How September's Full Moon In Pisces Will Affect YOUR Life In The Next Few Weeks

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Who says dreams don't come true?

Who says dreams don’t come true?

On Wednesday, September 6th there will be a magical romantic full moon in Pisces. This summer we’ve had a lot of challenging astrology — from Mercury retrograde, Saturn turning direct and, of course, the double whammy of the eclipse season.

And now it’s time for a bit of a respite from all the work we’ve been asked to do recently.

No moon phase can really change our lives, but if there was one that would influence us to finally make those changes it would be this one.

But there’s a lot at play here other than the watery love sign of Pisces and Neptune the planet of fantasy. In many ways, it’s the setting up of the perfect astrological storm.

August was heavy all around for everyone, and even if we were feeling positive as the new month began, the eclipses rocked everyone. Last month was a time for change, for endings, and for clearing out whatever wasn’t working in our lives.

The thing with love is that in order to receive it, we first have to make room for it. If we’ve done our work last month, we cleaned house both figuratively and literally. Regardless of if we are unattached or been married for over a decade, there is always another level that we can move up in our primary relationship.

This type of relationship is also our soulmate relationship, the deepest emotional connection and level of intimacy that we experience in this lifetime. Quite simply, the primary relationship is one that we experience with our person.

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But life hasn't worked out the way that we had hoped it would. Maybe it’s because it’s so much better than we could have even imagined, or possibly, it’s because we still haven’t given our lives over to the flow of the universe.

It’s tempting at times to push our own agendas or to let other people decide our lives for us, but regardless of what we try to do and even in spite of ourselves at times, we will always end up with the life experiences and lessons that we are meant to encounter.

In this life we have many choices, many paths that we get to choose, and sometimes they are the right ones; other times we are simply meant to take a detour to get to where we are meant to go. It seems like so many of us recently have been on a detour. Possibly it was a short one, or more likely it was so long we even doubted if we knew where we were supposed to be, let alone if we were able to end up there.

We second-guessed ourselves, hid from ourselves, tried to bury our emotions and through it all we attempted to do what we thought was the right thing even if it seemed like we were selling out our souls to be able to do just that. We tried to have life be something that we thought it had to be and we looked for happiness in all the wrong places.

But during the last month, with help from Mercury in retrograde, we were able to learn some final lessons and close the door for good on many aspects of our journey that we had struggled with making sense of. In combination with Saturn turning direct, it meant that we were able to begin to move forward with many of our plans that we had been contemplating over the past five months.

And this week, when Mercury turns direct, all bets are off.

With both planets in their regular forward moving position, we will find the words we need to say in order to help create the life we want, and the biggest difference is that we will actually be developing a better idea of what that is. The pieces of our lives and hearts will be falling together and this magical full moon in Pisces will be inviting us to believe in the impossible.

We all need a little bit of magic in this life in order to experience the really amazing aspects of life. To rule out magic is to dismiss the unexplainable, and what is that crazy true love if not undefinable? There has been a lot of work to do and while it’s not completely over, this moon offers a break within the rut of labor to bless us with the sight of the silver lining.

Pisces is the Aphrodite of the zodiac, romantic dreamy and full of heart — just like this moon will be.

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This week we will find ourselves feeling everything more profoundly and deeply. We will be leaving behind the struggle of the past few months, and within the expectation that we can’t have what we want out of this life. Yet, more than that, we will see that sometimes it’s not that certain love affairs are too good to be true but that we don’t think we are good enough for them.

It will be as if we experience the magic of not only believing in love but knowing that the love we seek is also the one we deserve.

There is a lot of passion up for grabs this week. It’s about kissing in the moonlight, dancing underneath the stars, and moments that make you forget that anything else matters more than holding the hand of the one you love.

We’re about to see what it feels like to have our dreams come true — and it’s not an exaggeration. It’s the simple reality that not only is life made up of really hard moments and times that bring us to our knees, but also those that taste so sweet we pinch ourselves to see if we are dreaming.

Pisces and her ruling planet Neptune will be dancing in the skies together this week reminding us that maybe life isn’t a fairytale, but only because once in a blue moon the reality of life and love can actually be better than we could have even imagined. And just maybe we’ll get the chance to be reminded that with love all things are possible.

Watch the video below to see what happens during a full moon and how it affects our behavior:


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