and relationship. Virgo is a sign that holds a great deal of healing, but it can also be a perfectionist in nature and can bring a feeling of never being satisfied, or only being able to see the negative.

It can bring an ability to see any relationship dynamics more clearly as well as utilizing that detailed orientated nature to be able to start making plans for the future.

Friday, September 9th

Mercury Retrograde takes place in the zodiac sign of Libra and has a dramatic effect on how you communicate with your partner. Mercury is the planet that rules communication and thought processes, in Libra it is concerned about partnership, balance, reciprocity and what feels most fair.

This is wonderful for finding a compromise with your partner; however, because it is retrograde this means that past agreements or discussions will be coming back up for revision which will hopefully create a more solid foundation.

Saturday, September 10th

The Full Moon in Pisces rises mid-month and brings a really loving light to your relationships. Pisces is the zodiac sign of unconditional love and during the second half of this month's Virgo Season, it brings dreams and reality into balance.

This is a great lunation to focus on whether you or your partner have overpromised in your relationships and if you are able to create the reality that you have dreamed of together. Uranus is a factor in this Moon, but rather than causing abrupt or chaotic change it looks as if you are finally feeling ready to adjust your path for the sake of love.

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Thursday, September 22nd

Libra Season begins as the Sun shifts into this air sign which is like a breath of fresh air for relationships. Libra rules partnerships, especially those that are romantic by nature, which means that during this season love just seems to go more easily.

If things have been strained, compromise is on the horizon. Libra Season also really wants to work on things together, so this is a wonderful time to look at what you and your partner want to accomplish for yourself and in life and start making a plan to build it. This is truly the energy that two are always better than one.

Sunday, September 25th

New Moon in Libra occurs today with retrograde Jupiter heavily involved. This Moon, even more so than the Full Moon in Pisces a few weeks ago brings up themes of re-balancing your relationship, commitment and working together in life as true teammates.

Libra is the zodiac sign that represents balanced romantic relationships and the true ability to work together in life for your highest good. It is love, but it also represents that super couple dynamic in which what you share with your partner extends into the world as well.

This lunation is a chance to renegotiate your relationship, to make adjustments if it is not balanced and to truly start harnessing the power of what love really represents.

Thursday, September 29th

Venus finishes the month by entering into Libra. This is one of Venus’s best placements which means she is home here and translates to you feeling a beneficial effect on your relationship. Libra is partnerships and balance while the planet Venus is all about love.

This really is the epitome of the month as more energy shifts to partnership, strength, reciprocity, and teamwork within love. Once this transit occurs, then many of the themes that began early in the month should come to a greater sense of clarity allowing you to truly allow this part of your life to be more than just a relationship, but a true source of strength and stability.

Each zodiac sign's monthly relationship and love horoscope for September 2022:


(March 21 - April 19)

Best day for love: Thursday, September 29th

Venus moves into Libra, your opposing zodiac sign today lighting up your love life in a major way. The time has come to no longer just hope things will improve or pretend that they are but to actually look at things by first seeing what it is you need.

Venus in Libra will help this as even though it is very compromising energy, it also is not self-sacrificing which means this month, it is all about what you need first and then what will align, and not the other way around.

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(April 20 - May 20)

Best day for love: Monday, September 5th

Venus, the planet of love helps you start to more openly express your feelings as it shifts into Virgo at the beginning of the month. Expressing how you truly feel and being vulnerable can be scary, but it is also the only way that you will be able to truly build a different kind of relationship.

The purpose of everything that you have gone through recently is to help you approach love differently, but ultimately you are the only one who can make the choice to do so.

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(May 21 - June 20)

Best day for love: Saturday, September 3rd

The First Quarter Moon occurs today in Sagittarius which means that it activates your romantic life helping you to start taking steps toward growth. It should not be a problem that everything is actually going really well in your relationship, but likely that is exactly what you have been dealing with.

Instead of being afraid that it is going to change or looking for problems that don’t exist, allow yourself the growth of seeing that what you are now enjoying is exactly what you have put in the time to create.

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(June 21 - July 22)

Best day for love: Sunday, September 25th

The New Moon in Libra activates your home and family life which means that it is time to bring greater balance and clarity into this area of your life. The one area that you are hesitant to make changes in is the one area that you now must.

The New Moon in Libra is a strong one, bringing in themes of change, renegotiation and even justice. It may be that something needs to change or end in this area of your life so that you can truly have the new beginning that you so desperately want right now.

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(July 23 - August 22)

Best day for love: Wednesday, September 21st

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius is bringing you all sorts of opportunities to see things from a unique perspective. Today as it aligns with Jupiter retrograde in Aries, it is time to start choosing to do things differently as well. Saturn in Aquarius brings romantic lessons to the forefront of your life. This is the place where you would do things differently instead of just shifting the blame on your partner. When you are truly able to embody these lessons, this is what will ultimately change the course of action that you choose to take.

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(August 23 - September 22)

Best Love Day: Saturday, September 10th

The Pisces Full Moon is the high point of your year when it comes to romance. Pisces is your opposing sign and represents all things love and relationship, with little challenging elements to this Moon, it should be one to be remembered. It has been almost a year of a lot of reflection on growth in this area of your life. Using what you have learned about truth, boundaries and even just plain faith, this Moon could bring you the realization that maybe things have already turned out far better than you could have imagined.

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(September 23 - October 22)

Best day for love: Thursday, September 29th

As Venus sweeps into your zodiac sign today everything related to love suddenly becomes brighter and easier as your partner will be speaking your own love language. Libra energy represents your sense of self and who you truly are. By having Venus in Libra, it becomes easier for you to express your authenticity and for you to feel more loved by others because they will be showing you love in the ways that you need. Allow yourself to receive this with words of affirmation so that you can continue what begins during this month.

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(October 23 - November 21)

Best day for love: Tuesday, September 6th

As the North Node in Taurus aligns with Chiron in Aries, you will finally start feeling that healing you have been seeking. It has been a long time to reach this point, but a true turning point in your romantic relationship is here. This month for you is really about healing what you have been through to a much more profound level than you have before. It does not mean that it will not still hurt, but by healing yourself, you truly change how you approach any relationship and love in general. Let yourself heal before you think about moving forward.

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(November 22 - December 21)

Best day for love: Saturday, September 17th

As the Last Quarter Moon occurs in Gemini it is time to take a look at what romantic themes are reaching completion for you in your life. The Last Quarter Moon wants to wrap things up in a neat and pretty bow. It is able to see what is working, and what is not and then pragmatically make decisions and choices based on that.

Focus that seeker energy on all that you have ahead of you and not what is behind you any longer. You don’t have to worry about rewriting the past, but only making sure the choices you are making now are truly leading to the romantic relationship you are hoping to have in the future.

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(December 22 - January 19)

Best day for love: Tuesday, September 6th

Pallas is the asteroid that governs how you made decisions within your relationship. As it moves into Cancer, your opposing sign, and the one that rules your romantic life, the energy will be focused on the choices that you have made in this part of your life and whether or not they still align with what you really want.

It is not easy to always choose to do the right thing or even the thing that is right for the future that you want to create. But it comes to a point in realizing that if you genuinely want that amazing relationship, you are going to have to start taking the steps that will actually create it and keeping your head down and not making any changes is not part of it.

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(January 20 - February 18)

Best day for love: Monday, September 5th

Venus, the planet that is all about romance, returns to Virgo this week illuminating all aspects of intimacy within your life. This can apply to any aspect of intimacy, including, mental, emotional, domestic, or even spiritual; however, there will be a strong focus on the physical.

This should be an amazing month of connection for you and your partner, or even new love if you are unattached. Physically, there will be an elevated level of intimacy present which will deepen your bond even further. This is just a part of that overall connection this month, but one that will truly serve to change the course of the relationship forever.

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(February 19 - March 20)

Best day for love: Monday, September 5th

Venus enters Virgo this week and initiates a month of miracles in your love life. Virgo is your opposing sign and whenever this energy is highlighted you are also able to see growth and changes in your relationships. This month is truly a special one for you that there is no doubt you deserve.

Virgo is reality while you are dreams, love is found best with a balance of both. Make the most of Venus in Virgo by embracing your vulnerable heart but also being able to see the truth of any romantic connection, this will ensure that any decisions you make for your life will truly last forever.

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