9 AMAZING Things That Happen When Adults Start Coloring

Photo: ABO PHOTOGRAPHY/Shutterstock
adult coloring book

The hardest part of coloring is starting. My initial thoughts, upon setting my adult coloring book and colored pencils on my little TV tray, was, "Shouldn't I be doing something more adult? Like scrubbing a toilet? Eh, it says 'adult' on the book so I'm good. But what if I suck at coloring inside the lines? Embarrassing."

And then I started and didn't look up for two hours (except to get a glass of wine, because wine makes you better at coloring). Here's what will happen when you start.

1. You slip into a vortex known as "the zone."

And it feels amazing. Instead of grubbing on a tub of frozen sugar or binge-watching Bravo, you can make your escape through a classic childhood pastime. The zone (sometimes known as hypnosis) feels so fabulous, it's like an emotional massage.

2. You get a digital disconnect.

There's no app on your phone that will color the book for you. No screen. No emojis. Just you, the non-e-book, and colors. In the world of all-things-digital, it feels incredible to sign off and re-engage in your creativity.

3. Your creativity gets a loving kick in the butt.

Creativity often gets shoved in the back of the closet. Even if we love it, it's that piece of life that many of us are conditioned to think is indulgent, an afterthought activity we can only engage in when that t is crossed, i is dotted, and all other responsible letters are taken care of.

You know what? It's irresponsible to not dip into your creativity daily. That's where the juicy purpose and zest of life lives. Don't deprive yourself.

4. You become a nicer person.

It's very difficult to feel the light-hearted whimsy of coloring in one moment, and go off on someone the next (unless they're trying to hog the turquoise colored pencil). The serenity that coloring invites into your life will bleed into all aspects of your existence, resulting in you being a more calm, cool and badass person to hang out with.

5. You learn that you're better when you color outside the lines.

You may begin your foray into the world of coloring with the mistaken impression that the outlines are a rule, that you "must stay within the lines." Those lines are more of a suggestion that beautifully evolve with some tweaking. Let the outlines inspire you to venture outside them with fresh creations.

6. You connect to color.

As you switch from one color to another you may notice a slight shift in energy. For example, when you're jiving with blue, a calm vibe may wash over you. When you're scribbling with red, an energetic enthusiasm may work its way in. As purple makes its mark and you could enter a spiritual zen zone. Try it out: color your energy with... well, color.

7. You meditate without having to "meditate."

I'm so bad at meditating. I set the timer, begin to think about how many seconds have gone by, peek, then get up to get a snack because I've already forgotten I'm supposed to be meditating. How about you? If you suck at traditional meditation, allow the meditative effects of coloring to produce the same mindfulness and clarity that fidgeting on a couch with your eyes closed and timer set creates.

8. You're doing something just for you.

Most of the tasks in our life involve pleasing others. Writing words to be published so others can digest and enjoy them. Changing the diaper of a small human so they don't get a gnarly rash. Cooking dinner and pouring a glass of something for a spouse so they're less cranky. None of that is bad, it's just not purely for you. Coloring is just for you. You're not doing it to impress anyone, to please anyone, or appease anyone.

9. You're reminded of the kid within you that never left.

Pulling out the colored pencils (or even better: crayons!) awakens your sense of childlike wonder and exploration. Adulthood can feel so constrictive and serious; there's none of that in coloring. You're able to reclaim a piece of yourself that allows you to live in authenticity and fun.

Adult coloring books are about as hard to find as a needle in a box of needles. All you have to do is type "adu" into Google and "adult coloring books" pops up. Walk into a bookstore, and BAM, there they are.

Yes, adult coloring books are super trendy, but show that humanity is finally waking up and making things that actually improve our mental, emotional, and spiritual health cool. Coloring is cool.