How Chiron Turning Direct Will Affect Your Relationships And Life In December

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Chiron turns direct
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We can’t truly love another until we know how we love.

During the first week of December, when we have so many planets active in our sky, a small and seemingly unknown comet will make a big move that will affect us all. When, Chiron turns direct, it's time to move forward.

Chiron is the wounded healer and represents the core wound for each of us — our Achilles heel, if you will.

It’s important to recognize the area in which we are wounded because if we remain blind, we act out of unknowingness and will be more likely to blame others for our feelings or behavior patterns.

In truth, there are several areas of our wounding. We have the wounding that we came into this life with, and because of what we’ve experienced in past lives, this is called Karmic Wounding. The second is the wounding that occurs because of our familial conditioning during our upbringing, which is Familial Wounding. And the third is that which we’ve experienced ourselves, which can be considered Learned Wounding.

It sounds pretty painful, but we end up with more hurt when we try to ignore all that we carry within us.

Chiron doesn’t like to ignore the wounding; instead, he likes to get right in the thick of it so that not only can he make sense of it, but more importantly, heal it. Yet, this doesn’t occur when we leave our blinders on and pretend that everything is just fine.

This retrograde began back in June. Think back to that time to try to remember what was going on for you. Were you being challenged to do something differently? To take a new path? Start a new relationship? End a relationship or job that was no longer serving you? More than likely, you didn’t act and instead paused, not moving forward but remaining still or even stuck in whatever situation you had been grappling with.

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Since June, we have unconsciously been digging deeper into our wounding, not only realizing what we came into this life with but also acknowledging what we have acquired in this lifetime. This means that more than likely we had some heavy issues of abandonment, attachment, self-esteem and confidence, self-worth, independence, and even people-pleasing behavior patterns arising within us over the past few months.

It hasn’t been an easy time, but there was also something pushing us through, almost as if we could see the light at the end of the tunnel, even if it became blurred from a seemingly endless array of twists and turns.

But when Chiron turns direct and is in Pisces, this means that we are going to be ending the year on a very different note than we began. Not only are we going to have become aware about our wounding, but we also have taken the steps to heal all that we have been through.

In some cases, we can clear our wounding, essentially starting over with a blank slate, yet in reality nothing is truly ever erased from our consciousness or our souls. We can't really clear any experiences or sever any ties because everything we participate in becomes a part of who we are and the person we will become.

But we can learn from it, become aware of our triggers, heal and can ultimately change not only how we feel about certain things but also how we behave toward of because of them.

Chiron turning direct during the first week of December is asking us to put down our wounding once and for all. It’s showing us a mirror of our innermost feelings, that we have healed those parts of ourselves we never thought would and that all along we’ve actually come so much further than we had anticipated.

Sometimes it seems like we get so stuck in certain storylines that we can’t see our way out or realize that we already are. This moment in time is asking us to sit up and realize that who we were is not who we have become, that the mistakes we made in the past are not destined to be repeated, and that we actually have learned from everything that we’ve experienced.

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We’ve become those better people we used to dream of becoming, we just haven’t given ourselves the acknowledgment we deserved for coming as far as we have.

Sometimes when planets turn or there is a significant moon event, the changes can take weeks or months to manifest, like the case with the eclipse in August when we didn’t see the results manifest until October. But this time is different, mainly because we’ve actually been changing this entire time.

Since June we’ve been doing so much work on healing our past, making different choices, and wanting to become the people we knew we had within us. So when this comet turns direct this week, it’s just the gates lifting, telling us that we’re ready to go. And it’s not a race, it’s not even a marathon, but rather a journey with no end.

We are always continually moving forward, always bettering ourselves and growing in the best of situations, but sometimes we reach a point where we actually become aware of those changes, and Chiron turning direct is one of those moments.

Just like in the last few weeks of this year, there will be a plethora of engagement and commitment rings exchanged, baby announcements, and changes of addresses as we move in with those that are meant to be a part of our future.

It’s not that we feel rushed or that we aren’t taking our time in love, but when we realize we’ve finally healed all that we’ve been through and are aware about what we want our lives to look like, we tend to want that to start immediately.

And so, Chiron turning direct is really just giving us the greenlight to move forward into our future. It’s time. 

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