How Leo Season Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign Until August 22nd, 2020, According To Astrology

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How Leo Season Affects Each Zodiac Sign's Love Horoscope And Relationships, According To Astrology

Leo season begins on July 23rd, just a few days after the Double New Moon in Cancer. The Sun in Leo ushers in the next chapter, helping to show us that how we go about building the life we want is just as important as realizing what that is.

What is Leo season?

Leo season is defined as the time period between July 23rd and August 22nd when the Sun is transiting this fire sign. While still an important time in our journey, this season will be a bit different with the absence of the Leo New Moon.

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However, this period really is one in which we can expect a lot of movement based not just on the moon cycles, but also the energetic window that opens around this time each year. This is also the first month since May in which we don’t see any eclipses, so we can expect that many of the lessons and "ah-ha" moments we’ve experienced since then will likely be put into action that we take in our own lives.

But as we head into this time each year, we also tend to see movement because we feel an urgency in our lives. Perhaps even more so because of how 2020 has evolved.

At this point of the year, we’re usually all thinking that there’s only a few months left, and we just want to make sure that not only do we make them count but that we also take steps to end this year on a different note, beginning 2021 on one as well.

What can you expect during Leo season, no matter your zodiac sign?

These astrological transits will set the tone for July 23rd to August 22nd.

Neptune-Jupiter Sextile on July 27th

In astrology, a sextile is when two planets are within 60 degrees of one another which, while helpful, also often carries with it a dose of karma from previous actions and the sowing of seeds in our past.

This is the second of a triad this year, with the third not occurring until October. So while we may see a climax in our story surrounding these two planets, we won’t actually see the outcome until the fall, which is also a theme surrounding our year.

It’s like all of astrology is saying, “But wait, there’s more!” And there definitely is.

These two planets bring together our sense of spirituality, unconditional love, and ability to dream with our sense of abundance and the plans we make for the future. In many ways, it's challenging us to not plan for what we think is doable, but instead to not be afraid to dream of the life we want to create.

With both Neptune and Jupiter in retrograde, though, it may be more about redoing plans (or reflecting on those plans) that we've already put into motion so that, come fall, we can make sure we are on the path to living our dreams, and have also learned that we only receive what we accept in this life.

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Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3rd

The last time we experienced a Full Moon that wasn’t an eclipse was back in the beginning of May, and while the eclipse season was necessary on so many levels, now it’s time to start implanting everything into actual change if we haven’t already. This is where that Aquarian energy becomes so important.

Aquarius is an air sign that not only is dynamic, but is also very confident, secure and a bit of a rebel. Aquarius doesn’t care what people say; this sign doesn’t care if it’s upholding the status quo or not; in fact sometimes, this sign goes out of its way to be different.

While many of us may have plans or ideas on pause because we felt concerned about the opinions of others, as this Full Moon occurs, that will be of less importance to us.

It will cause us all to simply make our own moves, and let everyone else deal with theirs.

Mercury enters Leo on August 4th

With the planet of communication moving into the fire sign of Leo, we can expect our conversations to be a little more heated and passionate.

But this is a good thing. This goes along with the Full Moon in Aquarius, and that Mars in Aries energy we’ve already been dealing with.

We have to believe in what we want. We have to believe in our own thoughts and ideas — not to prove them to others, but to know that regardless of who agrees, or not, we can still remain confident.

At this point in our year-long story, this energy is also about having that gusto to go after what we want and to not censor ourselves before we speak.

Mercury in Leo isn’t just about confidence, but passion. This means that while Leo is going to have us all following our hearts, Mercury will have us speaking them.

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Venus in Cancer on August 7th

Even though we have already said goodbye to Cancer season this year and we don’t have any more Cancer Moons until December, we will feel a shift when the planet of love moves into this water sign that rules home, family and committed relationships.

For us, that means our focus may shift away from casual dating and more towards whether or not we could see the person we’re engaging become a more important part of our life.

Venus in Cancer will help us separate those relationships that are more short-term, from those that may even already feel like family. But it’s also going to change the way that we commit.

While astrology can’t transform those commitment-phobes among us, it can help influence those who have already been considering it. Meaning that more proposals likely will occur around this time, as it’s not just about love and romance, but who you want to build a home and life with.

Lion’s Gate Portal peaks on August 8th

Each year, from July 26th to August 12th, an energetic portal opens thanks to the star Sirius.

In this event, Sirius, Sun, Earth and Orion’s Belt all come into alignment, creating a powerful, high-frequency energy that's able to come into Earth since the Mayan era.

This portal peaks on August 8th (8/8), the numerological symbol of both abundance and infinity, sometimes having ties to divine partnerships.

This year’s is set to feel ultra-powerful in both aligning those with soul contracts and helping usher in a higher frequency for the collective, which will show up both in our romantic relationships and the current social justice movement.

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Uranus Retrograde on August 15th

As if all the other planets retrograding weren’t enough, we will see Uranus, the planet of sudden and unexpected change, turn retrograde in Taurus, creating the opportunity for us to deepen the change that has been brewing over the past seven months.

Each year, Uranus turns retrograde for five months in which we review what we’ve already put into motion, and are deeply encouraged to surrender to where we feel directed.

With this planet currently transiting through the earth sign of Taurus, expect these changes to affect the existing foundations and plans of our lives, asking us to not be afraid to let go of what we have so that we might receive even more.  

New Moon in Virgo on August 18th

Finishing out the month, it feels as if we’re living lifetimes in just the first few weeks of August. In many ways, though, that’s because we have.

There's a lot happening now, both personally and collectively, for us, which means we need to make sure we’re covering all our bases. We need to pay attention to the details to make sure the excitement of the next chapter isn’t getting in the way of us seeing what needs to be done first.

New Moons are a time for beginnings, and Virgo is a detail-orientated earth goddess sign, which means while pleasure abounds, so do the fine details.

Whether we want to realize it or not, it matters how we go about something, especially when it's something we hope to have forever. How we begin matters. How we go about building our dreams, our life, and even our love, matters.

This New Moon may hit us as a reality check, but come the New Moon in Libra next month, you’ll be glad it did.

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