Zodiac Placements Most Likely To Indicate Psychopathy

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We use the term “psycho” pretty broadly in everyday language to describe anyone whose behavior seems confusing or extreme: from over-demanding supervisors to possessive ex-boyfriends to the cat that won’t stop running from room to room.

However, the clinical definition of a true psychopath is a lot more specific.

According to Psychology Today, psychopaths (sometimes also grouped with sociopaths) are egotistical and selfish, lack emotions, have no sense of fear, readily lie and manipulate others to get what they want, and become aggressive or even violent when they don’t get their way.

They just don’t relate to other people or form the same kind of social and emotional connections and attachments that the rest of us take for granted. In their mind, the world really does revolve around them, and other people are there to serve their own needs and whims.

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It can be difficult to spot a psychopath at first, if ever. The Hollywood image of a chainsaw-wielding maniac is rare in real life. In fact, it’s highly unlikely that any psychopath will become a serial killer.

True psychopaths are good at fitting in: they have learned to get along in society and adjust their behavior around others according to what’s expected. It’s all an act, though; they’re just reciting the appropriate script for the situation. They can be annoying, even threatening, but in most cases, you can easily avoid them once you recognize the patterns.

The natal astrology chart does not necessarily show whether someone is or is not a psychopath.

However, there are a few things to look for that could indicate the possibility of psychopathic tendencies.

Astrology placements most likely to indicate psychopathy

According to astrologer Liz Greene's book "The Dark of the Soul Psychopathology in the Horoscope," there are certain placements and aspects in astrology that might point to psychopathy. 

To come to her conclusions, Greene studied the charts of 100 serial killers, finding that 30 percent had Moon trine or sextile Chiron among other common placements.

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Don’t automatically assume that a difficult chart (one with lots of squares and oppositions between the planets) creates a psychopath; remember, you’re looking specifically for emotional cut-offs and an inability to relate to others’ feelings.

1. Saturn placement

Saturn is sometimes called a malefic planet: its energy was traditionally thought to be negative.

I don’t happen to think this is fair. Saturn places limitations on us, true, but it also instills perseverance and determination to succeed. Nothing wrong with that.

But the limitations do create problems, especially when Saturn isn’t getting along with another planet in the chart.

Is Saturn in a hard aspect with Moon, interfering with emotional expression? Or with Uranus, creating a need to strictly define one’s sense of self while ignoring any compassionate connection with others?

Saturn’s heavy, ominous traits can be helpful at times, but look at how it’s playing out in the rest of the chart to see if it’s doing more harm than good.

2. Leo placement

Where is Leo in their chart, and what planets does it hold?

Leo’s energy is notoriously self-centered. Normally, Leo craves an audience, but their innate warmth and generosity make their enormous ego a lot more pleasant to be around.

The Sun in Leo is a very positive force. But some planets can throw a negative spin on this sign, turning that self-centered performer into a quiet, selfish creep.

For example, Saturn in Leo creates obstacles to expressing the ego and hampers one’s ability to form relationships.

Mars in Leo can create a lot of passion, but it does amplify the ego, and if there are a lot of negative aspects to Mars in the chart, this energy can get out of control: they’re likely to forget that anyone else’s feelings count at all.

3. Scorpio placement

Of all the psychopathic zodiac signs, good old Scorpio is probably the best candidate. This doesn’t imply that Scorpio is unemotional — far from it.

Secretive and mysterious, Scorpio’s passions run deep. Normally, they learn how to examine and express their feelings when necessary, and they’re willing to let a few trusted friends see beneath that cool, collected outer layer.

But Scorpio also excels at manipulation and dominance, so when they choose to focus on their darker qualities, things can get weird.

Again, a Scorpio Sun is a force for good. But Mars in this sign could be bad news. This planet is aggressive and competitive and can turn the control freak all the way up. Scorpio-Mars thinks it’s fun to see just how much they can manipulate others.

Take note of which of the twelve houses (segments of the chart) is ruled by Scorpio as well.

This sign’s dominance and secretiveness can create relationship problems in the third house (communication and networking), while the twelfth house (misfortune and shadows) reinforces Scorpio’s tendency to hide their emotions and disconnect from themselves and others.

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4. Quincunx aspects

These aspects describe the geometric angles that planets make to one another in a chart. You’ve probably heard of squares (troublesome) and trines (helpful), but the quincunx isn’t quite as well-known.

This one isn’t positive or negative. It just shows where two planets’ energies simply don’t communicate. It’s a point of confusion, more than anything else.

In a potential psychopath’s chart, look for quincunx aspects to the Moon (which rules the emotions), Venus (the planet of love and compassion), Mercury (communication and social relationships), or Pluto (spiritual growth through trauma).

5. Intercepted Cancer/Capricorn

The boundary lines between the twelve houses are called cusps. The zodiac sign on a house’s cusp rules that house. Twelve houses, twelve signs — usually there’s one for each. But the houses around a chart aren’t always the same size.

Sometimes a sign is completely enclosed within a house, touching no cusp lines. This is called an intercepted sign, which means that it’s blocked. It’s very difficult for the person to access that sign’s energy.

Interceptions always come in pairs. If a sign is intercepted, the opposite sign directly across the chart will be, too.

Cancer is associated with emotions, nurturing, and close connections of the heart. Its opposite, Capricorn, is focused on self-discipline and success in the material world.

Blocking the energies of these two signs is trouble: when someone can’t get to their own emotions, feel closeness with others, or acknowledge their own personal responsibilities within their community, why wouldn’t they be selfish and impulsive?

6. Fixed sign energy

There are many different ways to categorize the Sun signs, one of which is by their “qualities:” Cardinal, Mutable, or Fixed

Bear in mind that any Sun sign is susceptible to psychosis. But if your sign is one of the four “Fixed” signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius), you might be just a little more predisposed to psychopathy than some others.

Healthy Fixed-sign people are the most stable group, known for their single-minded determination to achieve their goals no matter what the obstacles may be.

But in a Fixed sign who develops other mental issues (or has some of the above aspects in their natal chart), their perseverance and ability to ignore social constraints can lead them into their own little world, where they only have to play by their own rules. 

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