How To Cut Your Own Bangs At Home: DIY Bang Cutting Tips

It can look good! We promise!

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You may have heard a lot of horror stories about people cutting their bangs at home. But don't let that scare you — you can learn how to cut bangs without totally botching the process! 

Tons of people pick up those scissors unprepared, and while feeling bold, end up with a cut that requires some really nice hats to cover it up for the next few weeks while you try to grow your bangs out.

But when going to the salon isn't an option, you can give yourself a bit of sprucing up as long as you follow a few important tips.


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It’s understandable that you’d be wary of cutting your bangs at home; no one wants to be the next viral picture on social media of a haircut gone wrong.

However, if you’re prepared and have the right supplies there are actually a lot of benefits to giving yourself a trim next time.


Read on to learn how to skip the salon prices and lines and become an at-home haircutting pro.

Here are 9 of the best tips about how to cut your own bangs at home:

1. Have all your supplies ready before you start.

First things first, you need some supplies.

At the very least, you need a decent comb and some trusty scissors, though if you feel like giving yourself a true pampering you can wash and blow-dry your hair with your favorite products to soften and clean.

Prepare a space to do the cutting — somewhere the trimmed hair won’t make a mess over your bathroom or floor (perhaps put a towel down).

Wherever you’ll be, ensuring you have the proper tools and setting up your space will guarantee you don’t have to go running off mid-cut to find a better pair of scissors.


2. Watch plenty of tutorials.

Another great way to learn how to cut your bangs in the exact style you want specific to your hair type is to watch tutorials.

There are a ton of tutorials online for every hair type and style imaginable that walk you through exact steps in detail.

Make sure to watch your desired video a few times before starting and maybe even play it while you cut to ensure that perfect look.

3. Don't wet your hair beforehand.

A crucial tip for the bang cutting process: it’s important to cut your hair completely dry.

When your hair is wet, it stretches out. That means when you make that final cut on wet hair, it will likely dry a bit shorter than it looked originally.


The best way to ensure the correct length is to cut your hair dry.

4. Brush your bangs straight out.

Now to begin the actual cut, start by brushing your bangs straight out over your face and away from the rest of your hair.

It’s important to find what’s actually bangs and what’s part of your hair. Brush down from the top of your head where it begins to round with a comb to locate your bangs.

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5. Separate them into a triangle.

After you’ve found your bangs, separate them into a triangle to ensure that all the hair is separated from the rest.

This will guarantee you’re only cutting bangs and not any other loose ends that have found their way into your style.


6. Find the desired length with your fingers.

Use your finger to find the length you want in the mirror. Test out a few to make sure the length is really what you want and not a centimeter or two shorter or longer.

When in doubt, cut longer than what you think: You can always cut more off later. Keep your fingers there and hold the ends you want to be cut between two fingers.

7. Flip it up.

Between two fingers, flip the ends of the triangle of bangs upward carefully. You should now have the ends you want to cut off in the air above your face.

8. Make your cut.

Time to take the plunge!


Start to cut your bangs, but don’t cut straight across. Cut at an angle (point cutting) where you point with the scissors like a clock’s hand pointing to seven and then lightly trim across.

Cut each piece slowly and carefully to ensure they all look the same and are even.

9. Style it.

By now you’ll have some wonderful new bangs! Now the only thing left to do is style them.

Grab your favorite headband, clips, or leave them natural as you go out and take the world by storm with your fresh (inexpensive) look! You can also think about adding jojoba oil and other moisturizers to your daily routine so you can prevent your new bangs from misbehaving.


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