The Type Of Psychopath You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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When we think of psychopaths, we usually think of the villain in a slasher movie, mindlessly killing everyone in their path. But not all psychopaths are murderers — some don't commit murders at all.

In fact, there are plenty of psychopathic zodiac signs. But who is the zodiac sign most likely to be a psychopath?

That is the question we are hoping to answer!

Firstly, a psychopath is defined as someone who acts in amoral and antisocial ways, lacks the ability to love or to establish meaningful personal relationships, is self-centered to the extreme, and never learns from experience. If you were a psychopath, you probably wouldn't care.

There are many characteristics that make up a psychopath:

1. They're indifferent to the feelings of other people and don’t care who they hurt.

2. They have a high tolerance for things that would normally disgust other people. What makes a normal person sick to their stomach barely registers to a psychopath.

3. They have a lack of emotions, especially the more social emotions such as shame, guilt, and embarrassment.

4. They never take responsibility for their actions, preferring to blame other people for things that are actually their fault.

5. They don't keep their word. While psychopaths can be charming, they’re usually insincere and have no trouble whatsoever with lying; in fact, it comes easily to them.

6. They have an inflated sense of self-worth. They believe that they’re entitled to everything they want as they rule the world, though underneath their bravado they’re insecure.

7. They’re incapable of love. They can go through the motions and present as if they’re in love but they don’t feel anything deeply.

8. They’re comfortable with violence. If it feels good or gets them what they want, they have no problem being violent.

9. They’re excellent at adapting to their environment and hiding their true nature.

There are many different types of psychopaths and the zodiac sign you’re born under could influence the type of psychopath you are. Just for fun.

So, who is the zodiac sign most likely to be a psychopath?

Here are the most psychopathic zodiac signs and what kind of psychopath they would be.

1. Aries: The Risk-Taker Psychopath

This kind of psychopath has very little impulse control — they just can't control their actions. They always want to feel excited and do high-risk activities. They love to confront any kind of danger, have absolutely no fear, and have terrible judgment.

They don't care who they put in jeopardy, even if it's themselves. As long as they get that thrill that comes from being on the edge, they're good.

What makes them stand out from a typical adventure-seeking Aries is how erratic and truly irresponsible they are and how they don't care how their behavior affects other people.

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2. Taurus: The Thief Psychopath

These Taurean psychopaths have a huge chip on their shoulders and think that they've been ripped off by life. They're driven by envy and the need to take back what they think they've been robbed of.

They compensate themselves for the emptiness of their own situation in life by stealing or causing as much destruction and damage to someone else as they can. They feel that they are entitled to do whatever they need to in order to feel better about their life.

They're jealous, envious, pushy, greedy, materialistic, self-indulgent, and self-centered. However, even when they have everything that everyone else has, they're still not happy.

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3. Gemini: The Liar Psychopath

Out of all the zodiac signs that are psychos, for Gemini, lying is as easy as breathing. They lie all the time, mostly for no real reason besides that it's easy for them. They can't really comprehend the difference between the truth and a lie, so they rarely question themselves if what they've said is the truth or not. 

They're fantastic at seduction as they're excellent at sensing what it is that people really want to hear and using it to their advantage. The Liar Psychopath is fantastic at identifying someone's most vulnerable parts and exploiting them. They're clever, charming, and will complement and flatter someone until they get what they want.

They can be easily tripped up because they tell so many lies and then promptly forget what they said in the first place.

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4. Cancer: The Soulmate Psychopath

The Soulmate Psychopath appears to be vulnerable, adorable, sweet, and lovely and so easy to love. When they talk to people, they make it seem as if they share the same ideas, beliefs, and life plans with them. 

This type of psychopath Cancer seems compatible with everyone. They have charm and charisma and they make it seem as if their purpose in life is to love. They will woo their target with romantic dinners, walks on the beach, and deep soul-to-soul conversations.

They're amazingly gifted and giving lovers. However, once they've got their hooks into someone, that lovableness falls away and they become aggressive, possessive, and self-centered — they become the monster version of the sweet cuddly baby they once were.

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5. Leo: The Social Climber Psychopath

This type of psychopath is always at the top of their work and social circles. However, while they may be charming and likable at work or parties, they terrorize their own family members.

These psychopaths are often extremely intelligent and gifted in their chosen fields. They demand total control and they manipulate others to further their goals. They're suspicious, paranoid, and have no social consciousness. 

These are the kind of psychopaths that make a fantastic first impression but after working with them for a while their co-workers begin to discover how unreliable, impulsive and vindictive they really are. If the Social Climber makes a mistake, they always make sure that someone else gets blamed for it, in typical Leo fashion.

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6. Virgo: The Academic Psychopath

These psychopaths often have careers in the medical, law, education, religious, and scientific fields — they're usually found in any kind of intellectually driven career. Sometimes they're trained in the careers they adopt, and other times they simply fake their credentials and familiarize themselves with the jargon of the profession they're pretending to have.

Virgo's resume is filled with lies and half-truths. They take advantage of their clients, patients, and students in whatever way they can that will benefit them as they have no qualms about endangering the people who seek their professional life. When their ruse is discovered, they just move on to the next job without any guilt about the destruction they've left in their wake.

Also, it's been documented that the sign most likely to be a serial killer is Virgo... just saying!

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7. Libra: The Saint Psychopath

This type of psychopath works hard to make sure that everyone thinks that they have impeccable morals and that it's everyone else that's immoral. They often exploit political or social situations as an excuse to be sadistic, brutal, scheming, deceiving, controlling, manipulative, abusive, tormenting, and corrupt.

Not surprisingly, this type of Libra often has jobs as wardens, religious leaders, school teachers, orphanage matrons, and police officers. Their saintliness and rigid morality cover up the true rottenness of their character.

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8. Scorpio: The Sexual Psychopath

This kind of psychopath is always turned on, even when the situation is completely inappropriate. They're known to have a huge sexual range where nearly everything sexual is enjoyable to them. They usually have a variety of fetishes, perversions and they don't limit their tastes to one gender or age range.

Everyone, no matter how young or old, can be a target for them. The Sexual Psychopath doesn't recognize consent as they enjoy dominating, controlling, and overpowering other people. Like many sex crimes, sex for this Scorpio isn't about pleasure but about dominating and subjugating a person.

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9. Sagittarius: The Seller Psychopath

The Seller Psychopath is also known as The Used-Car Salesperson because they can sell anything to anybody, even if all they're doing is trying to "sell" themselves. They use a "sales pitch"' to draw a person in. They watch their chosen mark carefully and ask questions to them, building a rapport.

This Sagittarius wants their victim to like them so that they'll give back by buying whatever they're selling. They try to convince the buyer that they're an expert and that they "wouldn't steer you wrong." They're always working people, manipulating them to get them to do what they want, and they have no remorse about doing it.

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10. Capricorn: The Paranoid Psychopath

This Capricorn psychopath is highly suspicious of everything and everyone, even when there's clearly no reason to be. They're terrified of being exposed and will get increasingly dangerous as the threat of exposure gets closer to them.

They often accuse others of wrongdoing to misdirect the suspicion of them — they're masters of projection. They never take responsibility for anything they do, good or bad, though they do have a strong desire to vindicate themselves for a past wrong by coming up with complicated revenge plots or by cruelty and force.

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11. Aquarius: The Anti-Social Psychopath

The prisons are filled with this kind of bad boy/bad girl psychopath as they absolutely refuse to conform to social norms and obey the law. They consistently lie, use aliases, and have no problem with conning others for their own personal gain.

They're irritable, aggressive, and have a total disregard for the safety of themselves and others, so it's not surprising they get into a lot of physical altercations. Aquarius rarely have a steady job, can never plan for the future, and are able to rationalize the times that they've hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another person.

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12. Pisces: The Artist Psychopath

This type of psychopath loves to be around creative and non-conformist kinds of people so they won't stand out. They manipulate other people by making them feel boring as they themselves present as charming, artistic, and gifted.

They have amazing verbal skills to use to their advantage, making people believe that they aren't psychopaths, just misunderstood geniuses. They strive to be admired and like to show off their knowledge of history, culture, and art.

They're not really interested in anything but themselves and only look for followers they can use to make themselves appear greater and grander. Pisces are artistic, or so they say but will spend hours painting one flower while making those around them cater to their every whim.

Need a better idea of what Pisces is like as a psychopath? Think of serial killer John Wayne Gacy, born under the Pisces sun sign.

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