20 Best ASMR Videos On The Internet That Will Make You Instantly Relax

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what is ASMR

You'll get to sleep much faster.

Have you ever watched a video online which has sent a chill up your spine or made your head tingle? If so, have you ever wondered why? I mean, what caused you to have such a visceral reaction to an image, a noise, a word, or a sound?

Well, if you are like millions of other Americans, it could be ASMR. What is ASMR? It's an autonomous sensory median response which creates a "calming, pleasurable feeling" that relaxes both the body and the mind. Or, to put it another way, ASMR creates physical and psychological effects on the body which make one "calm, peaceful, relaxed, mildly sedated... [and] create the ideal mental environment for sleep," according to NestMaven.com.

That said, those who have experienced ASMR describe the sensation as "reflective" and "meditative." It is a tingling sensation which is both soothing and serene. But what makes it one of the best ASMR videos?

Well, the stimuli which triggers an autonomous sensory median response varies from person to person; however, some common ASMR videos include clacking, tapping, whispering, manipulation of smooth, fluid objects (like slime and glue), and the idea that someone is touching your face or head — also known as role-playing ASMR.

Below are 20 of the best ASMR videos online today. Check them out for a nice relaxing experience.

1. [ASMR] Slime Triggers! from Gibi ASMR

With whispering, tapping, squishing, and pulling, this ASMR video is perfect for those who are stimulated by the visual and the auditory. 

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2. The ASMR Sleep Clinic: To Help You Fall Asleep Fast from TheUKASMR

Perhaps one of the most popular ASMR videos out there, this girl's voice will soothe your soul and quiet your mind.

3. ASMR Mechanical Keyboard from ASMRSurge

With 25 minutes of tapping and clacking, this video is best for those who find repetitive noises relaxing.

4. Zen Garden Sleep AID from Made In France ASMR

If visual triggers are your thing, this video may be for you. No talking. Just someone moving sand in a hypnotic and relaxing way.

5. 10 Hours of Tapping, Crinkle, and Trigger Sounds from Massage ASMR


If repetitive hand motions and their accompanying sounds are your thing, this video is perfect for you. And bonus: it is 10 hours long!

6. ASMR Glue Peeling Tingles from Super Deluxe

Another visually stimulating piece, this video showcases the fluid (and hypnotizing) act of glue peeling

7. Simple Pleasures ASMR Soft Spoken Personal Attention from Gentle Whispering ASMR

Gentle Whispering ASMR combines role-playing with whispering to make an intriguing and completely hypnotic ASMR piece. Lay back and let yourself go.

8. Dark & Relaxing Tapping and Scratching on Wooden Things by Gibi ASMR

Gibi ASMR — a popular ASMR YouTuber — explores the variations of auditory stimuli by tapping and scratching on wooden boxes.

9. ASMR Soap Carving from ASMRSurge

If scratching sounds relax you, this video will be right up your alley. Visually appealing and full of ASMR triggers.

10. ASMR Candy Eating & Kiss from ASMR PPOMO

For those who find eating, smacking, and chewing appealing, this video is the perfect mix of these similar (yet varied) sounds.

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11. TAPS for YOUR NAPZzz ASMR from Gentle Whispering ASMR

Another tapping video, this piece is sure to soothe the most restless soul.

12. How To Make Super Crunchy Dried Floam ASMR Slime by Pelangi Warna

Unlike the first slime video in this list, this piece also acts as a tutorial, so if you do not like intense music, we recommend turning the volume down.

13. 21 Words To Trigger ASMR from Gibi ASMR

The words collected (and whispered) in this ASMR video are supposed to calm the body and put you to sleep, so don't listen to this one if you are trying to stay awake.

14. Satisfying Visual Triggers With Layered Sounds from Caroline ASMR

Another multi-trigger piece, this 1-plus hour video is full of visuals and layered sounds.

15. The Top 120 Biaural ASMR Triggers from Heather Feather ASMR

With 4.5 hours of footage and over 120 popular triggers, this ASMR video is ideal for the individual looking to really relax.

16. ASMR from Drawing ASMR

This video is yet another great example of auditory and visual stimuli.

17. ASMR Biaural Triggers for Sleep: The Sound of Dreams from Ellie Alien ASMR

With whispered tones, scratching, and light tapping, this video is meant to ease the body and mind into a deep, restful sleep.

18. 90s Video Game Store Roleplay from ASMR Darling

For those who enjoy role-play ASMR, this flash from the past video game piece does not disappoint. 

19. 40 Minutes of ASMR Drawn Explanations & Inaudible Speaking from Dr. T ASMR

Another compilation of two common triggers — drawing and whispering — this video will definitely calm you down.

20. Deep Ear Attention (Close-Up Whipsers) from Gibi ASMR

While the tapping on this mics in this video may be intense for some, many others find the sounds generated super soothing. 

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