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5 Extroverted Zodiac Signs & How To Be A Quiet Introvert, Per Astrology

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5 Extroverted Zodiac Signs & How To Be A Quiet Introvert, Per Astrology

Are you an extrovert zodiac sign? Sometimes you can think you're a quiet, introverted type, but friends may tell you that your outgoing personality traits make you the loudest in the crowd.

Which zodiac signs are the most extroverted?

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When doing research on extroverted vs introverted personality types, I learned that Pisces wasn’t the most outgoing.

We're actually an introverted zodiac sign since we live in our own little world. (Honestly, I was a little disappointed when I learned my zodiac sign was the quietest.)

But at the same time, I’ve never been extroverted, so I realize how this made sense when looking at astrology.

If you're an extroverted zodiac sign, you have wondered how you can be quieter at least once in your life or how you measured up against other outgoing personality types.

Now there's nothing wrong with being a social butterfly, but there is a time and a place for everything.

Here are the most extroverted zodiac signs in astrology, and what makes each love to be social.

Gemini, you're an extroverted zodiac sign who thrives on change.

Gemini, you are actually introverted and extroverted, but then again you are the zodiac Twins.

Yes, Gemini, you are known for duality. You have two faces because of the way your personality shifts, which I've noticed from my own Gemini friends. But, at the end of the day, Gemini, you love to party.

You are that friend that will definitely be the life of the party, but you're also that friend who will spend a whole day inside acting like you forgot you even owned a cell phone.

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Libra, you are an extrovert zodiac sign who needs people.

Your zodiac sign is a balanced scale for a reason, you are the zodiac sign that is friends with everyone because you are the perfect balance between introvert and extrovert.

I get along with every Libra I meet. Even though all aren't the most extroverted, in general, most Libra zodiac signs are pretty social and easy to talk to.

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Sagittarius, you are an extrovert zodiac sign because of your honesty.

You are always called the adventurous zodiac sign because you're wild and fun-loving. Supposedly, there is an introverted side to Sagitarrius.

Honestly, every Sagittarius I’ve ever met has been extroverted. The introverted ones just must be hiding lol.

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Aries, you are an extrovert zodiac sign who loves adventure.

The funny thing about you, Aries is that I’ve met other types who act more introvertedly. My aunt is an Aries, and she's definitely a social butterfly, while an old friend of mine from high school was definitely an introvert.

They say Aries can be mistaken for having an extroverted personality when really you're more of an introvert.

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I personally feel like all zodiac signs have introvert and extrovert personality traits. But, I have definitely met more extroverted Aries, than introverted.

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Aquarius, you are an extrovert zodiac sign who loves to learn.

The funny thing about you, Aquarius is that you are the girl who is known for loving people. You love to talk, (which something I’ve heard people say about myself, and yes I am a Pisces).

You're the type of zodiac sign that can happily sit for hours with your closest friends and just go on and on about what’s going on in your life as well as listen to some of your friends share their stories.

You're known for being that go-to friend when you need advice, it’s like having your own personal shrink on speed dial. I had one friend that was an Aquarius in high school, and she was exactly that way.

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She definitely could see things in black and white, as well as for me, I couldn’t figure out what color we were looking at. Sometimes you need a friend that can just point blank tell you what the problem is and how to fix it.

Here are 3 ways to learn how to be quieter when you're an extroverted zodiac sign, per astrology.

Find inner peace to be less extroverted.

First of all, just don't change yourself cause somebody is telling you your too out there, 'cause you're fine, they have a problem, not you. First off try not drinking so much at a party.

A lot of times we are more social when we have a drink, and if after a few beers you’re dancing on tables, so you need to learn your limit.

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Listen to your inner voice.

The second piece of advice I can give is to try listening, sometimes we have all types of conversations but we don't plan on having the other person speak.

Maybe ask them how they feel about that, and try your best to actually listen to what they have to say without speaking over them.

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Spend more time alone and practice introspection.

Last but not least reevaluate yourself, why do you think you need to be quieter, cause you really need to learn to love yourself and the kind of person you are, so deep down why do you feel you need to change.

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