Venus In Cancer Love Tarot Card Reading For All Zodiac Signs

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Venus In Cancer Love Tarot Card Reading For All Zodiac Signs

Your Venus in Cancer love tarot card reading for all zodiac signs is here with predictions lasting until September 6, 2020.

Venus in Cancer has lots in store for your zodiac sign, according to your tarot card reading.

Venus in Cancer is able to express her emotional energy as she transits through the most emotional zodiac sign in astrology.

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Venus will be in the zodiac sign of Cancer until September 6, 2020. During this astrological season, your zodiac sign may notice a shift.

Emotions will no longer be able to stay hidden from the world. This will be an emotional release as you’ll finally be in a position to tell people how you really feel about them.

Venus, the planet of love, in this position will allow you to completely submerge yourself in ideas of romantic partnerships and relationships.

This is an excellent time to start a new relationship or rekindle the flames with your current lover.

However, you may notice that in these romantic commitments you are more sensitive than you may typically find yourself.

Cancer is Cardinal, which means it likes to do things for the sake of love when Venus is in its sign.

This is also a time we’ll be feeling social injustice on a different level, with much more sensitivity and passion than we may have found ourselves before.

This presents an opportune time to get involved in your local community to help protect the people you care about.

We will find our strength with this heightened experience, able to feel our drive on a much more intense level, showing us what we must fight for.

How do tarot cards predict the signs will be influenced during Venus in Cancer?

Venus in Cancer one card tarot reading for Aries — The Hermit

Aries, The Hermit predicts that you’ll have to spend some time being introspective and looking inward before taking affirmative action.

This is a call to look inward to ask yourself about what really matters and what you’re willing to take action for.

You feel a lot of passion within, but how do you want to show it to the world? In what direction should you channel this emotion?

It is important to take time for yourself to ask the important questions and seek further internal insight into the ideas and feelings you have.

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Venus in Cancer one card tarot reading for Taurus Ten of Swords

Taurus, the Ten of Swords foreshadows painful endings to connections that you thought would last, typically resulting in them stabbing you in the back and leaving you to mourn the loss of the connection on your own.

This is a time of grievances and recovery for you. These wounds cut deep and you shouldn’t be expected to be able to get up and heal yourself instantaneously. This is going to take some time and a lot of nurturing to fully recover.

It is important to throw your energy back into yourself to help keep up your stamina while you heal. You need to take this time for yourself to feel better.

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Venus in Cancer one card tarot reading for Gemini The Magician

Gemini, The Magician represents your zodiac sign and it predicts that you, and only you, have the capability to make the magical changes you wish to see in your life.

If you’re looking to manifest, this is a wonderful time to do so, especially for ideal lovers and better futures for your community.

You will find yourself heavily inspired by all the actions that you take.

Feel this motivation and passion and allow it to fuel you, as this is leading you down a path you’re meant to be taking.

Use what you have around you to make this happen; you don’t need to spend or go looking for the resources to make this magic happen.

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Venus in Cancer one card tarot reading for Cancer Two of Wands

Cancer, the Two of Wands foreshadows that you’re starting to plan ahead for the future.

With Venus in Cancer, you may want to be incorporating your love and passions into your life going forward.

This is a time that you’ll be making progress from where you once were.

Don’t be afraid to explore the deeper meanings of what you want, diving into the exact reasons you crave what you do out of life.

This is a time that should be used as self-discovery for what you want and who you want to share your life with.

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Venus in Cancer one card tarot reading for Leo The Chariot

Leo, The Chariot predicts a time of overcoming the difficulties in your life that have been dragging you down.

This card speaks to being able to move forward, motivated by not wanting to repeat your past and wanting a better future for future generations to live in.

This comes through complete force and energy, denoting that you’ll have to work hard for the changes you wish to see in the world.

This will be grueling and at times you won’t be sure if you can go on; however, this card predicts absolute victory for you and those you take with you on your journey.

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Venus in Cancer one card tarot reading for Virgo Ten of Cups

Virgo, the Ten of Cups foreshadows overall happiness and abundance for yourself and those you live with or care about.

This is a card of total success with those you hold closest to your heart.

This card comes with blissful relationships where you may feel harmonious in your interpersonal relationships where there may have been friction before.

Also speaking to homecomings, this can denote a reconciliation or a reunion where you’re able to see someone from your past that you didn’t expect to hear from again.

Expect them to be bringing good news for you.

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Venus in Cancer one card tarot reading for Libra Eight of Cups

Libra, the Eight of Cups predicts a time where you’ll have to walk away from the way you have been living, loving, and existing.

This is a call to walk away to something new. You can no longer continue going forward when this path has run its course.

It’s time to walk away from what you have known and to explore the world to find something fresh and exciting to breathe new life into you.

You need to find an escape to the entrapments you have found yourself in. You do not have to feel bound to these emotions any longer.

Take this as the permission you need to move on.

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Venus in Cancer one card tarot reading for Scorpio King of Cups

Scorpio, the King of Cups foreshadows that this will be a time where you have totally mastered your emotions, taking them in moderation, and providing balance for all of your feelings inside your mind.

This is a great time to feel compassion.

How does it fit into the involvement of your relationships and your community?

Feel free to wear your heart on your sleeve during this time.

Allow yourself to feel the emotions that come up, and give yourself room to pour into another’s cup when they’re feeling low.

You have the power to build up your community.

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Venus in Cancer one card tarot reading for Sagittarius Knight of Pentacles

Sagittarius, the Knight of Pentacles predicts a time of hard work that will take some patience to navigate through.

Take your time with your projects, your relationships, and all matters that arise in your life.

It is important that you go slow instead of speeding through these processes.

You are creating a better relationship in which you can be more reliant, allowing people to call upon you when they need it.

You are strengthening your relationships with people and your ideas by giving yourself the time you need to fully explore your dreams and desires.

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Venus in Cancer one card tarot reading for Capricorn Ten of Pentacles

Capricorn, the Ten of Pentacles foreshadows that this will be a time where you can build success for the generations to come after you.

This can be seen in large sums of money coming your way.

It’s important to save, so that you can build your future rather than spending this frivolously.

You are creating a foundation where you can expect your community and family to flourish with the efforts you’re making as Venus is in Cancer.

You are creating new traditions to be followed; you don’t need to let any past experiences define that.

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Venus in Cancer one card tarot reading for Aquarius Five of Cups

Aquarius, the Five of Cups predicts that this will be a time of sadness and loss of what you once had.

This can come with feelings of abandonment, knowing that you had to walk away from something you once cared about or feeling like no one truly cares for you.

This can present you with feelings of anger and guilt as you try to cope with all that is coming up for you.

However, instead of diving deep into those emotions, ask them what they are here to teach you and how you can learn and grow from these unexpected and unwanted changes.

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Venus in Cancer one card tarot reading for Pisces Judgement

Pisces, Judgement comes forward to foreshadow a complete transformation of your life.

You are reshaping how your future will be and transitioning into a new version of yourself.

This comes from being called to a higher purpose than you previously had.

This will be presenting you with great opportunities that you will want to take.

The transformation you are having during this time will be life-changing and unlike anything you’ve really experienced before.

You cannot ignore this calling any longer.

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