What Everyone Hates About Sagittarius, According To YouTube + Zodiac Sign Astrology

The free spirit of the zodiac signs.

What Everyone Hates About Sagittarius, According To YouTube + Zodiac Sign Astrology wendel moretti via @pexels

People either love or hate Sagittarius zodiac signs, and according to Youtubers, there are lots of reasons to find fault in the flaws Archer of astrology.

Why are zodiac traits in Sagittarius signs that people find unattractive, according to astrology?

People with the Sagittarius zodiac sign can be pretty intense.

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They have some great attributes like their generosity, optimism, and a great sense of humor.

Sagittarius zodiac signs are always the life of the party and you can usually find them planning out what crazy adventure they should embark on next.

They love their freedom and enjoy traveling and being outdoors. They can be incredibly curious, energetic, extroverted, enthusiastic, and can do anything to achieve their goals.

Although Sagittarius astrology signs have these amazing qualities, they also possess some negative traits and weaknesses.

Sagittariuses are a very lively sign but they can be hard to read so it can be helpful to learn about their flaws.


If you want to know more about the Sagittarius — here is what everyone hates about them according to zodiac sign videos by astrologers on YouTube.

Sagittarius zodiac signs are always on an adventure.

Sagittarius’ are natural adventurers and are not ones to sit still. They are the kind of person that will be there for you one minute and then gone for three months on a spiritual retreat.

They really do not like to be tied down with a lot of responsibility. Even a regular day job can seem way too much for them. Although it is nice that they are always on the go, it can be frustrating to those around them.

Sagittarius’ may be described as being fun but usually are never attributed to being reliable.

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Sagittarius zodiac signs don’t like commitment.

Sagittarius’ can be very confusing at times when it comes to relationships. They tend to fall in love pretty quickly and can become pretty obsessive when it comes to their new crush.

However, soon after the mysticism wears off and if they do not truly feel like you are for them, they can become bored.

Although Sagittarius likes the idea of stability and commitment, it scares them deeply because they need a partner who will give them space and allow them to have their freedom.

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This astrology sign isn't afraid to call you out.

Sagittarius is one of the most honest signs of the zodiac. They will always be upfront and truthful with others. Sagittarius also has the ability to see through someone and can tell when someone is lying.


Although their honesty can be good at times, it can also be incredibly frustrating. If you are around a Sagittarius, you have to be just as honest as they are because they will be able to tell if you are not.

You can’t wear a facade in front of a Sagittarius because they will be the first to call you out on it. They are straight-shooters and will tell you exactly what they are thinking, even if it is not what you want to hear.

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Even though they love learning, this zodiac sign can be absent-minded.

Since Sagittarius is always on the go and looking toward the future, they tend to overlook important details. They can be very impulsive and rarely look before they leap.


Sagittarius’ are incredibly smart and intellectual, but they do not like to think things through. It can be very refreshing to see someone so focused on the bigger picture, but it can cause them some struggle in everyday life.

They like to have fun and not sweat the small stuff, which can make them come off as careless, inconsiderate, and absent-minded.

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They are very impatient.

Due to their mutable fire energy, Sagittarius is the most impatient sign of the zodiac. They are always changing direction and focus. Sagittarius’ are balls of energy and have such a hard time staying in one place.


The last thing they want to do is stand still and wait for something. However, they usually don’t have to wait for things because everything weirdly works out for them in the end.

You do not want to be stuck in a line with a Sagittarius anyways because you will hear them complain about it the whole time. They want to go on an adventure instead, so you better be able to keep up.

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You can’t tell a Sagittarius what to do.

If you don’t want to make a Sagittarius angry, then don’t tell them what to do. They hate being controlled and will not listen to you anyway.

They are not very compassionate people because they will always put their needs and wants before others.


They are not intentionally trying to disregard others, but they are the most fulfilled when they are doing exactly what they intend to do.

You can either support them on their journey or just let them do their own thing.

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Some Sagittarius signs can have a short temper.

You don’t want to cross a Sagittarius or make them upset because they have a short temper. If you push their buttons, they will push yours right back! They get angered and upset easily and are not afraid to show it.

Even though they are quick to fight, they are just as quick to forgive. So if they are being a hot-head, know that it will pass quickly.


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