50 Best Gemini Memes That Describe This Zodiac Sign

Gemini's dual nature means double the fun.

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Geminis are said to have two personalities, which means double the trouble and double the Gemini memes. People joke about and poke fun at Geminis a lot, this zodiac sign can dish it and take it.

Despite their easily recognizable twin status, every Gemini ever born is their own unique piece of art. These magnificent creatures are infamously famous for possessing some of the strongest personality traits among the stars, making them the most graceful rebels of all the zodiac signs.


They get a bad rap, often seen as the craziest zodiac sign. They switch up their emotions fast, but that's only because they're bursting with brains and don't have time for your mind games. What they do have time for, though, is their own mind games, so watch that these master manipulators don't hook you in.

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What Gemini loves most of all, of course, is a well-read, intelligent partner, because one of the aspects of their nature they hold dearest to their hearts is that they only speak words that will hold meaning to someone who fully understands their weight.

50 Best Gemini Memes

But even the most intelligent conversations need good meme break to cut the tension. If you're locked in a debate with Gemini, send these memes their way to get a laugh going. 

1. Time to move on.


Maybe I should apologize?

What's done is done! You're a Gemini, you don't believe in apologies.

2. Sold!

"Wanna see the list of the best zodiac signs? Gemini... list complete."

3. It's spelled this way for a reason.


"Gemini! It's the gem in me. Double the trouble. Double the fun. Learn how to love me... or learn how to run!"

4. It makes all the sense in the world when you think about it.

"Of course I talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice!"

5. I hate you, I love you.


6. There's only one kind of a day for a Gemini queen.

It's a beautiful day to leave me alone.

7. See how easy it all could be if you'd just let it?


You won't have to deal with a Gemini's 300 personalities if you act right the first time.

8. I have a strange feeling you may be sitting there for a quite a long while.

9. You think you have it tough? Try being a Gemini.


Wish I lacked critical thinking skills. Y'all seem so happy.

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10. Sounds like a rather fantastic itinerary.

11. Of course, there is only on right way: her way.


12. Did you think you could hurt me with that tired BS?

Gemini be like, oh they don't like me? I don't care.

13. Conflicting emotions be like...


14. I want it and I want it now.

15. Gemini has a lot on their plate.


16. Don't mind me, just stirring the pot.

17. Love yourself.


18. Call in some backup.

19. Who, me?


Gemini: Overthinking things that are actually simple. 

20. It's all hands on deck!

21. Swerve right out of the way.


22. Geminis are easily persuaded. 

23. What's the tea?


24. Well, we're listening...

Gemini: I hate drama

Someone: I just think it's funny how—


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25. And the award goes to...


Gemini: Rare ability to keep a conversation going even when it's nearly impossible

26. Blame it on the Twins.

When you overreacted during the full moon: That wasn't me, that was Patricia.

27. Just the two of us.


When you're a Gemini. Two faced; one sad, one happy.

28. You will enjoy a Gemini's conversation.

29. Geminis in a nutshell.


30. Sorry, not sorry.

This is how Geminis apologize: Yes I said what I said, and if you mad then just don't f*** with me no more. Simple.

31. Don't try me.


32. Stay one step ahead.

When someone tries to gaslight you but you're a Gemini.

33. Gemini has extrasensory powers.


Gemini be like: I can smell your bulls***.

34. It's like looking in the mirror.

35. Loading...


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36. Bad vibes only.

Gemini: Me filling the room with negative energy because I don't wanna be there.

37. Thank God It's Friday.


Me complaining that I have no social life when in reality I love staying home and not talking to anyone for several days in a row. 

38. Shhhh... it's early.

I need 4 hours of complete silence before I start my day. 


39. I'm this close.

When someone gets loud with me and I'm like do you have any idea what I'm capable of...

40. Is it my turn to talk yet?


41. Geminis are experts in everything.

Gemini: Sharing their unwanted opinion even though nobody asked

42. It's the Gemini way.


Be right back. I'm getting upset over something I made up in my head again.

43. Sugar, spice... and some other stuff.

44. The eyes don't lie.


I don't need a middle finger, honey. My eyes are enough.

45. She doesn't even go here!

I'm sick of people, they're everywhere.

46. Be your own best friend.


Me chilling in my room laughing at my own jokes 'cause I'm f***ing hilarious.

47. How could he?

Gemini: I told him to leave me alone and he left me alone.

48. Did someone hear something?


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