Pete Davidson Zodiac Sign & Birth Chart

Pete Davidson is a whole lot of Scorpio energy.

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Pete Davidson is 26 years old and was born on November 16, 1993 in Staten Island, New York, NY. According to, Pete's birth time is unknown.

What does astrology reveal about Pete Davidson's zodiac sign and natal chart?

Pete Davidson has an astrological aspect called a stellium with five planets in the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

His Sun in Scorpio zodiac sign is strongly paired with a Capricorn Moon sign, but what is really surprising (or maybe not) is that he has a Bundle Natal Chart, which means all of his planets are grouped together in one area.


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Without his birth time, it's impossible to know which astrology houses his planets fall in or his rising sign, but his birth chart reveals that he has extreme focus; is not easily influenced by the world around him.


Pete Davidson has been very open about his struggles on social media and has used his platform to shed light on what it is like to have mental health issues. Likely, his Mars in Sagittarius motivates him to share his hardships, using humor, with the entire world.

To learn more about Pete Davidson, let’s look at his zodiac sign and birth chart using astrology:

Sun in Scorpio

The Sun gives you insight into your identity, ego, and path in life.

With Pete’s Sun in Scorpio, he is probably pretty intense.

Scorpios are very motivated and will give their all in whatever they are passionate about. However, they do not like to be told what to do and instead will do what they want to do.


They like to be in control of their life and situations that they are in. They are very determined and patient.

They will go after what they want but will make sure that the timing is right and that it makes sense to do so.

They also enjoy exploring the mysteries of life and are drawn to peculiar things. They also do not get scared easily and can tackle any obstacle thrown at them.

They are very resilient and will keep fighting for what they want.

Moon in Capricorn

The Moon rules your emotions, feelings, and moods.

With Pete’s Moon in Capricorn, he probably is very practical and hardworking.

Pete Davidson is a comedian, writer, and actor. He is most well known for being a cast member on Saturday Night Live.


He has also performed stand up comedy and even has a Netflix comedy special called Alive From New York.

Moon in Capricorn are people that think things through instead of letting their emotions guide them.

They tend to hide their more vulnerable side and present themselves as very calm, cool, and collected.

They value having practical aspirations and attaining them in a logical and organized way. Moon in Capricorn people are also great at planning for the future.

They aren’t very spontaneous and instead want to plan things out instead of taking risks.

They also put a lot of pressure on themselves to achieve their goals.

They want to be respected for what they accomplish and won’t give up until they reach their goals.


Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury rules how you communicate, talk, think, understand, and express yourself.

With Pete’s Mercury in Scorpio, he likely wants to understand things as much as he can.

If he is curious about something, he will ask questions and learn about the topic until she grasps it.

Someone with Mercury in Scorpio does not want to merely scratch the surface but wants to dig deep, and they love to write about what they learn.

Davidson recently starred in and co-wrote the film The King of Staten Island.

The film is semi-autobiographical because he was born in Staten Island and currently lives there with his mother. His father was a firefighter who died from the September 11 attacks.


Even with getting to know other people, they aren’t afraid to ask the hard-hitting questions.

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They also tend to be very observant and intuitive. So, they know what is going on around them and usually can sense the truth to situations.

It would be very difficult to pull the wool over their eyes or trick them because they are usually very suspicious and can see through lies.

A Mercury in Scorpio person is usually very well-spoken. They are excellent at talking to large crowds and giving speeches.

They may be nervous when it comes to public speaking, but the audience wouldn’t be able to tell.


They really shine when they are speaking about something they are passionate about or trying to help others.

When they are offering up their advice or opinion, it usually comes from a good place because they care about others.

They are also amazing at rolling with the punches when they are speaking.

If they don’t have a speech prepared for an important lecture, then they can spontaneously speak about it on the spot and it would seem like a planned speech.

They are very quick on their feet.

They are so naturally intelligent, motivational, and energized that anyone who listens to them talk can be very moved and in awe of their passion.

Venus in Scorpio

Venus rules what and how you love and Scorpios love hard.


With Pete’s Venus in Scorpio, he likely is very committed and has powerful emotions when it comes to love.

When a Venus in Scorpio person is attracted to someone, they are very focused and dedicated to that person.

They are also very bold when it comes to expressing their intimate and vulnerable side.

They are incredibly loyal to their partner and even a little possessive at times.

Case in point, his relationship with Ariana Grande.

He has over 40 tattoos and has many matching tattoos with his ex-fiance Ariana Grande.

They became engaged in June 2018 but their engagement was called off a couple months later.

After their breakup, Ariana Grande even wrote a song about him on her Sweetener album called “Pete Davidson.”


They also want to have some control over their partner and relationship, but they aren’t always conscious of it.

They put their whole heart into their relationships and this intensity can sometimes push people away.

Although, they just want to know as much about their partner as possible and grow very close to them.

They are very skilled at seeing people for who they really are.

They want a partner who is just as committed and loyal as they are.

Mars in Sagittarius

Anything in Sagittarius is openly expressive. Mars rules aggression and determines how you take action, assert yourself, and how you act when you are angry.

With Pete’s Mars in Sagittarius, it is probable that when he gets angry he feels like he wants to escape.


Instead of handling the situation head-on, he may decide not to handle it altogether.

For example, in 2017, he announced on Instagram that he became sober for the first time in eight years.

He also has been open on social media about his struggles with having borderline personality disorder.

In 2018, he posted on Instagram that he was having suicidal thoughts and this worried many of his friends.

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The New York Police Department even ended up checking on him to make sure that he was alright.

Someone with Mars in Sagittarius tends to want to take their mind off whatever is bothering them and simply just go off and do their own thing.


Sagittarius is a naturally adventurous sign so they could want to go on a little adventure.

It is beneficial for them to calm down by doing a workout or something active that gets their blood flowing.

When it comes to their career, Mars in Sagittarius people tend to juggle a lot on their plate.

They are restless and energized so they want to have a lot of different projects to work on.

Although, they do not always complete all of their projects and they could give up if they get bored.

However, they are very optimistic and excited when beginning a project they care about and if they are passionate about it then they will do whatever it takes to reach their goals.


When it comes to their general attitude towards life, they are usually very playful, fun, optimistic, and caring.

They love to spend time with their friends and enjoy getting into thought-provoking debates with others.

However, they will be offended if you don’t see things their way and they can even get insulted if you try to argue with them too much.

They really value their opinions and perspective and hope that others do as well.

On the other hand, they can sometimes be clouded by their own perspective and not consider someone else’s.

In a debate, they may have a difficult time listening to someone else and can unintentionally hurt other people’s feelings with their blunt words.


When it comes to relationships, they enjoy being playful with their partner and they want someone that can make them laugh.

They also want someone that is passionate and open-minded, like they tend to be.

However, they need space and need time to be by themselves. If they feel too controlled or bored, they may run away.

Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter rules optimism, growth, and romanticism.

With Pete’s Jupiter in Scorpio, he tends to put 110 percent into what he does.

People with Jupiter in Scorpio also get rewarded when they wholeheartedly work towards their goals.

They are excellent at solving problems and they appreciate strength and commitment and will use their strengths to their advantage.


They are also very curious so will dive deep into topics that interest them instead of merely scratching the surface.

If they are passionate about their career and goals then they will do their best to know everything about it and be the best at it.

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn rules restrictions, limits, responsibility, fears, boundaries, and self-discipline.

With Pete’s Saturn in Aquarius, he likely is pretty skeptical and takes an impartial stance when it comes to certain situations.

The people around him probably like that he looks at things through an unbiased lens.


However, Saturn in Aquarius can have a difficult time connecting with others when they are younger because they like to sit on the sidelines and observe what is going on around them.

Although, when they get older they become better at being observant and including themselves in social situations simultaneously.

They do tend to make long-lasting connections with their friends and their friends tend to stick around for a very long time.

They like to have a close-knit circle of friends and take their friendships very seriously.

They may be a tad more anxious around big groups of people but they are very loyal to their close friends.

They can be scared of making bold moves and big decisions when it comes to their hopes and dreams.


They are scared of change and want to make sure they have everything all planned out before they make a big decision.

Uranus in Capricorn

With Pete’s Uranus in Capricorn, he likely values innovation, changes, and breaking barriers.

Uranus in Capricorn people are individuals who walk to the beat of their own drum.

They want to redefine traditions, rules, and structures.

Although they want to make a difference, they can be a bit stubborn and can have a difficult time seeing things from a different perspective.

At times, they fight authority figures and rules if they are not beneficial for everyone.

Neptune in Capricorn

Neptune remains in each sign for fourteen years, so it rules a generation. It rules imagination and dreams.


With Pete’s Neptune in Capricorn, he is part of a generation that generally abides by the rules and respects structure and discipline.

They usually have big goals and dreams but their aspirations have to be practical for them to follow through.

Neptune in Capricorn people have to genuinely enjoy what they are doing for them to continue doing it.

They could be very optimistic people but their optimism isn’t what pushes them forward, instead, their practicality motivates them.

If they believe that their goals are worth pursuing then they will pursue it with gusto.

Pluto in Scorpio

Pluto remains in one sign for up to thirty years, so it rules a generation.


With Pete’s Pluto in Scorpio, he likely has strong feelings about sexuality, closeness, devotion, and comfort.

Pluto in Scorpio people can go to great lengths when it comes to getting close to others or achieving their goals.

They seek success and want to be different from others that it can be difficult for them to be at ease or satisfied.

They may even push themselves and put a lot of pressure on themselves so they don’t come up short.

They are kind as well as pragmatic. They are also incredibly observant and try to see things for what they are.

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