10 Best T-Shirt Cutting Ideas To Make A Regular Shirt Pop

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How To Cut A Shirt & The 10 Best T-Shirt Cutting Ideas To Make Regular Clothing Pop

We all have those shirts — the ones passed down from older siblings, band and concert tees, and aged high school and college shirts. When we're feeling sentimental and can't seem to part ways with them, or we're just lacking funds to go out and re-stock the closet with all the latest trendy clothes, just improvise.

Do you know how to cut a shirt? Well, with these fun DIY t-shirt cutting ideas and tutorials, you can vamp up your style and pad your wallet.

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We've provided our favorite go-to t-shirt cutting and styling ideas that are sure to earn some compliments. Embrace your inner creativity!

1. The Cropped Shirt


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There's an art when it comes to cropping a t-shirt or sweater. Cut too high and you're seeing some underboob, too low and it looks like you outgrew your childhood shirt.

Following the tutorial, first try on the item you're going to cut and mark where the highest point of your belly button is. Create a straight line and cut along the outline. 

2. The Choker Tee


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From Forever 21 and H&M to Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom, the choker tee is making headway across the globe. 

And why not? The cut itself is extremely flattering to the female physique, hugging the collar bones and creating a plunging neck which flatter the bust (and just give the right amount of cleavage). Find the full tutorial here.

3. Bow Sleeved Tee

Turn an ordinary sleeved t-shirt into a cute, one-of-a-kind bowed sleeve blouse. Replicating something you'd find at Black & White or Kate Spade, this DIY is not only super-affordable, but only calls for a tee, scissors, and sewing kit.

A helpful hint: when deciding which shirt to turn into a bow sleeved tee, make sure to pick one that isn't skin tight on your bicep, as you want a little give to secure room for the bow. 

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4. Criss-Cross Tee or Blouse


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Buying tops to go out in can be difficult. Not only do they tend to range on the pricier side, they also have to withstand potential wine stains and spills from countless bumps at the bar.

A perfect solution? A DIY Criss-Cross Tee or Blouse. This design can be played up with some accessories (like golden bulbs or silver brackets) and colored fabric dye.

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5. Bring On The Fringe


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We all have those shirts where the hem hits or cuts us a certain way and makes us look completely boxy. With this unflattering look we're either tucked up or constantly pulling the hem down to try and solve this problem.

Why not save your time and update your style with a bottom fringed DIY look? In the tutorial, you'll see how simple it can be to put some life and bounce into a boring plain tee. And all you need is some scissors and ten minutes!

6. Open Shoulder Tee

Expose those shoulder and hit them with a little highlighter! Perfect for a night out or a day brunch with the gals, open shoulder tees are a huge trend that we believe will be around for a long time.

The cut is extremely flattering, as it shows a little skin and nods to sexy without being too risque or over the top. 

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7. Rock & Roll Skull Tee

Perfect for holidays like Halloween or Dia de los Meurtos, concerts, themed parties, or if you're just looking to show off a little creativity.

This tutorial shows step by step detail for what it's like to create a piece of artwork out of your clothing. 

8. DIY Open Back Heart Workout Tee

Perfect for working out! Since you avoid sweating up the back of your shirt, the heart-shaped design is both cute and practical. You're sending a positive message to the girl behind you on the treadmill, while also giving your self a little breeze.

Avoid restriction and clingy clothes with this 15-minute tutorial, and you'll actually be excited to go to the gym.   

9. Exposed Back Tee

What can be sexier than wearing an exposed back? For being such a non-revealing part of the body, it creates such intimacy. With this DIY exposed back tee, you'll want to buy a tee in every color, as these will be your absolute go-tos when heading to the bars or clubs.

While this particular tutorial may take longer to replicate (20-30 minutes), you'll feel accomplished and proud of a job well done!

10. The Fringed Crop Top 


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Perfect for music festivals, game days, or just picnicking at the park, the fringed crop top exposes fun geometric shapes, complex crossing, and a little belly button. This tutorial is more hands-on than the others and needs to be followed precisely to create a replicated look.

This design looks so much better when featuring an image or symbol to showcase, but on the other end, stay away from lettering as this can cause the shirt to read too busy. 

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