124 Extraordinary & Crazy Things To Do Before You Die

Lots of people have bucket lists as they get older that are filled with crazy things to do.

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Lots of people have bucket lists filled with crazy things to do or things that they want to change in their life.

Some people want to travel the world, others want to start getting fit and healthy and go to the gym, while others are thrill seekers and want to go skydiving or bungee jumping. 

It's never too late to start your own bucket list!

Fill it with all the favorite things that you have always wanted to do or with all the places that you have wanted to go in the world. 


You might even add crazy things to do with friends to your bucket list, like going on a cross-country trip or skydiving together or, if you're in a relationship, things to do as a couple.

Your list could be full of the craziest ideas that you can come up with, like swimming with sharks or going to see Machu Picchu, but you can also complete crazy things at home like completing a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, making fresh pasta, or creating a homemade beauty product. 

Your bucket list can literally be whatever you want to do!

Here are 125 crazy things to do that you can add to your bucket list.

1. Swim in each of the four major oceans.

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2. Dogsled in winter.

3. Swim with jellyfish.

4. Hike an active volcano.

5. Visit seven new Wonders of the World. 

6. Visit the Christmas markets in Europe. 

7. Take a trip to the Grand Canyon.

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8. Sleep in an ice hotel. 

9. Go on a week-long cruise.

10. Dive at the Great Barrier Reef.

11. Spend a week camping off the grid. 

12. Spend a week in each of your favorite cities you've always wanted to go to. 

13. See the Taj Mahal in India.

14. Take a road trip across the United States.

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15. Kiss in the rain. 

16. Attempt meditation. 

17. Start a journal. 

18. Name a star. 

19. Go vegetarian for a month.

20. Experience the Northern Lights.

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21. Create your own cocktail.

22. Read ten books in a year. 

23. Learn another language.

24. Learn how to code.

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25. Take an archery class.

26. Wake up every morning to see the sunrise. 

27. Go on a wildlife safari.

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28. Hike a new trail. 

29. Learn how to bake bread. 

30. Take yourself out on a date.

31. Make fresh pasta. 

32. Start a garden. 

33. Eat some new food.

34. Experience the great pyramids of Egypt.

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35. Adopt a rescue animal.

36. Swim under a waterfall. 

37. Learn how to ride a horse. 

38. Attend the Olympics or another major sporting event. 

39. Go skinny dipping. 

40. Be an extra in a movie. 

41. See the great wall of China.

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42. Fly in a hot air balloon.

43. See the pope at Vatican city. 

44. See sea turtles hatch. 

45. Make a wish in the Trevi Fountain in Rome. 

46. Give blood. 

47. See a foreign-language film. 

48. Visit the Coliseum in Rome.

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49. Conquer a lifelong fear.

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50. Visit some castles in Ireland.

51. Run with bulls in Spain.

52. Learn how to drive a stick shift. 

53. Rock climb a mountain.

54. Reconnect with old friends. 

55. Go to Peru and see Machu Picchu.

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56. Simply surprise a person you know. 

57. Dance on a bar. 

58. Hug a redwood tree.

59. Try flyboarding.

60. See the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

61. Change your hair color. 

62. Island hop in Greece. 

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63. Learn how to change the oil in your car. 

64. Read a book before seeing the movie. 

65. Learn how to sew and make your own clothing.

66. Upload a YouTube video.

67. Make a homemade flower bouquet. 

68. Learn how to do a magic trick.

69. Find and work a job you love. 

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70. Swim with sharks. 

71. Take a helicopter ride.

72. Go to a yoga retreat. 

73. Take up pottery. 

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74. Volunteer to help children in need.

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75. Go at least 24 hours without internet, your cellphone, and video games. 

76. Retire early. 

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77. Attend the Kentucky Derby. 

78. Go out for high tea. 

79. Climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

80. Take a ride on the London Eye Ferris Wheel.

81. Visit Buckingham Palace. 

82. Visit the old Scottish Highlands. 

83. Get a gym membership. 

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84. Try to eat more vegetables.

85. Cut out alcohol for a week.

86. Sleep under the stars. 

87. Learn how to use chopsticks. 

88. Be a part of a flashmob. 

89. Go to the top of the Empire State Building in New York City. 

90. Learn how to knit and crochet. 

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91. Kayak through icebergs in Greenland. 

92. Visit all seven continents. 

93. Ride a gondola in Venice, Italy. 

94. Bike to another town.

95. Learn how to ride a motorcycle. 

96. Learn how to drive. 

97. Learn how to play an instrument.

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98. Learn how to surf.

99. Compete for a course in something.

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100. Attend Burning Man in Nevada. 

101. Go to a Renaissance festival. 

102. Visit all 50 states in the U.S.

103. Go to Carnival in Italy.

104. Go bungee jumping. 

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105. Go truffle hunting in Tuscany. 

106. Be an activist. 

107. Become less materialistic. 

108. Donate your hair. 

109. Cut out sugar for a month. 

110. Do something people say you can't do. 

111. Run a marathon, half marathon, or 5k.

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112. Float in the Dead Sea. 

113. Watch a Broadway Musical in Manhattan.

114. See the penguins of Antarctica. 

115. Visit the New Zealand Highlands. 

116. Drive along the Hawaiian coast. 

117. Explore big cities in the U.S. like N.Y.C, L.A, Boston, Chicago, and more. 

118. Ride a zip line. 

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119. Get high at a coffee shop in Amsterdam.

120. Backpack through Europe and the U.S.

121. Go clubbing in Miami. 

122. Go shopping in Milan, Italy. 

123. Go to a movie premiere in Hollywood, California. 

124. Scuba Dive. 

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