Pick A Tarot Card Reading And Find Out What's In Store For Your January 2020 Love Horoscope

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Pick A Tarot Card Reading And Find Out What's In Store For Your January 2020 Love Horoscope
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Time to level up.

The new year is finally here! And all the zodiac signs are buzzing with newfound energy, waiting for awesome things to happen.

To welcome in 2020, the January love horoscope comes in the form of a tarot card reading. 

With the help of tarot, here's your pick a card reading for January 2020. Because aren't you dying to find out what's going to happen in your love life?

Here's how you play: Just take in a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds, and let it out slowly and completely. Relax your body and choose the paper airplane that stands out to you — blue, yellow, and pink.

Look at the images below and pick a color:

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Have you made your pick yet? Once you have, read on for the predictions. Most importantly, have fun!

Pile 1 (Blue Airplane): Listen to your gut.

It looks like January is going to be an intriguing month for you. Because with the King of Fire opening out the reading, you are either going to embody the spirit of the King of Fire — a passionate, straightforward, and go-getting individual — and check out from an unfulfilling relationship or connection where the other person is just not good enough for you, or a King of Fire-type is going to blaze into your life unexpectedly and sweep you off your feet.

The 6 of Fire in the second week of January has two messages, so pick the one that resonates with your life and circumstance.

The first message is: you and your partner (or a significant romantic connection) are going to end a fight you have been embroiled in for the longest time. The fight was caused by a difference in opinions and the unwillingness on one or both sides to see the other's perspective. But you two are going to debate it out and finally lay everything to rest.

The second message is: the King of Fire who comes into your life will turn out to be a very balanced individual who likes to settle arguments by engaging in healthy conversations where both parties listen and speak equally.

With Intuition in the third week of January, the Tarot is urging you to find alone time during the week so you can analyze your romantic situation properly and let your intuition guide you towards the best outcome. This will prevent love chemicals in your brain from misleading you into saying yes to the wrong person.

The 5 of Water in the final week of January says that you are going to be very hopeful and will start to actively manifest a beautiful romantic relationship in your life.

Your advice oracle card for January 2020: Solar Plexus Chakra

Your love life will blossom and shine when you are confident and unapologetically yourself. So work on your solar plexus chakra — the chakra of willpower and confidence. To do this, wear yellow clothes and listen to Tibetan singing bowls aligned with this chakra.

Also, cultivate the habit of saying no when you want to and saying yes when you want to. This will build your personal power.

Pile 2 (Yellow Airplane): You are not focused on your love life.

Yes, this was supposed to be a reading about your love life, but the cards in front of us are saying that you will be focused on something more important during the month. Namely, your own self and spiritual evolution.

With Youth and 7 of Earth in the first week of January, you will start learning something new to get a headstart on your New Year's resolutions. You will also feel very grounded and stable within yourself, even if the world around you is falling apart.

In fact, for some of you there will be some kind of stormy situation in your life that will affect everyone around you except you. And that will be because of your stable core and agile nature. You will escape unscathed.

Faith in the second week says that your spirit guides will protect you from all harm. They will also help you level up spiritually and come into your power. But the 4 of Air in the third week emphasizes the need to be disciplined to get to the other side of your goal. This includes diligently making time for your studies.

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The 4 of Water in the final week says that by the end of January you will see your wounds as battle scars. You have had to go through a lot of bad experiences in life, including horrible parents, friends, and teachers. And you will realize that they all failed to crush you because you are unbreakable. You will be immensely proud of yourself when this realization hits you.

Your advice oracle cards for January 2020: Past-Life Issue and Parents

The first card says that all the nasty circumstances you have experienced in life are rooted in your past lives. They were meant to help you end karmic contracts with people. So ask your spirit guides to help you end these stories peacefully.

The second card says that your parents aren't all bad, even if they are pretty horrible. You are being asked to learn from the good characteristics they have, especially traits like discipline and creativity.

Pile #3 (Pink Airplane). You need to stand up to your mother.

The month of January is going to be an interesting one for you. Hero in the first week says that you will be focused on healing yourself. You have a long way to go in this regard, but you should congratulate yourself for making the effort. After all, 10 percent is better than zero, right?

The reversed Queen of Fire in the second week says that your mother is a very overbearing individual who obstructs you every time you try to assert your independence. The Tarot is asking you to put your foot down with her. You need to be firm when you do this to prove that you truly are an adult.

Remember: just because your mother brought you into this world and raised you when you were a vulnerable kid does not give her the right to take away your free will or cripple your ability to live independently. It was her duty to take care of you. And she shouldn't demand payment for it in the form of complete obedience.

There are two cards for the third week of January: 7 of Air and Ace of Water. And they are saying that you are in love with someone and want to protect this person with everything you have got. But you need to have faith in this connection and express your feelings even if you don't know whether you will be rejected or accepted.

The Ace of Air in the fourth week says that if you choose to take a leap of faith and express yourself to this individual, you will also be very upfront about your wish to commit to them. But in case they are not on the same page as you, you will be totally okay with them dating you first just to see whether they want to commit to you or not.

Your advice oracle cards for January 2020: Cancel, Clear, Delete and Workshops & Seminars

The first card talks about setting your boundaries (especially with your mother) and being aggressively firm about it. Because that's how you make people respect you and your decisions.

The second card talks about the need to educate yourself in the matters of the heart because none of us are taught how to build healthy relationships in school. You can do this by reading books on this subject and learning from experts whose message feels right to you in your gut.

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