How The Astrology Of April 25th Affects Your Love Horoscope Until September 2020 — And Beyond!

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How The Astrology of April 25th Will Affect Our Lives Until September and Even Beyond

Our zodiac signs experience two different aspects in astrology on April 25th, causing us to feel restricted in our lives; this will result in being forced to consider what parts of our lives are working, and what isn’t.  

The first transit is Sun conjunct Uranus, with both signs in Taurus; this transit will likely bring internal changes caused by unexpected events. The second is Mercury square Pluto, with Mercury in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn; this will bring about the revelation of buried secrets and truths.

While both aspects would bring changes to our lives given their intensity, with the current environment being more restrictive, we will feel this push and pull even more.

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Sun in astrology represents our sense of self, our ego, and how we externally move within the world. This very much is how others perceive us, and even the expectations in which we end up living our lives.

When we experience a transit involving this planetary body, it means it’s going to affect us at our deepest, even likely resulting in permanent changes to how we live our lives. But this is magnified given the energy of Uranus.

Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected change, which tends to strike the areas of our lives we would least like it to, but it's needed all the same. Uranus tends to move through the zodiac in seven-year cycles, meaning we can see that same breakdown in our own lives.

This planet just officially moved into the earth sign of Taurus last year, after spending his last cycle in Aries, so we are still getting used to what this energy is all about.

While in Aries, Uranus needed to destroy and breakdown; in Taurus, it’s all about growth and stability. Uranus will bring just as much chaos and unlikely events as he did in Aries, but instead of the purpose being to destroy what existed, it will be to help grow what is most stable.

What is a conjunction in astrology?

A conjunction means that two planets are within just a few degrees of one another in the same sign, which means we are being confronted with double Taurean energy, while both the Sun and Uranus spend time in this sign. Usually only occurring once a year, the next time that we experience this transit will be in April 2021.

Sun conjunct Uranus is introducing a new way of receiving information and interpreting events that will be in effect until the following year. This is especially important as we all move through this current time and build a new normal.

In truth, that is what this transit is representing: the events that force us to create a new way of living and existing. But because of that Taurean energy, we know we’re on the right track. And while we all would love to create change on our terms, that’s not the way it’s meant to happen.

While this is an intense transit on its own changing the energetic landscape for the next year, adding to it is a square between Mercury in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.

While both of these aspects are exact on April 25th, Mercury is a fast-moving planet. So, when he forms a square to Jupiter in Capricorn on the 26th, we will also feel this energetic component added to the overall point of crisis.

What is a square in astrology?

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A square is when two planets are within 90 degrees of one another and create a moment of action or climax in which something is brought to a head and we’re forced to decide to do something. This particular square between Mercury and Pluto usually occurs twice a year, so the next time this energy will come into play is September 2020.

In this case, we have the energy of Mercury, which is about communication, coming to a head with Pluto, which is about anything we’ve tried to suppress or ignore.

Pluto is known as the lord of the underworld and can hold secrets, but he also holds those emotions and truths that our ego feels is inconvenient. But then, just a day later, again we see Mercury square Jupiter, this time bringing the energy of abundance and luck into the scene; it's an important piece in all of this.

There is no doubt we have been feeling the pressure build in the weeks leading up to this event, likely first beginning with the Full Moon in Libra in which we started to think about what balance meant to our lives. Yet as we neared these transits, we began to feel impatient, impulsive and possibly even reckless. Because as much as we were changing along with our thoughts and beliefs, we haven’t been able to act on anything.

What is the purpose of these two transits?

Even though transits happen yearly or even bi-annually, it doesn’t mean they occur within the same sign, changing everything.

Think of it like this: you represent a different image to the world depending upon what type of outfit you choose to wear in the morning. For the planets, the sign they’re in is this outfit, which affects the lens we then experience life through.

Both Pluto and Jupiter are in Capricorn right now, and we experienced a strong stellium (a gathering of five or more planets in one sign) in March, at a time when we were all new to social distancing and quarantining.

Capricorn represents structure, foundations and, in many respects, the old way of living. This is the time when these outdated social structures and way of life are falling apart, meaning that those situations, careers, relationships and paths of our own lives will do the same.

But as the good vibes of Jupiter remind us, there’s a silver lining to all of this.

Uranus is bringing change, but it’s grounded in greater stability and growth. Mercury may have some harsh words and even rising tempers, but it’s so we can bring out the truth with Pluto in Capricorn, and let go of what isn’t working. Why? Because that is the only way to grow.

In the next year, we’ll be asked to take a closer look at what isn’t working, personally and globally, so that, together, we can start building what will.

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