The Personality Traits Of The Sagittarius Zodiac Sign — And An Astrology Guide To Every Aspect Of Their Life

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The Personality Traits Of The Sagittarius Zodiac Sign — And An Astrology Guide To Every Aspect Of Their Life

Sagittarius, the third of the fire signs in astrology, is symbolized by the Centaur — a half man, half horse figure who wields a bow and arrow, poised with intent on a target. The symbolism here is interesting as it suggests much about the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

They are focused, war-like, completely unique and somewhat bestial. Strength and honor accompanies this sign, as well as nervy exploits, unhinged madness and blind optimism.

While every sign has a perfect blend of negative and positive personality traits, the Sagittarius traits are unique to the other signs. Born between November 23rd and December 21st, these traits include:

  • Honest, nervy, intelligent
  • Isolated, different, unique
  • Fearless, hubristic, loner
  • Optimistic, hopeful, ridiculous
  • Funny, silly, insulting
  • Self centered, indulgent, uncaring
  • Coldhearted, ignorant, willful
  • Chance, risk-taking, naive
  • Rebellious, adventurous, forward-thinking
  • Independent, freedom loving, free-thinking
  • Selfish, gluttonous, violent
  • Blunt, blurting, rude
  • Competitive, trustworthy, athletic

But just like all things in astrology, the key to understanding someone through and through is to learn more about every aspect of their lives. And when it comes to the Sagittarius personality, this is everything you need to know about their love compatibility, ideal career, family life, and romance.

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How does Sagittarius fall in love?

They are the first to fall in love and the last to leave.

Sagittarius falls in love with everyone, and when they find someone special, they give way too much to that person, mainly because they are rarely loved back to the same degree as they give love.

They trust too much and are easy targets for conning. They dream of great love in their lives, and rarely get it.

What business/career/work is the best match for Sagittarius?

As long as the work isn't the kind that includes a boss hanging over their head, they're fantastic workers. Dedication is a Sagittarius trait. They complete projects and start new one in a pro-active way.

They tend to get involved in creative projects and are less consumed with the idea of having to make money and more with the idea of creative quality. They put in the effort and stick with their tasks.

How does the Sagittarius zodiac sign raise a family?

Once again, they are independent, and though loving towards family, they could take them or leave them.

Family is not a big deal for Sagittarius, mainly because it means gatherings and obligatory celebrations, all of which Sagittarius has no interest in. They love their mates, and adore and protect their children with great ferocity, but the whole "family" thing doesn't interest them much.

What health issues and ailments does Sagittarius suffer from?

Sagittarius is ruled by the legs, and that is where they run into trouble — literally. Many Sagittarians are runners, athletic types, and being competitive gets them into the occupation hazard zone: fractures of the bone occur often with this sign.

They are subject to stroke, blood clots and depression. This sign is compulsively independent, and that means they need freedom in order to feel healthy. Fresh air and long walks are always on their to do list.

How creative is the Sagittarius sign?

You'll find many Sagittarians in theatre, visual and musical arts. They are the writers and the composers; the arts is where this sign thrives, as it is one of those fields where one can express themselves for who they are, as they are.

Where honesty and truth is a major trait for this sign, expressing that truth is very important to them, and they give themselves permission to be as expressive as they can be in the arts.

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What kind of lover is Sagittarius?

Well, if they are ruled by the legs, then you know there's some powerful sex going on... that's the physical part of it, at least. However, when it comes to sex, Sagittarius lives in the mind.

The truly sexual act is what happens between their ears, as this sign is all about fantasy and escape. The act of physical sex may be great, but it's limited, and Sagittarius, the freedom lover, thrives best where there are no limits.

How does Sagittarius handle their finances?

Broke. Well, not as a rule, but Sagittarius don't care about money. They are not money hungry and they resent having to make money in order to live. I wouldn't say they are the losers of the zodiac in this regard, but they certainly envision their lives as full and wonderful, without money involved.

They prefer to dream and fantasize, and the idea of committing to a desk job would kill them instantly. They make their money through the arts, through gambling and through competitions.

How spiritual is Sagittarius?

As the Centaur shows us, they are pointing that arrow to the heavens, and that is where the Sagittarius spirit lies. They are very spiritual, but rarely religious.

Sagittarius can find God in the wind and rain; they look to nature for the Divine, rather than in books or temples. They love to study for the sake of knowledge, but not for commitment to a path. Their spiritual path is freedom, and that is where they find the light.

What is the Sagittarius personality like in everyday life?

Nobody likes alone time like a Sagittarius, and nobody goes out of their way more to acquire that alone-time. Seriously into solitude, Sagittarius shops, cleans, creates, drives, learns, and basically does all things alone — and loves it!

They love routine, as long as they are the ones to set the routine, and they love to finish their projects. If a Sagittarius sets out to accomplish something in a day, it will be done and finished by the end of it. This gives them great satisfaction.

What conflicts does Sagittarius get involved in?

Because they spend a lot of time alone, they are cunning and able. That solitude grants them deep introspection; they pay great attention to what's around them.

If you oppose a Sagittarius, you will be beaten to death by their insulting mouth. This sign has a knack for well worded beratings, and their natural rudeness is a star player for them. They don't care if you have your own opinion; they care if you put their opinion down.

While Sagittarius is represented by such a strong, mythological creature, their real power is in the symbolism of their arrow, which is basically their intelligence formed into pointed, and hurtful, words.

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