How The Jupiter-Pluto Sextile Is Going To Change Everything In Your Love Life This Week

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Jupiter sextile Pluto
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There is often more dread in the anticipation of the change than the actual change itself.

On April 14th, each zodiac sign will experience the Jupiter sextile Pluto in Capricorn, igniting the fires of change. In astrology, a sextile is an aspect in which planets are within 60 degrees of one another so they are able to work together highlighting the best qualities of one another.

In this case, Jupiter is all about going big and Pluto is all about drastic change, so together these two planets are going to be dramatically altering the landscape of our love lives and love horoscope over the course of the next week.

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The thing with any alignment is that it’s not just felt on the specific day that the planets meet; rather, depending on strength and other astrological aspects, we can feel them up to a week prior and even as long as a month after.

With this particular transit having Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, involved, we will feel this aspect for the week and several weeks afterward. Pluto may not be as large, but because he changes signs so rarely, every 14 to 30 years on average, aspects that include him tend to stick around a little longer too.

This means that this aspect truly has the power to change our entire lives! Jupiter will be in Scorpio during this time, which will be inspiring all of us to travel to the depths of our souls and figure out if we are truly living our best possible life; if we’re not, thanks to Pluto, we’ll be motivated to make the necessary changes.

This entire year is about change, about mixing it up so we are in more authentic and satisfying connections. It seems that as a whole, we’re tired of doing things for others only to have no one show up for us. We’re wanting more, needing more, and unlike before this time, we’re not too afraid to go after it.

We should all be aware of how the journey to know ourselves more honestly begins to translate into our personal relationships as well. It seems that as we get older, we’re no longer satisfied by things just being a certain way; instead, we are curious as to the "why" behind it, and then the feelings that go along with it. But then once we are aware, we are put in the position of taking action to change things — or not.

What is really special about this transit is that the change that needs to happen will naturally occur, without us doing much of anything. Sometimes in astrology, we are asked to step up to the plate, to initiate changes, or to have a hand in big life-turning points, but this time is very different.

With this aspect, there is a theme of a universal plan, almost as if the changes that are going to be taking place are meant to be. All we have to do is simply allow them to happen.

Jupiter makes everything that it touches bigger and Pluto isn’t happy unless he has changed life as we know it, so together these two are coming in and really changing the landscape of our lives. Since the start of the year, astrologers have been focusing on mid-April as a time that we will remember for the rest of our lives because it will truly be a moment that will come to define where we go from here.

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The reason that it’s suspected to heavily deal with relationships is the theme that this year holds as an "11" year in numerology — the sign of soulmates — but also because right before this happens we will see several transits involving Venus.

Whenever we see the planet of love active in the skies, it signifies not only love of a very big and spiritual kind but also commitment. Whenever we see the planets aligning over the course of just a few days all dealing with similar themes, we know that together the energies will be playing off and interacting with one another.

This week is centered around strengthening relationships, commitment and deep, forever love. What this means for those of us attached is that, quite simply, something needs to change. We are going to feel the need to take our relationships to the next level which will translates as something different for all of us.

Perhaps we’ll decide to be exclusive, move in, take a trip, meet family or friends, or even a proposal. The thing to keep in mind is that all of this change is on a very positive note, so it’s not one of the aspects that affect us in terms of breaking up or moving on.

The majority of us saw February as our break up month and since then we’ve been healing, reflecting, and slowing thinking about what direction we want to move in. Even though March was a new month, it was one dominated by Pisces energy, so it was very much a time to withdraw and feel what we need to feel before actually getting up and doing something about it.

However, thrown into the mix is also a Mercury Retrograde, which traditionally is said to be harder to begin relationships during. But if any sort of conversations occurred during this time, most likely with the presence of Jupiter, it means these connections probably began well before this current retrograde phase.

If unattached, the Jupiter sextile Pluto can also mean that something in your life needs to change in order for you to welcome that great love into your life. Perhaps there are loose ends in an old relationship or even some personal reflections that need to occur to move forward once and for all.

Regardless of specifics, it’s important to relax into any change that is trying to occur, remembering that sometimes it’s the actual thought of the change that brings the most anxiety, not the actual change itself. Especially the kind of change that is meant to happen. 

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