14 Married People Share The Quirky Ways They Knew They Found 'The One'

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14 Married People Share The Quirky Ways

It's not always how you would expect.

By Laura Lifshitz

If you're a romantic, or simply wonder if there's any hope of meeting "the one," you'll love hearing these stories from 14 married people on when they realized their spouse was the one for them, for life! Read these inspirational stories, and if you still haven't met Mr. or Mrs. Right, be patient. He or she may be right around the corner!

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1. Love at First Tupperware

"I had dinner with her, and she was putting the leftovers in individual Tupperware containers, and diligently saved the six leftover green beans in the teensiest, tiniest Tupperware ever. I was head over heels in love!"

2. Blonde or Blue

"Our first date was scheduled for a Thursday evening. The weekend prior was the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island. I signed up to attend with a girlfriend as 'press photographer.' On a whim, I bought a turquoise blue wig. As I got ready for the day, I took a selfie of me in the wig and sent it to him.

The day before our date he sent me a question, 'Will you be blonde or blue?' Knowing he'd like me either way meant to me, he was a keeper."

3. No Outdoor Activities For This Couple

"He took me out onto the rooftop of his condo in downtown Denver, turned on the gas fire pit, then turned to me and said, 'This is my kind of camping!' How this NY girl found a Jamaican Jew in Denver that has no interest in outdoor activities was enough of a miracle for me that I decided he was the one."

4. Love, Baggage and All

"When he didn't run away after I literally listed all my faults and explained my ridiculous baggage."

5. In Sickness and in Health

"I spent the night at his house and had an upset stomach. I ended up fainting while on the toilet in the middle of the night, and he woke up and came running to take care of me and insisted I go to the hospital. He didn't leave me when I told him I faint a lot. That's love!"

6. Sweet Sixteen

"He wrote in a note, 'I know we're only 16 (well, you're 15) but I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you.'"

7. Collegiate Love

"I was in grad school in Boston when we met. We had just met and within the first few weeks, he called one night to ask me to hang out. I told him I had a paper due and my printer broke, so I had to go to campus to print it out. He told me not to go yet. A half hour later, he showed up in a cab at my apartment with a printer and told me he just wanted to hang out with me so much. Logical and romantic. Done deal!"

8. A Man With a Plan

"He drove 45 minutes to take me all the way back up to the city to go on a very well-planned, thoughtful three-part date, to then drive me all the way back home later that night... and he opened the car door for me both times!"

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9. Pushed Her to Graduate College

"He told me he wouldn't put a ring on my finger until I had a diploma in my hand. Supported me throughout college, all of the ups and downs, even came to everything I ran when on campus."

10. Marriage. Divorce. Married . . . Again!

"Sometimes you don't realize he's the one 'til later. Sometimes you're married and still don't realize he's the one, but I realized he was the one after we were divorced. We were still best friends and through everything, he was the one always there for me and always there for our daughter. We were divorced for three years before I really knew he was the one. Now we are married again!"

11. Love at First Sight

"Love at first sight. We met 46 years ago and have been married 42 years. We're still both in love with each other, so I guess I was right!"

12. Destination: Love

"He remembered I had not been to this beautiful town that I love, New Hope, Pennsylvania, since high school after prom and that I had always wanted to go back. I told him this a few months prior and so when he took me to New Hope on our first date, I knew! We also got engaged there six months later."

13. Love, "Wreckoned"

"My husband (who I didn't know at the time) had a horrible wreck on the track. We both drive race cars. I went back to the pits to await word on how he was. The guy involved in the wreck with him started screaming at me for asking how my future husband was doing. After, my future hubby got dropped off by the ambulance and said to me, 'Are you ok?' Me? I didn't just hit a concrete wall! Of course I was OK! He said to me, 'I'll be back,' and went over to the guy who yelled at me, giving him a stern talking to, not about the wreck, but for yelling at me!"

14. A Knowing Grandma

"My grandma Ida said he was a nice boy, and she was right . . . 50 years later!"

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