What The June 2020 New Moon Solar Eclipse Means For Your Love Life For The Next 6 Months

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What The June 2020 New Moon Solar Eclipse In Cancer Means For Your Love Horoscope, According To Astrology

This eclipse cycle will bring a realization that is unlike any other, as we welcome in the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on June 21st.

Normally, we see two lunar and two solar eclipses per year — the two weeks between the lunar eclipse and solar eclipse is known as the rabbit hole — as they open an energetic portal that assists us with big realizations and changes in our lives. This year, however, has and will continue to operate a bit differently.

With four lunar eclipses and two solar eclipses, it feels like all of 2020 is one giant portal of energy that's shifting us from one phase of our life to the next.

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This is because we began 2020 with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, and welcomed in another lunar eclipse at the beginning of June (that time in Sagittarius).

And now, we have this New Moon Solar Eclipse, followed by another Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn at the beginning of July, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini in November, followed by the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on December 14th.

The energy we began the year with won’t actually bring us close to an ending or closure point until the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 14th, when we begin an entirely new cycle (and likely life phase) in effect until May 26th, 2021, when we begin another cycle.

This means that the moon cycles this year will feel more intense, but they likely will cause us greater reflection and opportunities for change than previous years.

In order to make the most of these lunar events and maintain a sense of balance during them, we have to understand that each one, while part of a bigger picture, is going to help us focus on a particular area of potential growth in our lives.

What do New Moons in astrology mean for our relationships, personal growth, and new beginnings?

New Moons are a time for beginnings, for clearing the deck and planting the seeds we hope to manifest in six months’ time when we celebrate the Full Moon in the same sign — in this case, January 10th, 2021. They are a time when we’re able to use the specific energy of the sign that the moon is in, to better help us grow in the particular area of our life that it touches.

This New Moon in Cancer, having just begun the Sun sign season of this zodiac sign on June 20th, means everything will focus and center around the meaning behind this sign.

Cancer is the ruling sign of the moon, which means while often we think of sun signs being affected, this will also affect those who have their moon in this water sign, according to their birth charts.

Cancer is the ruling sign of the home, family, motherhood, important women figures, and intimate relationships. This means that this is where our focus will be.

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We began the Eclipse season this year in January, with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, so we can expect that those themes have dominated our consciousness over the last six months.

This is true for us more than other years. Because of the pandemic, we were forced to stay inside our homes with our families, which likely brought about new realizations or poignant bits of clarity that we’re not trying to synthesize in future plans.

But this isn’t just a new moon — it’s also a solar eclipse. And solar eclipses have a special and unique meaning all to themselves.

Eclipses signify a time of change. While lunar eclipses represent emotional and mental change, solar rclipses represent a time of physical change: outward communication, change of circumstances, or generally making what was unknown, now known.

With this moon, there are several challenges happening around this time.

While there are still planets in retrograde — Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Pluto and shortly Mercury and Neptune — the real point of conflict here is the opposing energy of Capricorn that many are feeling.

This coupled together with the intense change energy of the eclipses will be highlighting the desire to break free from situations and constructs that no longer fit, and the sense of responsibility to the home and family could leave us feeling pulled in two different directions.

This struggle between doing what we want versus doing what we're able to, is one that likely began around the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius back at the beginning of the month. As this zodiac sign exemplifies freedom, it’s as if we got a taste of what we wanted, but then were told to sit and wait for our turn to actually have it.

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Patience is one of the hardest things to embody for any of us, at any time, but during an eclipse season, when it’s in our very nature to want a catalyst change, it’s likely we’re nearing a boiling point with this new moon.

We will be asked to emain in the moment, to slow down, and to have faith that just because you’re not where you want to be in this moment, that doesn’t mean you’re not where you’re meant to be.

While challenges abound with this moon around the balancing of home, family, and desire, the benefit is that we’re being given exactly what we need in order to process the lessons meant for us.

It’s in part to our wacky and extended eclipse season that we’ll have the opportunity to not rush to the finish line that was only created in our minds, because we have infinite time to achieve and manifest what's meant for us.

Right now, we’re still in the reflection phase. While we’re getting more clear on who we are and the sense of responsibility to ourselves, it's a phase that will continue as we move through the next few months.

While it may come dressed as a challenge, the retrograde planets around this time — including Neptune and Pluto, whose primary mission is to expose the truth — will be of benefit to filter out the noise of outside voices and situations so you can get to know your own more deeply.

This means that while we all have different responsibilities to those we care about, this year we’re learning that we have to first honor the responsibility to self.

We have to honor our own desires, our dreams, and the core needs that we represent, because only then will we be able to create a life of fulfillment rather than servitude.

The only reason we ever feel like we have to chose between ourselves and others is believing the illusion that the feelings of others matter more than your own.

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