Pick A Tarot Card & Find Out What's In Store For Your June 2020 Horoscope

Pick A Tarot Card & Find Out What's In Store For Your June 2020 Horoscope

Pick a card, any card.

Pick a card, any card, and let your fortune reveal itself. Step into the tented wagon and sit yourself down by the magical crystal ball.

The incense is burning and the candle wax melts in mysterious patterns, right in front of your very eyes. Before you sits the fortune teller, and she's ready, willing and able to deliver the right message at the right time.

That message? Depending on the tarot card reading you choose, you set the tone for your June 2020 horoscope.

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Here's how to play. Pick a card: 1, 2 or 3. Empty your mind and allow yourself to go with the number that pulls you.

Once you decide that number is yours, the process begins. You were meant to pick that number, and the number you pick will determine the reading you'll get. Everything is meant to be.

Now, let's read!

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Tarot Card Reading #1

  • Page of Swords, reversed
  • 9 of Swords
  • The Emperor, reversed
  • Page of Wands, reversed
  • Page of Pentacles, reversed

Looks like this month is going to come with both confusion and an unwanted perspective. All in all, it means there's change coming and you need to hold on tight because things are about to turn around for you.

This reading is very "people"-oriented, and it looks like those people are family member, most likely those younger than you. In this reading, you're the Emperor, as in the adult in the house, and you're trying to balance the comings and going of those who live with you.

You've been feeling quite negative, and that needs to change as well. Your dreams have been disturbing, but you're letting them get to you. You feel you can't control the folks you live with, and you worry about their health and safety.

But do not underestimate these folks — they're just restless and filled with summer energy. They look to you for guidance, so get a grip; after all, you are the Emperor. You're strong enough to handle family matters.

Take comfort in the ideas of others. Trust that you're not the only one who is there to help. That Page of Swords? That's your helper right there, a young person of wisdom. They need your guidance as well as you needing theirs.

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Tarot Card Reading #2

  • Ace of Wands, reversed
  • 10 of Wands, reversed
  • 3 of Swords
  • The Hermit reversed
  • 10 of Pentacles, reversed

During this month, you're going to get back to work in a big way. You may not understand how to go about it, but nonetheless, work you will have and it will feel oddly refreshing.

The work load may be piling up, but consider yourself lucky to have work at all, because you are lucky and more good luck is coming your way.

You will weather the storm and come out just fine. You have spent a long time feeling very lonely, and, ironically, your alone time has taught you many lessons about yourself. Believe it or not, those lessons are good ones; in fact, you're a good one.

The cards reveal that you're strong and capable, able to deal with tough times. Count your blessings as the money comes in; your hard work and incredible patience is absolutely going to pay off.

While you still may be wary of how the world is working these days, you're going to find that your decision-making is on point and that your focus is balanced. Things are looking up!

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Tarot Card Reading #3

  • 4 of Cups
  • 8 of Swords
  • 10 of Cups
  • The Moon
  • 5 of Pentacles

One look at this spread and you'll be able to tell that this reading is definitely the most promising. The month is going to feel like a second chance.

You'll be presented with a choice, and the decision you make will end up giving you exactly what you want and need. You've spent too much time fretting and worrying away the hours. You're tired, exhausted, and you crave relief. And you're going to get that relief this month.

An idea will come to mind — something new, something magical, and that idea is going to usher in a new era in thinking for you. You might have been doing something one way for years and years, and then, suddenly, it will hit you. It's not the only way to do things, especially in terms of money.

Expect love to flow in abundance this month, with a side of financial uptick. Learn to trust your instincts. New ideas will lead to better places for you, and success is here, for you, in the cards.

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