7 Best Crystals For Pisces Energy

Feeling unbalanced? Check out the best crystals for the Pisces sign to restore your energy.

aquamarine crystal, pisces symbol Rob Lavinsky via Wikimedia Commons / HA-RIN, Astri Astari via Canva

Pisces is an intuitive zodiac sign that seeks harmony from the world and within, and the best crystals for Pisces can help Pisces become more centered.

The right crystals for Pisces allow them to access the tools to unleash their inner potential.

These minerals possess qualities that help Pisces become more balanced, well-centered, and focused.

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A major issue that Pisces can struggle with is their sensitivity, which can cause them to become overly emotional.

It's not rare for Pisces to shut down a conversation or become completely defensive during an argument with a loved one.

Although Pisces is naturally very empathic, they also deal with negative traits rooted in their failure to trust others. This comes from a place of insecurity and self-doubt within Pisces that must be addressed before any spiritual improvements can take place.

In order to do this, they must find ways to address this inner conflict through spiritual healing.

Solving these issues is essential in the long-term spiritual health of this sign.


The Pisces sign is two fish that swim in opposite directions that represent the inner conflict between different aspects of their personality.

The world expects a lot from Pisces and they often have to make a decision whether to fall in line or follow their heart.

Their shy attitude also has a tendency to drive people away from them which they can internalize in a negative way. It's hard for Pisces to open up to just anyone because they may feel like they don't fit in or others might not understand them.

They have a uniqueness to their personality that they want to protect until they are around people who they trust.

In order to do this in a socially healthy way, they must learn to balance their good traits with the bad.


Traits can work together or cause conflict but there's power in finding the perfect balance.

Here are the best healing crystals for Pisces energy.

1. Sodalite

sodalite crystal for piscesPhoto: James St. John via Wikimedia Commons / Ahmed Maghraby and ralfschmitzer via Canva

This crystal is very calming and soothing which can be very beneficial for the Pisces sign.


Pisces are often overcome with their emotions due to their strong sense of intuition. They have issues trusting their instincts because of their insecurities.

The sodalite crystal helps Pisces get a sense of self-acceptance and understanding.

Once this happens, they will be able to trust their intuition because they know they have the ability to make good choices.

This crystal also gives Pisces a sense of balance between peace and chaos.

2. Labradorite

labradorite crystal for piscesPhoto: Marie-Lan Tay Pamart via Wikimedia Commons / Ahmed Maghraby and ralfschmitzer via Canva


Labradorite is a special crystal to Pisces. It helps with self-reflection and transformation.

At times, Pisces can be confused by their actions because they cannot associate them with their underlying emotions.

This crystal can help them reveal their true intentions and the root of their behaviors, allowing Pisces to address their behavior in certain situations and learn from their past.

This reduces their anxiety and guilt for past actions and improves their decision-making.

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3. Black onyx

black onyx crystal for piscesPhoto: Simon Eugster via Wikimedia Commons / Ahmed Maghraby and ralfschmitzer via Canva


This crystal gives Pisces a sense of strength from internal conflicts.

Sometimes, Pisces may experience fear, sadness, or anxiety from poor decisions or specific situations.

This can manifest as low self-esteem and isolation if not balanced correctly.

This crystal prevents this by providing strength to overcome stress and fear in order to embrace their inner potential.

Black onyx also protects Pisces from negative energy from themselves and others.

4. Clear quartz

clear quartz crystal for piscesPhoto: Didier Descouens via Wikimedia Commons / Ahmed Maghraby and ralfschmitzer via Canva


Quartz is known for its strong purifying properties.

Pisces can have a problem dealing with guilt or anxiety on a normal basis.

The past has a way of haunting all of us and it's important to address it in order to move in a better direction.

The crystal is clear with a vibrant shine which represents the act of cleansing and washing.

Clear quartz helps purify energy by removing all negativity from the mind which helps speed up the healing process.

Quartz is also great for getting in touch with your consciousness which helps you gain some perspective and clear your thoughts.

5. Ametrine

ametrine crystal for piscesPhoto: Ra’ike via Wikimedia Commons / Ahmed Maghraby and ralfschmitzer via Canva


Pisces is a sign that has many internal conflicts.

Sometimes it's hard to balance the things we want in life deep on the inside and apply them to our real life. Ametrine plays a large role in giving the Pisces balance between their spiritual and personal goals.

Finding this balance between spirituality and reality can help Pisces apply all of their hopes and dreams through their actions and can eventually become a reality.


Once this happens, it makes it easier to create solutions for goals without feeling overwhelmed or defeated.

This crystal is also great for crushing bad habits and giving you the headspace to create better ones.

6. Aquamarine

aquamarine crystal for piscesPhoto: Rob Lavinsky via Wikimedia Commons / Ahmed Maghraby and ralfschmitzer via Canva


Aquamarine is not only one of Pisces' power colors but also one of Pisces' traditional birthstones.

Spiritually, aquamarine is associated with the heart chakra. Pisces' deep empathy can lead to the sign to become overwhelmed by the feelings of others. Aquamarine can help Pisces cleanse negative energies and open their heart chakra.

Aquamarine is also known for its ability to wash away stress and anxiety and instill confidence.

7. Amethyst

amethyst crystal for piscesPhoto: Didier Descouens via Wikimedia Commons / Ahmed Maghraby and ralfschmitzer via Canva


Amethyst is believed to bestow courage and strengthen relationships. It's the perfect crystal for Pisces when they're doubting themselves and their strength.

Amethyst also helps Pisces connect to its spiritual side. Commonly used in connection with the third eye chakra, amethyst can help Pisces open its third eye which is crucial to Pisces intuitiveness.

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