21 Fun Activities For Your Next Girls' Night Out (Even If You're Broke!)

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Plan in advance for some fun!

The key to surviving the insanity of life is friends. They are there to cheer us up, to support us, to make us laugh, and to comfort us when we cry. They make life interesting, fun, and just better overall.

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And every once in a while, you and your friends just need to do something together and catch up on life. That's why every group of friends needs a girls' night out. Even if you’re happily taken or have a family of your own, sometimes you just need your girls.

This can be anything but easy once you hit the real world. We know how hard and stressful it can be to plan a girls' night.

With everyone having their own lives, it can be hard to find a time and day that works for everyone. And then you have to pick something to do which can be frustrating (especially if you feel like you’re the one to always to do it). Often times, it ends up being the same thing on the same day at the same time, which helps but can get boring after a while.

Plus, it can be financially draining to spend so much money all in one night. All the drinks, food, and activities easily add up, and it's easy to want to bail on a night out for fear of spending way too much!

But you really have nothing to be afraid of during your girls' night out, because we are here to help. No matter what stages of life you and your girls are in, and no matter how much money you want to spend, there are plenty of different options for a girls' night out (or in — whatever fits your lives).

Need some suggestions? Here are 21 fun girls' night out ideas that don’t require a huge budget.

1. Go to the beach.
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Whether you spend a day or go for just a couple hours, the beach is a great place for a group of friends to hang out together (and get your tan and beach waves on!). What's not to love?

2. Head to a nearby amusement park or arcade.
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Head over to 6 Flags or Disney (if you're lucky enough to live close by) or a nearby boardwalk. If rollercoasters aren't your thing, go a local arcade instead and find out which of you is queen of the arcade.

3. Attend a wine tasting.
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Splurge and go out to a wine tasting event or stay in and buy a few different bottles of cheap wine. Drink, discuss and enjoy, and maybe even find a new wine you just have to have.

4. Go to a concert.
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You know that band you all love belting? Find some cheap tickets and go see them together. Or find a new upcoming band that is playing for free somewhere and maybe you'll discover the next big thing. Either way, concerts are a lot of fun and a great experience.

5. Host a baking party.
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Everyone can bring their favorite recipes for you all to cook or bake together. Sample them all and vote on your favorites.

6. Try to 'Escape The Room.'
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If you haven't heard of Escape the Room, now you have. You are "locked" inside a themed room with a back story as to why you're trying to escape, and it's a great way for you and your friends to be the detectives you've always wanted to be!

(Note: this is something you can do even if you've already done one! There are so many different companies that do it with so many different themes, so no two rooms are exactly the same.)

7. Be tourists for the day.
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Find something (either in your hometown or in a nearby big city) that all tourists do but you've all never actually done. Now go do it! Or find a tour that's cheap and will take you to some famous cites. When was the last time you actually did something touristy?

8. Have a movie marathon.
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You can relive your childhood with everyone's favorite animated movie. You can feed your fantasy addictions with Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter marathons. You can watch everyone's top favorite Nicholas Sparks movies. Or better yet, you can just have a man-crush marathon (because who doesn't like an excuse to watch hot men for hours?).

Whatever your group is interested in, this is sure to appeal to everyone.

9. Have a photo shoot.
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Bring your own props and outfits and glam up! Give it a theme or just make it glamorous and let loose as you all take pictures (together and of each other). No one will be the wiser that it's all staged and you guys will all come out having amazing new profile pictures.

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10. Have a throwback sleepover party.
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When was the last time you guys have a sleepover — the kind you had when you were little? Bring back some memories. Watch some makeup tutorials and see who does it best. Do each other's makeup as you talk about guys. Embrace your inner kid!

11. Let loose with some dancing and karaoke.
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You don't even have to go out to do it. Sing along to your favorite songs and dance around to loud music in someone's own home. How else will those amazingly embarrassing videos you all share a couple of years from now be made?

12. Accomplish two goals at once and exercise together.
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Take a group Zumba class, go on a hike or do some yoga. Make your girls' night the push to work out and have fun with your friends as you burn off some weight.

13. Go shopping.
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Whether you actually buy things or just try stuff on or even just go window shopping, retail therapy is more fun when you do it with your friends.

14. Embrace your creativity.
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Design some glass works, paint some ceramics or make your own pottery. Go to a paint night or make one yourself and have everyone paint the same picture or try painting each other.

15. Have a Pinterest party.
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You know those DIY arts and crafts thing you've all always wanted to try to make? Or that article you saved about homemade body care products? Have everyone bring a couple of their favorites and you can all try them out together.

16. Make it a spa day.
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This is a great option because it can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you guys want. It can range from you all going to an actual spa together or just getting your nails done together or having a stay-in spa day. Get some face masks, nail polish, scrubs and you're ready for some pampering.

17. Board games and booze.
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The booze is optional (although it could make the games more fun). But when was the last time any of you sat down to an intense game of charades or Monopoly? Trust us, it can be just as fun now as it was when you were younger.

18. Take a class together to learn something new.
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It can be a cooking class, surfing lessons, or learning how to pole dance (yes, they have classes for that). Trying something none of you have ever done before is a great way to make new memories because you are all starting at the same place: the beginning.

19. Explore a museum.
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If you and your friends are into art or history, find an inexpensive (or better yet, free) museum to walk around in and then go out to eat afterward so you can discuss it all like the sophisticated ladies you are.

20. Do something sporty.
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Go ice skating or rollerblading or maybe even bowling. It's probably been a while since you guys have done any of those things, so remind yourselves how fun they can be.

21. Take a road trip.
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It can be to an apple picking farm, or a hotel and just stopping randomly along the way. The journey there can be just as much fun as the destination if you're with the right people. 

No matter what you choose, make sure you go ready to have a lot of fun and take lots of pictures so you can all remember it forever. 

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