What The 'Ideal' Woman Looks Like Around The World

Photo: Superdrug Online Doctor

Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?

Beauty can come in many different forms. How does one culture's perception of beauty differ from another? Is what's considered beautiful in Italy the same as Mexico?

Superdrug Online doctors commissioned Fractl to investigate beauty perception around the world. Fractl contacted 18 freelance designers and gave them these directions:

"Photoshop her form. The idea is to Photoshop and retouch this woman to make her more attractive to the citizens of your country. We are looking to explore how perceptions of beauty change across the world. Multiple designers are involved. You can modify the clothing, but her form must be visible. No nudity. All other changes, including those to her shape and form are up to you."

Here's the original template:

The creators of the study originally sought out all female designers, saying they wanted a woman's view of what their culture found attractive, and to understand more about the pressures they faced as women.

However, to get more entries from different countries, they accepted contributors from four men, with the caveat that they first seek input from women, and base their design changes on their feedback.

All photos: Superdrug Online Doctor

If it were possible, it'd be fun to do this kind of study. But instead of the ideal woman for various countries, to focus on women throughout centuries.

What was considered beautiful in the time of Henry VIII certainly doesn't match ideal beauty from societies in the 1800s, as each historical period had its own ideas on what they considered beautiful.