Do You Look Like Your Zodiac Sign, Per Astrology?

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Do You Look Like Your Zodiac Sign, Per Astrology?

Each zodiac sign is designed by the twelve months of the year: spring, summer, fall and winter.

Coincidentally, makeup and fashion are also guided by the seasons.

Why? The way you look (and want to dress) has everything to do with the time of year you're in, and perhaps even when you were born.

You may look the way that you do because of your zodiac signs.

You might not even realize that you do this.

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Knowing your horoscope symbol can help you to see a connection between you and your astrology.

The stronger the connection, the better you’ll manifest your spiritual self but it can also help you to connect with the universe and other people.

Whether you walk funny or have piercing eyes, they're all due to your personal zodiac sign symbol.

Astrology has studied zodiac signs for years by an animal, color, symbolism, and more.

This way we can identify our characteristics, personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and our capacity for tolerance.

Your zodiac signs determine your physical appearance, based on your horoscope's symbol.

Then you can decide whether you look like your zodiac sign per astrology.

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Whenever someone is at a loss about why they do the things they do, or why they react in obscure behaviors, zodiac signs help reveal our truths.

The stronger the connection, the better you’ll meditate not only your spiritual self but with the universe.

Our zodiac signs tend to resemble our physical features, that correlate with our emotional or physical features.

Zodiac signs with leadership skills, may have defined bone structure or be naturally physically fit.

Other’s tenderness may be defined by dimples, and there are the party animals that favor low-maintenance hair.

Each zodiac sign is designed by the twelve months of the year.

Knowing your zodiac sign symbol reveals a connection between you and your zodiac.

Here's how you look like your zodiac sign, according to astrology:

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Zodiac sign: Ram

They’re known to have a ‘big head,’ literally.

Since Aries is the first on the zodiac sign chart, they obtain a leadership role.

They have a square head along with defined eyebrows.

People that resemble these features are Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson, or Asa Butterfield.

They also have a defined bone structure that gives their shape a diamond look.

They’re physically fit or they may appear to have a natural nice body shape.

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Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Zodiac sign: Bull

It’s unlikely for most Taurus to have a pointy nose.

They have either a flat or a broad nose.

Taurus tend to also have broad shoulders or a strong jaw structure.

Taurus appears to have a relaxed and confident expression.

They have a sensual look on their facial expression, that shows they can’t be bothered.

Some examples of Taurus’ physical features are Gigi Hadid, Jon Cena, or Channing Tatum.

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Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Zodiac sign: Twins

Geminis have a youthful appearance.

Even if they’re much older, their appearances look much younger.

Small noses and defined chins help define their beauty.

Some examples of Geminis are Brooke Shields, Mary-Kate Olson, or Paula Abdul.

The planet Mercury helps Geminis perceive to have dainty physical appearances.

Whether it’s their hair or clothes, Geminis tend to have momentary shifts for new styles.

Before anyone recognizes a Gemini’s appearance, their youthful, playful energy will be recognized first.

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Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Zodiac sign: Crab

They may have a round or full face, whether it's the cheeks, chin, or eyes.

Cancers appear to look paler or lack melanin.

This is due to being controlled by the moon, because of its luminous, bright light.

Their round eyes help Cancers appear to be hypnotic which attracts others to them.

They lack a poker face because they easily express their emotions.

Some examples of cancers are Selena Gomez, Post Malone, or Lele Pons.

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Leo (July 23-August 22)

Zodiac sign: Lion

They usually have big or thick hair.

They have been that child with a huge patch of hair, their mother loved to photoshoot.

This appearance gives off a fierce look that Leos uses for glamorous confidence.

Since Leos are ruled by the Sun, their looks are more defined.

While royalty runs through their veins, they give off a flare of dominance.

They dress with style and eye-catching outfits.

Some examples of Leo are Jennifer Lopez, Shawn Mendez, or Madelaine Petsch.

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Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Zodiac sign: Maiden

They’re ruled by Mercury, which causes Virgos to have a dainty physical appearance.

Tiny facial features are common as well as petite body figures, especially for women.

Their appearance has a child-like innocence to them.

Virgos are known to be analytical.

Their pierced eyes make them seem focused, while their mouths seem puckered.

Their analytical expressions seem like they are up to something.

Some examples of Virgo’s appearances are Zendaya, Beyonce, or Cameron Dallas.

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Libra (September 23-October 22)

Zodiac sign: Scale

Libras have a sensual facial expression.

Libras don’t aim to constantly look extravagant or deafening.

As the symbol portrays, Libras are not one-sided.

They dress balanced or casual.

Their body language isn’t dramatic, and they’re more health concerned.

Their whole persona expresses genuine and fair.

Some examples of Libra’s appearances are Julia Andrew, Donald Glover, and Will Smith.

If you notice the appearances of a Libra, keep them as they are known as ‘the friend’ sign.

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Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Zodiac sign: Scorpion

If you see a fire in someone’s eyes, then they’re most likely a Scorpio.

They’re known to be passionate, resilient, and sexually appealing.

They have hypnotic eyes that intimate others by their dominance.

When a limb from a Scorpio gets cut off, they’re able to grow it back.

Scorpios have a defined posture that expresses having a strong backbone.

Some examples of Scorpio appearances are Drake, Hilary Clinton, or Katy Perry.

Scorpios also have strong jaws.

They have either a pointy or a hook nose.

Their eyes may seem more shiny or reflective, which attracts others to them.

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Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Zodiac sign: Archer

They usually have a nice oval face.

Their eyes are open which expresses a genuine persona.

Sagittarians don’t conceal anything, which makes them candid.

Even though they have a difficult time staying still, being calm is a part of their style.

The best way to describe them is ‘gracefully clumsy.’

They’re eloquent in their steps, but if a pebble was thrown at them, then they might go flying.

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Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Zodiac sign: Sea goat

Capricorns usually have a full face, high forehead, along with defined eyebrows.

Their physical appearances will hold up with time well.

They have shining, glossy hair, but both Capricorn’s gender favor low-maintenance hairstyles.

Capricorns have a good sense of sturdiness in their lives.

They are well built and physically strong.

Their sense of clothing focuses on being simple, sophisticated, and comfortable.

Some examples of Capricorns are Bradley Cooper, John Legend, or Michelle Obama.

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Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

Zodiac sign: Waterbearer

It is difficult to pinpoint an Aquarius.

They may share both masculine and feminine characteristics.

You can see these in non-binary or intersex people.

Aquarius has a nice slim body shape.

They also have a droopy posture, but their eyes say ‘friendliness.’

Aquarius has dainty physical features, such as their ears and thin lips.

Some examples of Aquarius appearances are Ellen Degeneres, Michael Jordan, or The Weekend.

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Pisces (February 19 to March 20)

Zodiac sign: Fish

Having dimples with aqua blue eyes, help Pisces to stand out.

Similar to a fish if they had legs, Pisces walk with short steps, and shift their bodies side to side.

For women, most Pisces are blessed with larger breasts and ‘thunder thighs.’

Pisces show emotion through their eyes.

They cry often, but it’s out of a heartfelt reaction.

Some examples of Pisces appearances are Justin Bieber, Millie B. Brown, and Camila Cabello.

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