How To Cure Your Boredom — 14 Creative Ways To Entertain Yourself When You're Bored

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Wondering what to do when you're bored? Here's 14 ways to get un-bored.

If you’re bored, you’ll do almost anything to stop being bored. For example, you’ll read this YourTango article meant for bored people. You get it.

When I’m bored, I try to Google some suggestions of things to do online. However, it never inspires me to do anything. I always see the standard stuff: arts and crafts, reading, etc.

But, if I’m really, really bored, I can’t even find enough creativity in me to find the right book or craft project. Also, it’s not very fun when the suggestions of things to do are just as boring as I feel inside.

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So, to combat some of this pervasive boredom I bet we’ve all faced at some point in our lives, I’ve compiled the ULTIMATE how-to guide that will teach you how to do some of the most interesting, random and downright weird things that I’ve found (and kind of wanted to know how to do myself), to entertain yourself when you're bored.


1. Learn how to pierce your ears (safely).

First, get your hands on a needle. A thin, hollow one. Apparently, piercing your ear with a gun when you’re not a trained professional can cause serious infections and allergic reactions, so doctors recommend using a sterile needle. To sterilize it, you can use alcohol swabs, boiled water and antibacterial solution. You should also sterilize the earrings you will be inserting into your ears and your ears themselves before piercing the skin. Cold water and ice can help reduce swelling and pain that may occur.

2. Get a cool side-gig.

A second job can be a great source of extra income for you, so finding an enjoyable part-time job may be worth your while. If nothing else, another job can get you out of the house and around people a few more days per week.

To get your side-gig, you first need to beef up your resume and upload it to some sites like Indeed, LinkedIn and Glassdoor to start attracting some employers. However, you can be picky. Seek out companies personally that you would like to work for and contact them regarding open positions. Visit the companies in person, call them by phone or email the company manager to express your interest in working there. From remote jobs to jobs that will drive you around the city (literally), there are plenty of options for you.

3. Find the perfect book/podcast/show/movie.

Today, sites like Goodreads, Netflix and YouTube have algorithms that track your search history and try to match you with media that you might enjoy. However, these might not always be of interest to you or include new genres you would like explore. By reading reviews, talking to your friends and family and skimming summaries, you can make informed decisions about your next binge series or can’t-put-down novel. Sometimes, it’s best to try something completely different to determine what you really like.

4. Use social media to make real friends.

You should focus on your close group of friends on social media. While you can connect with various groups of friends and stay up to date on events and things that may be affecting a number of your hundreds of Facebook friends, your main mode of communication on social media sites like Snapchat, Facebook and even Twitter can and should be with a small(ish) group of people. About 20 or so. Use this technology to deepen existing relationships rather than to pursue shallow ones that may expire soon after they begin.

5. Learn how to live like a monk.

Monks are bound by strict, religious and spiritual rules that dictate their everyday activities. To be a monk, you must also abide by these rules and follow certain rituals commonly followed by Buddhist monks. As a monk, you must not multitask, must only rely on the offerings of the community and practice prayer and mindfulness. Your appearance and actions must be humble to learn how to become less dependent on worldly possessions.

Note: There are various different sects of monks, and this information only loosely represents Buddhist monks.

6. Write a letter to a stranger.

To do this, you can either find a pen pal online or simply leave a letter somewhere for a stranger to find. You may want to refrain from signing the letter with your real or full name, depending on who you believe will be in possession of the letter after you write and send it, but that is your decision.

Whether you’re writing a love letter to a mysterious crush of yours, a reaffirming letter to a passerby or an angry note reminding someone that his/her actions affect others, what you say in your letter matters. You can make a big difference in a stranger’s life.

7. Teach yourself how to pass a lie-detector test (yes, it's possible!)

They’re in movies, TV and cop shows. Polygraph tests are seemingly the best way to determine if someone is lying or not. However, it’s not as foolproof as you might think it is. All you have to do is control your response to fear, intimidation and nervousness. The above video explains, in detail, how you can pass a lie detector test, regardless of your innocence.

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8. Learn something brand, spankin' new.           

The general rule is that, to learn something new, you have to make it become part of your daily routine. Take about 15 minutes out of your day every day and dedicate it to learning a new skill, subject, etc. You can use podcasts, social media feeds and other websites to help you stay on track and devote your time to learning something new every, single day. According to Lifehack (and common sense), a desire to continue learning for the sake of learning is valuable.

9. Apologize to your pet in a way they'll understand.

More than I’d like to admit, I’ve accidentally stepped on my dog, forgotten to replace her water and left her harness on way longer than she appreciated, so I feel the need to apologize to her regularly. How do you make sure your pet understands your apology, though?

Use only a calming and slightly high-pitched voice when addressing your dog after you have done something you want to apologize for. Although dogs and cats may not understand out language, they can pick up on tones and positive and negative associations of words. Pet them and reward them in the same way you would if they had done something good (i.e., behaved appropriately). For instance, you could give your pet a treat, pat his or her head and play together. If your pet is hurt or scared after the incident for which you want to apologize, then you will need to respect your pet’s space, get low to the ground and wait for him or her to approach you.

Always remember that your pet can recognize your emotions and will react to them. You should never try to apologize to a pet when you are angry, scared or frustrated.

10. Change your email signature.

Of course, this process will differ depending on the email address system you use. However, you will need to open your email, start creating a new message and select the option that indicates “email signature” or something like that. You may enter your full name, occupation and, occasionally, a photo. Get creative with your signature, but keep it professional.

11. Learn how to avoid being awkward.

This video wonderfully explains how to overcome your inner anxiety (or, at least, recognize it), and stop it from affecting your ability to socialize and interact with others in public. So, listen. Stop apologizing for everything, don’t label yourself and bring a friend next time you find yourself in an awkward situation.

12. Become a minimalist.

So, you might be thinking that minimalism prohibits “stuff” altogether, but is it? You can be a minimalist and own things that are important to you. You do need to de-clutter, but you also need to practice self-care and self-love. Learn how to be a minimalist with your time and your space.

13. Make good use of your leftover cardboard boxes.

There are TONS of uses for your old cardboard boxes. Here are some things you can make out of a simple cardboard box, scissors, tape and maybe some glue to make it useful to you yet again:

  • Lap desk
  • Instruments
  • Purse
  • Flower pot
  • Litter box
  • Toy igloo
  • Ping pong paddles
  • Costumes
  • Cardboard volcano
  • Playhouse
  • Cardboard lantern
  • Luggage dividers
  • Storage containers

14. Teach yourself how to do magic.

Still bored? Try out some classic magic tricks! It only takes a few minutes, some patience, and some audience members. These tricks don’t need too much as far as preparation is concerned, but you should have cards, paper, money (and coins) and general art supplies on hand.

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