12 Best Gemini Memes & Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up The Zodiac Twin's Personality Traits

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Oh, those twins...

Despite their easily recognizable twin status, every Gemini woman ever born is her own unique piece of work. Oops! I meant her own unique piece of ART. Definitely.  

These magnificent creatures are infamously famous for possessing some of the strongest personality traits among the stars, making them the most graceful badasses of all the zodiac signs. And, of course, it should be no surprise that as Air signs, these women fall in love as quickly as the wind breezes by... 

And then just as quickly, they snap right back out of it if you don't watch yourself!

What she loves most of all, of course, is a well-read, intelligent partner, because one of the aspects of their nature they hold dearest to their hearts is that they only speak words that will hold meaning to someone who fully understands their weight.

If you won't be OK knowing that her emotions will not only run deep but will be kept deeply to herself much of the time, a Gemini woman probably isn't going to stick around long enough to help you figure out how to fix that for yourself.

Which is why I present you, my star sisters, with the 12 BEST Gemini quotes and memes that sum up your personality traits up to a perfect 'T'!

1. SOLD!

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"Wanna see the list of the best zodiac signs? Gemini... list complete."

2. It's spelled this way for a reason.

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"Gemini! It's the gem in me. Double the trouble. Double the fun. Learn how to love me... or learn how to run!"

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3. It really makes all the sense in the world when you think about it.

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"Of course I talk to myself... Sometimes I need expert advice!"

4. There's really only one kind of a day for a Gemini queen.

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"It's a beautiful day to leave me alone."

5. See how easy it all could be if you'd just let it?

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"You won't have to deal with a Gemini's 300 personalities if you act right the first time."

6. I have a strange feeling you may be sitting there for a quite a long while, my friend.

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"Gemini's ex waiting for someone better than Gemini."

7. Sounds like a rather fantastic itinerary to me!

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"Your time while dating a Gemini."

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8. Of course, there's only ONE right way... HER way.

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"Gemini: How others see you, how you see yourself, how you really are."

9. Oh, did you think you could hurt with that tired BS? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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"Gemini be like, oh they don't like me? I don't care."

10. Only in a good way, of course.

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"She is madness, sanity. She is hell, and paradise."

11. No, literally. She has extrasensory powers for that stuff, dude.

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"Gemini be like, I can smell your bullsh*t."

12. In a nutshell...

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"Sometimes you just have to put on a crown and remind them 'Gemini runs the world.'"

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