How To Do A Facial At Home (Without Breaking The Bank)

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How To Do A Facial At Home (Without Breaking The Bank)

You’re feeling stressed and had a rough day. It feels like you’re busy 24/7. You haven’t had the time to work out or do anything for you. But it’s Friday night and the week is finally over. 

How will you use this night to get your self-care back on track? Maybe you’ll whip out the adult coloring books, paint your nails, or watch your favorite rom-com. 

Well, what about a DIY facial?

Doing a facial at home saves you money and is a great way to destress (and one the most common reason for breakouts is stress, so it's exactly what you need!).

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It can be difficult to figure out the best way to do a facial on yourself. Considering everyone has different skin types, it’s hard to be sure what will work best for you. 

Personally, I’m always afraid facemasks or creams will mess with my skin’s natural oil. The last thing anyone wants is to form a rash because of already sensitive skin, but luckily there are products out there for all skin types.

Nonetheless, we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step process for how to do a facial at home. Get ready to boost your skin and your mood. The weekend is here and the self-care is on! 

1. Cleanse and prep your skin. 

Obviously the first step in doing a facial is to clean your skin of any dirt or makeup. You’ll want to have a clean palette in order to maintain the products to come. 

Feel free to apply the facial cleanser you use in the shower or branch out and get some new cleansers that are sure to get the job done. Here are some less expensive options.

Once you have applied the cleanser, use a warm washcloth to rinse off the product. It’s best to use a clean washcloth that is free of any stains. 

2. Exfoliate the surface. 

It’s always important to exfoliate your skin. In doing so, you will remove the top layer of skin cells and excess oils which ensures that all the ingredients will penetrate the skin. 

Depending on your preference, you may opt for a liquid exfoliant. Typically, you can just use a cotton pad to apply. 

If you would rather use a scrubbing exfoliant, you don’t need anything but your hands. Here are some of our favorites!

After your face feels smooth and exfoliated, rinse with water and get ready for the next step. 

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3. Apply a face mask that works against current issues. 

This step allows you to treat the root issue your skin may be facing. Take a look at your skin and find what it is that needs working on. Is your face dry? Is it too oily and prone to breakouts? What about its level of firmness?

Whatever the problem, there’s a face mask to fix it. You might have to play around with a few brands to discover which is best for your skin. Until then, here are some options. 

4. Bring on the steam. 

The effectiveness of your face mask will be enhanced with the use of steam. All you need is a decent-sized bowl and hot water to give the same effects as a fancy steaming device. 

"A good old-fashioned bowl with slices of oranges will do a fantastic job of softening the skin and opening the pores," Aesthetician Georgia Louise told Allure.

Place your head over the bowl with a towel on your head to let your skin open up and take in the mask ingredients. Feel free to add in some lemons or oranges. 

Leave the mask on for as long as directed and rinse off thoroughly with warm water. Pat your face dry with a clean towel. You have now been steamed. 

5. Moisturize and massage your face. 

You may have a favorite moisturizer you swear by. And this is the time to put it on! If you’re looking for a new product to moisturize your skin, focus on a hydration boost to round out the final step of your facial. 

Once the moisturizer is absorbed into the skin, you are good to go for an enjoyable part of the facial — massage time. This step will boost blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Begin at the chin and gently stroke outwards, as stated by Allure. 

Make sure to get often-neglected spots such as behind your earlobes, around the nostrils, and the center of your forehead. Take as much time as you need to relax your face. 

There you have it, my friends! A simple and cheap method for a DIY facial to give your skin the rejuvenation it’s been wanting. 

Keep in mind that the products suggested may not be the best ones for your skin. If you want to purchase higher quality, more expensive products, go for it!

There’s no right or wrong way to perform a facial on yourself. As long as your skin feels better and you are more relaxed, it worked! 

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