What The Astrology Of 11/11 Means For Your Love Life And Relationships In The Next Few Months

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The universe is always striving to bring things into balance.

On November 11th we will experience a powerful day in both astrology and numerology when the stars align and the portal opens to the creation of the new earth, affecting all of us and speeding up our relationships in dramatic ways. In numerology, 11 is only one of two master numbers, the other being 22, which means that they are never reduced further into single digits and stay whole on their own.

While 11/11 itself is just one day, the energy of this portal will last until January 11th, 2019, during which our zodiac signs will receive accelerated downloads personally and also within the romantic unions of those intense relationships with soul contracts.

There are many different kinds of romantic relationships, but the three most essential to our own soul developments are the soulmate, karmic, and twin flame.

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Soulmates are those relationships that are incredibly comfortable; we might experience some important milestones with them but overall they are someone that will just always remain in our lives. This kind of relationship can be affected by 11/11 in the way in which they relate, meaning we can either be drawn together or even realize that our romantic time together is over; it just depends at what stage of your journey you are at. 

This relationship is one where we are most likely to remain friends with afterwards and the one where we ping pong back and forth often. While this relationship is wonderful on so many levels, this year we’re apt to feel like we’ve just outgrown our soulmates; that somehow we no longer fit together the way we once did.

It may be a time that feels difficult for us because no one actually wants to end things with our soulmates, but sometimes it becomes impossible for us not to so that we can truly move forward in our lives. The recent Venus retrograde showed us the truth in all of our relationships and on this day the aspect of the Sun and Pluto triggers us all to look at our inner truth.

Perhaps this is a time when you need to work together more closely to make the relationship work, but it’s also a possibility that it’s time for this particular chapter to end as well.

The other significant relationship that this will affect is karmic; you will know if this is what you’ve been dealing with since October if it feels like you simultaneously want to latch on to your partner but also have thought about setting their car on fire at the same time. It’s the push and pull between love and hate; wanting to make it work and letting it fall to the ground.

Karmic relationships have had the hardest time since Venus began her retrograde at the beginning of October, because for many of us we’re nearing the end of a cycle in which we needed just one more lesson to finally understand and learn it for good. This could have meant that we understood where we were giving away our power or perhaps we took responsibility for not speaking our truth as clearly or even that we participated in unhealthy relationship patterns with narcissist.

Whatever it is, we have been thrown dramatically into it knee-deep so that this time we couldn’t ignore it; this time we couldn’t close our eyes or explain it away somehow.

Often times these karmic relationships end in a big way because there is no other way for us to truly understand and absorb our lesson otherwise. This means that for those of us enmeshed within these relationships, we will likely see a blowup around the time of 11/11 — not to destroy us but so that we can actually move forward once and for all.

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Look for signs of a power struggle, or even that inner voice of the soul that says this is not where I’m supposed to be. And above all, honor what you feel, because your heart is never wrong.

The third type of relationship is the twin flame love which is really one of the most amazing but also the most heartbreaking. A lot has been said about twin flames which usually focus on the amazing connection, the unconditional love, and the unbreakable connection. But there’s the dark side of these relationships as well.

Twin flames' purpose is to help one another become their best possible selves so that we can become the people we are meant to and fulfill our soul mission here on earth. Yet in order to do that, we have to leave behind every old pattern, conditioning and programming what we have relied upon our entire lives, and that is only done through painful triggering.

We are not supposed to enable our twin flames, nor are we supposed to become doormats or to willingly participate in the runner/chaser dynamic. 

The purpose of this connection is to actually heal ourselves, find our own power, and to be completely whole all on our own. For those who are in this twin flame dynamic, many of us may have seen recent upgrades occur or have been in the process of understanding that there likely would have been disagreements, blow ups or big events that made one or both twins feel like this journey was over.

Regardless of which relationship you identify with, the numerology of 11/11 is a symbol of ascension and of spiritual enlightenment; it’s the universe knocking to deliver a well needed wake-up call to you.

This is an important time in these soul relationships — not just for the union itself but also for the individual. It’s a time to leave behind the people that we were, and the patterns that we have created, so that we can rise as our highest selves and truly be in the place to welcome in the new earth.

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