Love Horoscope For Monday, November 23, 2020

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Love Horoscope For Monday, November 23, 2020

For today's love horoscope by zodiac sign, resident astrologer, and YourTango's Senior Editor, Aria Gmitter shares how current astrological events affect you on Monday, November 23.

We are all encouraged to take love a little less seriously in order to live in the moment!

Venus remains in Scorpio until December 15. The Sun is in Sagittarius, which brings our attention to adventure.

The Moon spends one more day in Pisces, which is a spiritual place for it to be.

Hopefully, this helps us understand the depths of love without needing to control it.

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Venus is in detriment while in Scorpio, so she struggles to show love in the way that she's used to doing.

Venus is about love and beauty. She is about freedom of expression, too.

But in Scorpio, she can be described as possessive and sometimes over the top intense, only not this Monday.

On Monday, Venus squares Saturn the planet of restriction.

Saturn pulls Venus back providing some restraint in areas that may not be best to express. 

The Sun in adventure-seeking Sagittarius teaches Venus that when things aren't the way that you want them to be, turn your attention outward.

Find friends to socialize with. Learn something new. Entertain your wanderlust and explore the world. 

What today's love horoscope has in store for each zodiac sign on Monday, November 23, 2020:



Venus is in Scorpio until December 15, and it brings with it a promise of sultry romance that ought to last forever, but sometimes you have to wait for things to happen, and it can be frustrating. Still, go with it.

Venus isn't exactly herself in Scorpio and Saturn communicates with her for the day.

Saturn brings an additional restriction to her expression.

So, if something seems like it's taking longer in the love department, don't push. Relax and let things work out on their own.

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Venus continues to make you feel like it's time to settle down and make a house a home, but the thing is there's so much still to learn.

You may not feel that there's enough time to absorb all that you need to explore.

Yes, love is in the air but will you want to answer the call? That may depend.

Venus opposes Uranus in your sign right now, so you could be seeing both sides of the fence.

Entertain yourself by weighing out the pros and the cons.

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Friends can be a source of comfort as you lean on them for wisdom and guidance while Venus is in Scorpio.

Gemini, don't let your fear of commitment keep you from finding love that lasts.

Yet, you may still be aware that things aren't always as they seem.

You want more information to be put on the table. Venus in Scorpio speaks with Neptune, the planet that can dissolve what you imagine love could be.

Perhaps this is a time to look at all of your doubts and see if they are real or just you worrying about tying the knot.

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Venus in Scorpio makes romance seem oh, so alluring, and, if you love someone, there are lots of ways to let it show.

The problem right now might be the time you have in a day. Things feel super busy while Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto are all in your seventh house of partnerships.

Venus is in a compromising situation with Saturn, and it appears to keep the stars from aligning just right. You may need to work extra hard to win over a partner.

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Leo, you may not get along with everyone you love, but this doesn't invalidate your emotional experience.

Respect is a big topic for you right now and you may be prone to changing how you feel about others who don't give it to you when it is deserved.

Your ruler, the Sun in Sagittarius can have you aiming for love or an adventure.

It can be hard for you to feel committed to something that doesn't provide you a little bit of both.

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Virgo, if you can't say how you feel, then try to show it by the things that you do.

Speak your mind. Say what you feel through actions, which speak louder than words.

If there's tension in the air in the romance department, try taking your mind off of things by doing something spontaneous.

Go for a drive. Head out for a walk. Perhaps, putting some distance between you and the problem will prompt healthier romance to follow later in the day.

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Libra, feeling secure becomes increasingly important to you.

There are restrictions for you in the home and family department that can make it feel like romantic love has to take a backseat to duty.

That's OK. Instead of worrying too much about what you can or can't do focus on what you can.

The Sun in Sagittarius makes it easier for you to open up about your concerns. So, speak about how you feel.

Your ruling planet communicates with Uranus in Taurus, so sharing your feelings can also feel necessary to do.

Transparency can be a big help at this time for you emotionally. Try it.

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Venus in your sign brings charm and attraction to you. You may find that people notice you more.

You may feel like a magnet for love and attraction. Scorpio, if love looks good on you flaunt it. There's nothing wrong with confidence.

You don't want to settle for less than you deserve, right? Remember that there's power in positive self-talk.

Saturn in your Capricorn can help you to feel more grounded within yourself, which may work to your advantage while dating.

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Aim for interaction that adds value to your love life. You may be wanting to know that someone notices you and the things that you do.

While the Sun in your sign harmonizes with Venus in Scorpio, thoughts of the past can come up and trigger insecurity. But today is not yesterday, so try to remain fully in the present.

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Capricorn, if things aren't clicking for you in the love department lean on your friends.

The day is perfect for reserving your time for people, places, and things that matter the most to you.

Venus in Scorpio activates your eleventh house of friendships and she communicates with Saturn in your zodiac sign. So love may feel difficult right now, but don't get discouraged.

The right one will come along. Make the most of your day anyway.

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Aquarius, let it go. Someone who didn't appreciate you may have taught you a valuable lesson about life and love, even if it was difficult to learn.

Try to let the memory fade. What you need right now is closure.

Turn to what brings you joy. Start a passion project. You might fall in love with your next big idea and meet someone special along the way.

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Pisces, explore your thoughts and feelings about love.
Venus squares Saturn, and this can prompt changes in love and friendship.

A radical conversation can lead to distancing. You may not feel the same after something is said, especially while Venus is in opposition to Uranus in Taurus.

However, there are lessons to be learned in the love department, and you should not try to shy away from them.

Seek understanding and attempt to build a bridge where it feels like division is forming in a relationship.

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Aria Gmitter, M.S, M.F.A., is YourTango's Senior Editor of Horoscopes and Spirituality. She studies with the Midwestern School of Astrology and is a member of the South Florida Astrological Association.