Weekly Love Horoscope For July 19 To July 25, 2021

Make time to enjoy the love you’ve created.

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Your zodiac sign's weekly love horoscope is here with an astrology prediction that starts July 19th and lasts through July 25, 2021.

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This week just after the Sun leaves the zodiac sign of Cancer to enter Leo, we will come in with a buildup of energy as we near the first of two Full Moons in Aquarius and will have us moving back and forth between enjoying the one we love-yet still planning to come.


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Leo brings passion into the present, and it’s said that couples are the happiest when men can leave the past behind, and women no longer worry about the future which allows them to meet in the present moment.


This is what the theme of your love horoscope this week is because as much as there is a future to contend with life right now can be amazing, if we allow ourselves to see it.

Learning to balance thinking ahead so that we’re making strides to a destined goal with enjoy what we’ve already created can be challenging, but it also steals our happiness, our joy and even our love.

Tomorrow will always come, that is a given, but no matter what we do or don’t do we can’t control how it will arrive.

So, to stay focused on that only steals away the love from the present moment.

If you’ve been going through a stressful period in your relationship that has had you anxious about what will happen, try to relax into the unknowing this week.


Instead of being worried if it will all work out, envision that it already has.

Sometimes we end up making plans only once we realize how good the moment that we’re in feels which opens our eyes to new ways of being and living.

The energy this week will feel fast paced like we’re being moved from one chapter to another quickly, but the breath of fresh air will arrive with the Full Moon when we realize that we already are exactly where we’re meant to be.

Planet transits that affect your weekly love horoscope, July 19 to July 25, 2021

Monday July 19th: Vesta moves into the zodiac sign Libra

A two-month transit ending on September 20th that will pull the focus into home, family and committed relationships.


This isn’t just about enhancing or bringing more of that into our lives but to work together, to compromise more and to work cooperatively to bring about changes and growth in those areas of our lives over the next few months.

Tuesday July 20th: Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus

A one day transit that will bring exciting and unexpected conversations or news.

Specifically with Mercury in Cancer, conversations about what home means to us or how to better create that feeling in our lives.

Wednesday July 21st: Venus enters the Virgo zodiac sign

Lasting until August 16th this transit not only is all about the love, but the plans that we put in place to make it happen.


Rather than being focused on the practical though, this is about how to bring healing and growth to what we have recently been through or learned.

A great transit for planning the next steps of a separation or new relationship, also favorable for engagements as it denotes a long and stable life together.

Thursday July 22nd: Sun enters Leo

The start of Leo season which has us thinking and acting bold.

Following our hearts and passions become the name of the game under this transit and we can find ourselves more easily moving through obstacles or roadblocks that had previously seemed too overwhelming to deal with.

While this season can help us speak our truth, we may find that we end up roaring it instead. If this is the case, be gentle with yourself as sometimes we are only truly heard when we do.


Venus in Virgo opposite Jupiter in Pisces

A one day transit that will have us feeling very social ready to relax or head out on vacation.

If that’s not possible try to give yourself extra time to get things done or extend any big projects that are more work intensive such as moving into a new home.

Because this transit is all about pleasure and relaxation it’s also a great one for relationships as we will be feeling more affection with one another.

Friday July 23rd: Full Moon in Aquarius

This is the first of two back to back Aquarius full moons this summer, the second arriving in August.

While this isn’t usually the norm to have two full moons within the same sign, it is occurring for a very divine reason.


Aquarius is all about freedom, independence and being able to create a life that we love.

Consider this the first act of something that is going to need to continue to play out in August.

Any relationships we’ve been struggling to free ourselves from will find closure during this time and any new relationships started will have a strong sense of respect and independence as their foundation.

Saturday July 24th: Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces

A one day transit that will help us see the positivity that’s present in looking at things from the bigger picture.

It’s possible as well that this will help begin any important conversations that we may have around our relationships and dreams so that we can decide for how to make them a reality.


Sunday July 25th: Mercury in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn

Power struggles could ensue with this one-day transit especially in family relationships or those that are amid separation or divorce.

While it’s normal for everyone to want to be right, try to focus on only the fights that are worth participating in so that when you do, you’ll be sure to come out on top.

Weekly love horoscope for July 19 to July 25, 2021:

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Even though it’s often pointless to tell you as an Aries to not worry how things will turn out, that’s precisely what you should be doing this week.

Often because of your impetuous nature you tend to overthink things, especially those that trigger an old wound or way of relating to those closest to you.


In this moment you’re going to have to learn to trust your heart and be okay with taking things step by step.

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Things could feel a little challenging this week as you are forced from your comfort zone to look at your relationship differently.

It’s not enough to just have a solid foundation but we also need to be able to have the room for our wings to fly.

Try incorporating more spontaneity into your love life and even committed relationship.

Trust blindly and look for the joy within any newfound freedom you may be experiencing.

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

This week is going to ask you to take a long hard look at yourself in terms of your beliefs about love or a specific relationship. If you’re lying or deceiving yourself.

This may be believing that a particular connection is more than it is, or even discounting someone because they seem all wrong or not what you had pictured for your partner.

Even though knowing ourselves and our needs are always a priority, we must make sure that knowledge is based on truth.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

You’re still moving through a very active time where you’re being asked to do a lot of deep reflecting and processing of what you’ve recently moved through.


Big shifts in awareness and your physical state of reality are the current theme for you but rather than rushing ahead and trying to find closure, instead just simply feel what this moment has to offer.

If you don’t allow yourself to feel it now, then it won’t matter how good it all may look from the outside.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

This is the calm before the storm for you. The moment where you’re starting to get clearer on what it is you want and all the ways you’ve previously given up on your dreams.

Try to not be hard on yourself or get stuck in the thought process of how you would do it all differently and instead try to find acceptance.


This goes for the relationships that didn’t last, the decisions or actions you look back on and cringe and the general path that your life has taken up until this point.

The more peace you can create for yourself, the less any person or relationship will be able to steal that from you.

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Love takes center stage this week as you remember what it feels like to surrender to things just being good.

But like with the general theme this week, it’s about balance too.

This means that as good as you may be feeling in this moment, you also aren’t precisely where you want to be so plans will need to be made.


Instead of trying to get this sorted with lists and practical ideas, try to look for signs from the universe instead.

See what you’re meant to do or where you’re meant to go and then trust that the person that is meant to be in your life will show up for you.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

While others may be scrambling this week, you will wonder what all the fuss is about.

Usually if you aren’t in a fear-based mindset you are able to balance the bigger picture with the details that are present in this moment.

This means that this week should feel like the energies of the universe have finally matched yours and because of this it will feel like you’re receiving various confirmations that you are indeed on the right path.


The only thing you must watch for is whether you’re living out of fear of the past repeating itself, which will ultimately always be up to you and the choices that you make in this moment.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

It’s time to dust yourself off and look around you. If they aren’t with you, if they aren’t showing up, if you’re not feeling supported by them, then they aren’t your person.

Let it me that simple this week. You don’t need to spend time thinking of those who aren’t thinking of you especially because all it does is take you away from what is happening right now in front of you.


The number one mistake we make in love is getting fixed on attaching our happiness to someone who isn’t there while ignoring the one standing right in front of us.

Pick your head up and look around, you may realize that it’s been right in front of you all along.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

It’s all come down to this as a feeling of fruition and destiny reign over your life this week.

It’s that magic of finally seeing that every decision we’ve ever made has led us to where we are right now, no matter how dark some of them may seemed.

For you though, the balance in question comes with whether you allow yourself to see that or if you are determined to exist in what no longer is.

Whatever you’ve been through in your life has brought you to this moment, but it doesn’t mean that it or even that version of you still exists now.

Recognize when certain chapters are closed so that you can enjoy the ones that are just beginning.


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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

You may have a challenging week ahead of you as you realize that there’s certain areas of your life you feel stuck in.

Likely your romantic sector at this point and the influence you feel like they ultimately have over you and the decisions you’re beginning to see that you need to make for yourself.

Realizing this can be scary but what’s even scarier is pretending that you haven’t become aware of it and expecting your life to be able to just continue.

We become aware of truths in the moment that we’re meant to, so this week try to stay aware of what the present moment is showing you.


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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

This will be a week of wings stretched and feeling like you’re ready to soar. You’ve done so much to get to this moment make sure that you stop to realize that future you’ve been dreaming of has arrived.

The you a few years ago would likely not even recognize you and isn’t that a beautiful thing because it means we grew even further than our own expectations for ourselves.

While there’s not any obvious red flags for you to watch for this week, there may be a situation in which you will be tested to see just how far you’ve grown. Don’t even bother blinking an eye, you’ve got this.


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Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

If we’re still holding onto how, we dreamed it would look we’re going to miss how it does.

While especially for you speaking up and making sure your needs are met, it’s equally important for you to not idealize those dreams you have about love because they’ll have you miss the very real way it shows up for you.

Love can be better than we even dreamed up but first we must let go of the pictures that only limit us.

This can be hard though especially when their based on the emotional safety that we try to build for ourselves yet when we realize that love itself is more than enough to keep us safe, we’re also able to let go and see how amazingly beautiful life and love can be when it’s not a dream at all-but reality.


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