Michael Jordan Zodiac Sign & Birth Chart

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Michael Jordan was born on February 17, 1963, on a Sunday in Brooklyn, New York at 1:40 p.m. EST.

His Sun sign is Aquarius. He has a Moon in Sagittarius, and he has a Cancer rising sign.

Micheal Jordan zodiac sign and birth chart analysis.

Micheal Jordan's Midheaven, which is the area of a person's public career is in the sign of Pisces.

Pisces is about illusion, and this makes sense to any fan who followed his legendary career.


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Michael Jordan had an amazing ability to defy all odds and defy anyone's expectations of what the game of basketball could be.

It literally looked like he could fly when he played in the game.


Michael Jordan has 5 planets above the hemisphere and 5 below. He has a balanced public and private life.

Michael Jordan probably relied on motivation from others more than we were cognizant of, as his Mars in Leo demonstrates.

(As an aside, I think being defeated by the Detroit Pistons a number of times in the postseason helped propel Michael's incentive and motivation to become better.

His actions may have been predicated by others' actions to some degree.)

He is regarded by many as unequivocally the greatest NBA player ever.

His Aquarius idiosyncrasies (including tongue-wagging) were memorable, to say the least. I believe the stars may have played a role in a stellar career.


Read on to learn more about Michael Jordan's zodiac sign and birth chart using astrology:

Sun in Aquarius

His Sun in Aquarius conjuncts the United States Moon.

This indicates what he wants to do (Sun) being unique unconventional innovative corresponded with the needs (Moon) of the US. Perhaps it played a role in how Jordan electrified (Aquarius) the public (Moon).

Jordan's Cancer Ascendant IC conjunct the United States Sun.

This perhaps made the "Sun come out" and attracted many people in the United States to him and played an integral role in him being an iconic figure.

He revolutionized the game perhaps more than any other player.

His synastry with the United States chart indicates much compatibility with the American public and was likely giving much support on his way to success.


Moon in Sagittarius

His Moon in Sagittarius conjunct the United States Ascendant indicates his emotional need for sports/athleticism was strongly connected with the face of America.

Cancer Ascendant

Cancer Ascendant, of course, can be untiringly persistent, dedicated, devoted, and express unequivocal love, perhaps for the game.

The apex point is his Cancer Ascendant.

This is where great attainments can be reached with the help of the sextile between the Moon in Sagittarius and Saturn in Aquarius.

An emotional need for sports/athleticism (Moon in Sagittarius) and responsibility to be unorthodox and unique (Saturn in Aquarius).

The energy of the sextile is injected into the focal point, his Cancer Ascendant, where perhaps he played the role of the rescuer (to his team).


Mercury in Aquarius

His Mercury (mobility) in Aquarius Uranus in the 3rd house of mobility figures prominently in his unique, eccentric, unorthodox moves on the basketball court and herky-jerky/erratic motions.

Mars in Leo

The almost exact trine between his 2nd house Mars in Leo and 6th house Sagittarius Moon can be a great indicator for his athletic prowess and revenue (both in "money" houses) received through this.

Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter in Pisces in its dignity can have luck and fortune by being very idealistic while not being unrealistic.

Neptune in Scorpio

Neptune in Scorpio in the 5th house may be about penetrating energy, seeing the weaknesses in sports athletes (opponents), and resiliency in sports-related matters.


This may have worked very well together in him reaching the pinnacle of success.

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Michael Jordan has five major astrological influences in fixed signs

Michael Jordan may have had a very intractable, determined nature and was one to not be deterred from his path.

This could give much persistence, single-minded focus, and willpower, but also very intransigent energy.

However, with five major astrological influences in mutable signs, this could counteract and offset this to some degree.

Most of his major astrological energy is in water signs.

This could give very strong emotional energy, intuition, empathy, being able to feel things out, and understand instinctively when to act and have much sensitivity.


However, despite disciplined energy in Michael's chart, he, at times, would need to be careful not to let emotions dominate him or get out of control.

His final or chart signature is Scorpio. I don't think the final/chart signature supersedes or surpasses the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in terms of significance or energy it exerts in the chart.

However can give an overall tone or feel to the chart.

I think this played a role in Michael's transforming nature and resiliency, and perhaps in Michael's indomitable will, spirit and bouncing back constantly from defeat, and being unflappable in crisis situations on the court (cool in the clutch).

Michael Jordan has a Grand water Trine configuration in his chart.

This consists of Jupiter in Pisces in the 9th house of global communications, his Cancer Ascendant, Neptune in Scorpio in the 5th house of sports.


This could give tremendous instinctive/intuitive energy, much insight, and perhaps attaining success through this if one doesn't become complacent, relaxed, or self-satisfied.\

Michael Jordan has his chart ruler in his 6th house.

This suggests his Cancer rising energy is strongly injected into 6th house matters, such as work, fitness, diet.

This indicates a lot of that tenacious, emotional, diligent, untiringly persistent Cancer Rising energy went into his work and his daily routine.

Jordan was likely easy to work with as long as people respected and understood perhaps a strong need and dedication for work for health-related matters.

This may have factored in with him working laboriously to be the best he could be.


Five of his 10 planets are in the third quadrant in his birth chart: Houses 7-9

Two of those planets being in the 8th house of transformation, one of them being in the 9th house of global communications.

Michael Jordan's 7th house in Capricorn

In his 7th house, he has Venus in Capricorn, which gives him a love of work.

Michael Jordan's 8th house in Aquarius

His Mercury, Saturn, and the Sun are in the 8th house in the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

3 planets in unique, unorthodox, eclectic, unconventional Aquarius figure strongly in this.


Michael Jordan's 9th house in Aquarius

His Jupiter is in the 9th house in the zodiac sign of Pisces.

This could give a very strong emphasis in perhaps transforming through competition and expanding horizons in the process — perhaps expanding his ability as a player.

He has no planets in the fourth

With no planets in the fourth quadrant in his birth chart: Houses 10-12

This indicates that Michael Jordan may simply not have emphasized global worldly matters and things for the collective good of others.

However what offsets this to some degree, is that he has five planets in signs that correspond with these houses, one in Capricorn, 3 in humanitarian Aquarius, and 1 in philanthropic Pisces.


Michael Jordan has a yod in his natal chart

Jordan has a Yod configuration that consists of his Moon in Sagittarius, Saturn in Aquarius, and Cancer Ascendant.

People with this configuration can be capable of prodigious, monumental achievement if they can work through the difficulty of the inconjuncts.

Jordan has a pair of intercepted houses. Scorpio in the 5th house, and Taurus in the 11th house.

Interceptions in astrology can sometimes indicate suppressed energy but it can also give exaggerated/distortion of energy.

In Jordan's case, the way this may have manifested is that at some point, he was able to show tremendous passion and emotional intensity (Scorpio) for sports (5th) and an abundance of patience, persistence, and perseverance (Taurus) in goals, aspirations, and team-related matters (11th).


This energy may have been held back for some time, but when it emerged, it may have been overwhelming.

In summation, Michael Jordan's chart really shows that he was destined to be a transcendent athlete and perhaps receive near-unprecedented favor from the American public.

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