How To Keep A Virgo Madly In Love With You, Per Astrology

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How To Keep A Virgo Madly In Love With You, Per Astrology

Loving someone who isn't perfect, but pretty darn close to perfection is worth your while. Everyone knows that a Virgo Sun, Moon, or Rising zodiac sign is a picky person when it comes to falling in love. If a Virgo decides that they want to be with you forever, take note. You have an opportunity to be the person you've always wanted to be. 

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Your heart will know that it wants and needs to find the most proven ways to make love last with your Virgo lover. Maybe it will require a few tense moments, but true love's course never did run smoothly!

My recently married celebrity/childhood crush Nick Jonas got married. Growing up I always kept in mind how his Virgo horoscope sign would clash with my Gemini one.

I knew very well that Virgos were hardworking, analytical, and at times too by the book. Still I wanted to be prepared for the motion that maybe one day we’d be together. 

When you're in love, you don't just want to be with the person you care about, you want to make the passion last. Knowing how to do that is a bit easier when you learn a bit about astrology.


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According to astrology, Virgos are some of the most passionate people I know. Yet, they can also be very reserved and shy to come out of their comfort zone.

Cracking them open and learning how to love them can be difficult, especially when they’re not used to feelings.

Read further if you want to know how to keep your Virgo zodiac sign in love with you, per astrology.


1. Give them a whole new world.

Virgos love books. They love creating and immersing themselves in a world that’s new to them. Spoil them with all the collector editions and trips to the bookstore. Even read a book with them that way you have something to talk about. They will love how thoughtful you are with their brains.

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2.  Keep everything clean as a whistle.

Virgos love a clean space. Clutter and messes will give your Virgo anxiety and the urge to tidy everything themselves. This means they’re going to be distracted with the mess and not spend time with you. Your cleanliness will show them that not only do you care about the state in which you live but also the environment.

3. Cook for them.

Virgos aren’t a fan of fast food or anything that would mess up their healthy lifestyle. If you want to impress your Virgo, make them a meal that’s healthy, organic and fun. You could even take them on a date to the farmer’s market. They’ll appreciate the thought you put into it and will love even more that it’s good for the soul and body.

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4. Be perceptive.

Your Virgo will hate asking for help. Keep a close eye on the things they do and a careful ear at what they say. If you can catch onto the things they need before they themselves know, you’ll surely have them loving you more and more.

5. Remind them to have fun.

Know that your Virgo can be all about work with no play.  They can get so caught up into their careers that they forget to have fun. If you can somehow think of a hobby you both can do or just have a game night every once and awhile, your Virgo will appreciate that dearly.

Isabella Ong is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture and relationship topics.