How To Know If You Have An Introvert, Extrovert, Or Ambivert Personality

Find out what you are, and how to structure your life accordingly.

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When it comes to being an ambivert, introvert, or extrovert, there's a scale.

They're not "one size fits all" — everyone is different when it comes to their personality types.

So, where do you fit on the scale?

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Are you an introvert?

One way to know if you're an introvert is to notice if you feel exhausted at times when you have a lot of interaction with people.


Do you feel overwhelmed, like you're jumping out of your skin? Do you feel better once you have some alone time?

Congratulations! You're an introvert.

Introverts require lots of alone time to recharge.

If you're an introvert, it's very important to give yourself plenty of alone time. Introverts need a lot of alone time, much more than people who are extroverted or have an "ambivert" personality.

The introvert personality can't process things unless they have alone time. You will not be able to process or even know how you feel about something unless you have that alone time first.

Social interaction can be overwhelming for an introvert.


Having too much interaction with people may leave introverts feeling overwhelmed, which can cause mental issues for some.

For an introvert, social interaction is like filling a cup with water. You need to process — or "drink the water" — that's already in the cup before you add more, or your social "cup" will overflow.

How to tell if you're an extrovert

An extrovert is energized by spending time with other people. They can't process or know how they feel about something without bouncing it off someone else.

One way to know if you are an extrovert is to notice your energy when you're around people. Do you feel energized? Do you get depressed or feel down when you are alone for long periods of time?


Extroverts need to be social.

Extroverts need others around them to recharge and really be themselves. If they have too much alone time, they can fall into depression and confusion.

They just won't know which way is up without having interaction with others. So, it's very important to have a lot of social interaction if you're an extrovert.

You still need alone time if you're an extrovert — just not too much.

But even if you're an extrovert, you still need some alone time — just as an introvert needs some time with people. It's all about finding the right balance, depending on where you are on the scale.

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What is an ambivert personality?

Now, an ambivert is someone that falls right in the middle of the introvert-extrovert scale. They need an equal amount of alone time and time with people.

This one can be harder to tell for yourself. An ambivert needs to balance both solo and social time in order to function properly.

Knowing where you are on the personality scale is important, but can be confusing.

Some people think they're one personality type when they're really the other. This can really throw their life off balance.

Usually, this happens because they don't realize exactly how extreme the other personality type is, so they don't gauge it right. Also, if you aren't on either end of the scale and lean more towards the middle, it can feel confusing to decipher where exactly you are.


It's so important to know where you are on the personality scale. Not understanding yourself can cause a lot of anxiety and issues if you aren't giving yourself the right balance.

Once you know where you are on the introvert-extrovert scale, it's vital that you give yourself the right balance.

It's your responsibility to structure your life accordingly. Not doing so will only make your life more difficult — and who needs that?


Giving yourself the right balance is as important as remembering to eat. This is part of your genetic makeup, so it's critical to give yourself the amount of social interaction you need to have a happy and healthy life!

Be kind to yourself and give yourself what you need to function. Don't feel guilty to take that extra alone time if you're an introvert, or that extra time with people if you are an extrovert.

Treat yourself accordingly, and you will be so much happier!

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