How Mercury And Uranus Will Create A Major Change In Your Love Life This Week, Starting June 13th

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Mercury sextile Uranus
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Everything can change in an instant.

On June 13th, we will experience Mercury sextile Uranus, a transit that quite possibly could change our lives and love horoscope forever. In astrology, a sextile is when planets are within 60 degrees of one another, enabling each planet to cooperate and bring out the best of one another.

In this case, we have Mercury in Cancer crossing paths with Uranus in Taurus, which will be part of a very special window of time in the astrological sky. What does this mean for your zodiac sign?

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Sometimes there are transits that all happen at the same time. It seems as if the universe is conspiring through these aspects, and through these special portals we become believers in fate. This transit is part of such a window. On June 13th, we will also see a new moon in Gemini, Venus cross over into Leo, and Mercury and Uranus meet in the sky, resulting in some unexpected surprising turn of events in matters of the heart.

To say to expect the unexpected is merely child’s play because this window in time is one that many of us may remember for the rest of our lives.

Everything affects everything in astrology, and sometimes we have these building blocks of time that stretch out over months or even years in which it takes time for us to see the bigger picture of why. But this current cycle is a little different. Think back to the last week of January all the way to the beginning of February. What was happening around this time for you? What wasn’t adding up? What journey did it feel was just beginning?

Fast forward six months and now we will be seeing the point of it all beginning around the end of June and moving into the first few weeks of July. This Mercury sextile Uranus is just really setting the tone and the theme for what will be coming.

Alone, a new moon is a time for new beginnings that is super-powered as we head into a galactic summer of super moons and eclipses with an unprecedented number of large-scale astrological events occurring over the course of only about 8 weeks. Venus moving into Leo is important, but without the new moon in play it wouldn’t be as powerful or as strong. Together, these two spell big changes and new beginnings in our love lives, like the shock and awe we sometimes feel when we find out our favorite celebs eloped three years ago and kept it quiet this whole time.

With both of their energies together, it’s all about feeling this truth deep within our hearts (Venus in Leo) that will propel us forward into that new beginning (new moon in Gemini). And this is where Mercury and Uranus steal the show.

These two celestial bodies are going to make it impossible to stay where we have, doing what we’ve always done. It’s going to be impossible to resist this wave of change, and it’s going to be impossible to not actually get off our butts and follow the call of our hearts.

Mercury is the planet of communication, meaning he loves when we open up and start sharing our deepest darkest secrets, and in Cancer it’s about family, the heart, love, commitment, stability, and all the really big words that sometimes intimidate all of us.

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Mercury wants us to say it, and Venus in Leo is going to make sure we say it with gusto, with passion and even possibly some well-played drama. But let’s not forget our friend Uranus who is on the scene too. This guy likes change, and not in the way of some other planets. This one is all about shock and awe. He comes in, turns our lives upside down, makes it so we can’t deny or resist the changes trying to manifest, and then quickly steps back into the shadows to let us reel in his wake.

Many of us fear change, don’t like it, and are anxious about it. We’d rather stay within comfortable situations, even if they aren’t entirely what we want, than seemingly risk everything for something we can only dream of. We can drag our feet in these situations, we can close our eyes, but regardless of what we do, at some point the change is going to happen and all we have left to do is go with where the universe is already directing us.

The thing to remember is that comfort and amazing are not one in the same, and anything worth having is going to be difficult. Or, at the very least, challenging to attain.

We have to remember during this transit that whatever is trying to come in is for our highest good. We will have a chance to think about some new beginnings and truly embrace them in the coming weeks, to step out from our comfort zones and literally make strides towards those big moments in our love lives — the types of situations that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives.

What this means for us in practical terms is that we will see the chance for a lot of new beginnings in our close and personal relationships, making it official or exclusive, engagements, elopements, pregnancy announcements, the purchase of a new home, or even the coming together to share our living space with the one we want to build with.

Overall, this is a very positive and powerful transit that may seem shocking or unexpected, but the truth is that the universe has our back during this time.

We may not see why things are happening like they are right now, we may not understand why we are being pushed during this time, but the most important thing to do is trust anyway. Trust when it seems crazy, when it seems impossible, because all it takes is just one moment to truly change the rest of our lives. 

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