How Mercury's Position On The Day You Were Born Influences Your Personality

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How The Planet Mercury In Each Zodiac Sign Affects Personality Traits, Per Astrology

Mercury is the planet that receives minimal attention despite its importance in our lives. Per astrology, Mercury has to do with how we communicate and connect with others through words and symbols.

If you’re unsure where Mercury was located when you were born, you can easily obtain this information from Star Sign Style for free. For example, my birthday is August 3, 1986 and Mercury was retrograde in Cancer from July 23, 1986 until August 11, 1986. So, Mercury was in Cancer at my date and time of birth which makes it my Mercury Sign.

This is essentially what the Mercury signs means in the context of astrology, and how it affects your zodiac sign.

Now that we're all on the same page, here are some facts: Mercury is considered to be the mind planet. It is the planet that influences how we think and how we communicate our thoughts and feelings to others. Are you quick to speak or do you take some time to reflect on something and then speak? These are the types of questions that reflect the purpose of Mercury in the sun signs.

After you have found your Mercury sign, read over your description to see if it is in line with your character.

Remember, this is for informational purposes and you should consider other factors (sun sign, moon sign, Venus sign) while reading about your Mercury sign. This is just a part of the puzzle so when you put all pieces together, it should generate an overall view of your personality and character with your zodiac signs:

Mercury In Aries

If you are born with Mercury in Aries, you are a quick thinker but also quick-tempered. You have a tendency to speak before you think or act. You end up getting into arguments easily but this can also manifest as debates on different topics.

You have an intense desire for intellectual stimulation. You get very impatient with details and repetitions when someone is telling you something.

You are frank, honest, and tell people what you are thinking and at times without consideration for others feelings. You may also say things in an intense or aggressive manner, which may put people off who do not know you.

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Mercury In Taurus

Those with Mercury in Taurus at birth tend to be mentally stable — although, at times, you can be mentally sluggish. In those times when you are feeling mentally drained or sluggish, it is unlikely to retain new information. During this time, you are also unlikely to convey the message you want.

You are not swayed easily by others and quite adamant. You tend to make decisions in a practical manner. You take your time with making decisions, which can become irritating to some but you believe in taking all things into consideration before making a final decision.

You are more of the quiet type but when you do speak up, everything you have to say is worth listening to.

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Mercury In Gemini

Anyone born with Mercury in Gemini has heightened senses and alertness. You have a very restless mind and you are always thinking with difficulties turning that switch off. You tend to have anxiety because of overthinking.

You have great versatility but lack steadiness and pace. You can be a goofball but no one should ever mistake you for being ignorant or stupid.

There are times when you jump to conclusions without reviewing necessary facts but overall, you are a highly intellectual being with a strong desire to learn and inform others.

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Mercury In Cancer

When Mercury is in Cancer at birth, you tend to be super emotional and receptive. On the downside, you can get wrapped up in all of your emotions. You are instinctual and very self-aware.

You have a passive mind and tend to be a little too open-minded. at times, when your emotions are getting the best of you, you do not convey the message you intended.

You have some psychic abilities and often times you find it difficult to learn from books or research but from other people and the knowledge they bring. You can be easily swayed because of all the emotions you feel and knowledge you acquire.

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Mercury In Leo

Anyone born with Mercury in Leo has a tendency to be open-minded and hold their own opinion with high regard. Whenever you start talking about something, people tend to drop what they’re doing to listen to what you have to say.

One of your downfalls is you talk about yourself a lot and may come off as egotistical or conceited. You are an amazing storyteller. You grab the attention of so many around you. If afflicted, you may become rigid and very opinionated.

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Mercury In Virgo

If your Mercury sign is Virgo, you are very aware and attuned to the needs of others. Virgo just so happens to be one of Mercury’s strongest signs. You are detail-oriented and like to explain things so people can get a picture from what you are saying.

Your thought process is very practical and logical with sound reason. You have strong common sense and tend to be a great speaker. At times, you can become overly critical. You want the world to be ruled by reason and not emotions or prejudices.

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Mercury In Libra

Most born with Mercury in Libra are smooth talkers and you have a way of talking and speaking that is enticing. You want to think about beautiful things and hear beautiful words spoken. You are a music lover.

You bring peace and harmony where there is despair. You tend to be a natural negotiator because you are not a fan of confrontation. You have a positive mind and a generally positive outlook on life. You are quite indecisive which annoys people around you.

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Mercury In Scorpio

Mercury in Scorpio at birth represents people who speak softly and at the same time can slice other people with words. You are intense when you talk and you are strong in your words and people can count on you to keep your word.

These types of people want to get to the bottom of things with no nonsense. Has this urge to need to know everything and anything. You are sharp but also intensely secretive. You are perceptive and very observant. You can detect people’s weaknesses. Often, you are overly critical of others.

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Mercury In Sagittarius

Those with Mercury in Sagittarius tend to be playful and giddy but has the ability to turn that off and go on a philosophical rant or discussion. You are upbeat and optimistic. You are always ready to tell jokes and laugh. You have keen senses but a lack of concentration.

At times, you may become more of a preacher rather than having a discussion. You have a tendency to drift away from conversations because of your adventurous mind and where it takes you.

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Mercury In Capricorn

You are highly strategic and pragmatic. You are realistic and others can take that as being pessimistic but you are just being real. You have an authoritative voice that people listen to and take seriously.

You are rational and logical. You want nothing but the truth from people because that’s how you are with them. You have a strong ability to concentrate. Your memory is sharp and you have great attention to detail. You can appear uncaring at times. You have a down to earth type of personality and generally low-key.

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Mercury In Aquarius

Mercury Aquarius individuals are innovative thinkers. Sometimes people may think you have lost your mind. You are free-spirited and a free thinker. You think ahead of the game in terms of what needs to be done and what can be done.

You are very frank and may need to work on being more sensitive toward others. You are resourceful when presenting your side of something. You are intuitive and a good judge of character. You are witty and you write and speak very well regardless of the crowd or viewer.

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Mercury In Pisces

Those born under Mercury in Pisces tend to be extremely empathetic and a natural ability to help others. You communicate things in ways different people will understand. You offer valuable insight to others.

You are visionaries and you can see the big picture and then some. You are dreamy and poetic. You are an idealist and have a little artistic kick in your approach to things. You have a love for music because of your poetic nature. You tend to react from a subconscious level and not from reason.

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Mercury tells us so much about how we communicate and connect with other people. If your Mercury is in a fire sign, you are likely to have a short fuse. Mercury helps us understand our thought processes and why we say or do certain things. It’s probably the least discussed planet even though Mercury is focused on our minds.

Remember to take these descriptions with your other signs and planets in your natal chart. There may be characteristics you agree and disagree with and that is okay. Be sure to consider these descriptions in terms of your present self but also your childhood and adolescent self.

There may be similarities in these descriptions but they may be in your past, not present.

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Brittney Lindstrom is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.