The Monthly Horoscope For September 2017 Is HERE For Each Of The Zodiac Signs

The Best Monthly Horoscope For September 2017 Is Here For All Zodiac Signs
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Find out what's in store when it comes to sex and love, your home life and career.

Your monthly horoscope is IN! There's been a lot of talk about Mercury Retrograde during the month of August, but did you know other planets are changing as well, and some experience retrograde, too?

Yes, midway last month, Uranus went into its nearly 155-day retrograde cycle in the sign of Aries.


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Uranus rules the 11th house and Aquarius. Its energy is future thinking and it represents originality. Right now, during retrograde, it's traveling through Aries until early January 2018. So, changes come strong and may seem a bit like a push, but there's good when you have to face your challenges head on.

If you're wondering else is happening in the universe that affects your zodiac sign, here's what you ought to know. Changes for all signs come in mid-September with energies aligning in Virgo. The Sun also transitions from Virgo into Libra on the 23rd.

Yes, there are some theories that September 23rd means big changes are up ahead! Read on to find out how with this month's monthly horoscope for YOUR zodiac sign.

Planetary changes for September 2017:

(These apply to everyone, however, if one of the planets is your planetary ruler it will have more of an effect on you.)

  • September 5th - Mercury Retrograde ends.

    All zodiac signs move from awareness and creativity into progress. You will be able to make changes in areas involving relationships, work situations, home, and career with clarity and focus!

  • Uranus (*Aquarius) remains in retrograde in Aries.

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    What seems bad at the outset is actually good. Quick, sudden changes in romance look bad to start, but any arguing will lead to more communication — a positive for all relationships.

  • September 2nd Jupiter (*Sagittarius) squares Pluto. 

    Growth and expansion relationship is delayed, though fruitful in the long run. Good things come to those who wait.

  • September 17th Mercury (*Gemini) squares Mars (Aries) in Virgo.  

    Duality and indecision may take place for the sake of making the right moves at the right time.

  • September 24th Sun enters Libra.

    All zodiac signs shift into balance and re-centering. The third eye opens and intuition rises. Projects take on new meaning and persons that have felt the tension in their partnerships will notice that they are able to work together more collaboratively.

  • September 25th Venus enters Virgo and aligns with Mercury and Mars, all in the sign of Virgo. 

Energies in love, passion, and intuition lean towards practicality for monetary gains. Now is a good time to consider financial management and enriching your home with beautiful things.

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Don't forget to check out your zodiac sign below to see what else your monthly horoscope has in store for you for September 2017. And as an added bonus, see your 3 Tarot cards spread for a Past/Present/Future reading. 

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Aries, expect strength in communication but some people in your inner circle won't get what you are saying right away. There may be a push and pull in egos as you battle to make changes needed in the near future.

Sex & Love: A longing for equality dynamics in your love life that may have to work itself out in the bedroom area. Midway through the month, you may not feel as sexy as usual, but your exterior will portray a much different message. 

Home: Changes at home with shifts in tasks and new assigning of duties. You may find yourself delegating projects more around the 23rd.

Career: What you want and what you need meet in the middle, but at the beginning of the month, there's work to do to get things in order. 

Past/Present/Future 3 Tarot card spread: Upright, Magician/Upright, Eight of Wands/Reversed, Three of Cups

In the past, your skills, logic, and reasoning are strong and are what you depended on. Present, you are clear about what you want, but your current situation may have elements of frustration with delays affecting progress. Future, those you depend upon may express resistance to change or you fear that resistance will come from your tribe. 

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TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus, early in the month your relationship and communication are spoken more through actions than words with underlying tensions that resolve quickly. 

Sex & Love: Your current love life situation may take a step back as you need to assess how to get the intimacy and romance you crave. 

Home: Change may inhibit taking the initiative on projects, but balance comes to help bring things together later in the month around the 23rd.

Career: Focus and precision with clear for complex problems or managing others come with recognition. 

Past/Present/Future 3 Tarot card spread: Upright, Queen of Cups/Reversed, Eight of Cups/Reversed, Eight of Wands

In the past, you are viewed as the nurturer and care giver in your relationships earning the trust of those around you. Presently, you may be dealing with a situation or individual that seems to have lost focus and has limited direction wanting to guide them at this time. In the future, you may fear that your efforts will be met with a type of betrayal or resistance.

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GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini, you handle multiple tasks and events that come your way with grace, but there are some lose ends that need tidying up around the 23rd when the Sun moves into Libra assisting in balance and intution.

Sex & Love: The dynamics of your love life improve and things get open and communicative evoking trust and equality between you and your loved ones. Healing in areas where you felt strained in connection come together at the end of the month.

Home: Your home life experiences changes as things get rearranged. Perhaps a change in the environment with a new project that you initiate is the cause.

Career: A big push is up ahead, but the adaptation comes naturally for you. There's a possibility for leadership around others where you are approached to handle a matter that benefits you as well.

Past/Present/Future 3 Tarot card spread: Reversed, Temperance/Reversed, Hierophant/Reversed, Six of Cups

In the past, your relationships required you to focus on creating unity, harmony, and balance. You may have felt like an outsider looking in but these feelings are diminishing fast. Presently, you may have difficulty accepting a change that you've been dealt and are still trying to do the right thing as you sort the situation out. In the future, you are seeking answers from the past, and long for the way things used to be. 

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CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer, as change and flux enter your life you find the determination to power up or down as needed. You feel more in control of your surroundings and situations with peers and loved ones giving support in your life.

Sex & Love: Expect to feel inspired and motivated to get closer with your loved ones. Your sex life will get a second wind with deeper intimacy and vitality with your partner or someone new around the 23rd.

Home: A project or situation at home reveals a simple fix that may bring about an inconvenience.

Career: At work, expect to realize some potential areas for growth especially in finance. You find an area to cut back on that brings you more wealth.

Past/Present/Future 3 Tarot card spread: Upright, The Fool/Upright, Eight of Swords/Reversed, Seven of Cups

In the past, you've depended on your willpower and determination to get you to where you are now. Presently, you may be holding yourself back due to the fear of the unknown. In the near future, you will be put on a journey of soul-searching that improves your relationships and self-love.

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LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Leo, an area that you'd like to see improve meets a unique opportunity. Someone you trust comes to help you get a dream underway.

Sex & Love: A love interest or special relationship isn't as close as you would prefer. You meet someone new at an event and romance seems promising. 

Home: An organizational project gets underway. You give to someone in need and find a way to make use of some things you've been putting off until 'another day' when there is time. 

Career: You start a new venture, this could be a schedule or new title in your job, or a new venture with someone who has the same values and worth ethic.

Past/Present/Future 3 Tarot card spread: Upright, Two of Swords/Reversed, Queen of Swords/Upright, Page of Rods

In the past, you partnered with a person close to you, and this relationship or situation worked. Presently, you may be thinking it's time to change due to feeling distant or blocked emotionally. You have reasons to suspect that your partnership isn't in your best interest. In the future, expect to be liberated and free to do what you need as you please. 

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VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo, you find yourself surrounded by others and things step up in activity with lots of events to attend and places to go.

Sex & Love: Your love life opens up to a new adventure, perhaps a trip out of town, or maybe something that you've not experienced before. You may find a friend is a little envious and misses your undivided attention, too.

Home: You find yourself wanting to cut back and minimize more. You clean out things and giving them to others in need.

Career: At work, you find yourself getting recognized for your cheerful nature. A colleague needs help with advice and you are able to give sound wisdom without being asked, but you intiutively sense is needed. 

Past/Present/Future 3 Tarot card spread: Upright, Five of Cups/Upright, Three of Swords, Upright Knight of Cups

In the past, you may have felt like your efforts were not rewarded, and you did not get what you earned. Presently, you may still harbor the feelings of sadness and feelings of rejection and want things to improve soon. In the near future, things look up. Not only does your situation improve but a new life in love and a close relationship comes your way to reignite hope. 

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SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius, you find yourself needing some time alone to think out a new venture. When you take your me time, 'we time' for friends and family open up with positive and renewed energy and happiness.

Sex & Love: Your sexual energy is up and you're looking for love with meaning. Someone you care about senses your needs and things gets closer. You may find yourself meeting someone where chemistry is just right, if you're single, around the 23rd of the month.

Home: You may find that you are spending more time out of the house and getting involved in physical activities. Perhaps this is a sport, or working out at the gym. Nature takes on a special meaning and you feel more energized out playing than indoors. 

Career: A colleague or coworker who you haven't spoken to in some time reaches out. A friend asks for assistance. You may not know the answer, but you help guide them in the right direction.

Past/Present/Future 3 Tarot card spread: Reversed, Temperance/Reversed, Three of Swords/Upright, Knight of Cups

Past relationships have been areas where you've felt most comforted. Those around you have helped you reclaim balance. Presently, someone or a situation has tried to create a wedge, although the attempts have been unsuccessful. In the near future, you find a romantic interest that is fun and adventurous, or the energy of adventure enters your current love life.

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LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Libra, this month you get active, either in exercise or balance bring new energy into your life. Others get inspired from your motivation and drive.

Sex & Love: A disagreement or distancing is forgiven and romance returns to what it was. An experience of learning and growing together becomes a missed opportunity, but there's room for change at the end of the month.

Home: Concerns about home and whether or not to make some changes that affect family are set aside. You find a trust in the way things are and perhaps an individual who you depend upon brings about balance and reassurance.

Career: A work friendship changes. Perhaps one person changes jobs or roles, and there's a need to find new ways to connect.  A lesson comes that teaches resilience.

Past/Present/Future 3 Tarot card spread: Upright, Justice/Upright, The Emperor/Upright, Eight of Pentacles

In the past, you sought out fairness in a situation and karma delivered. Presently, you may struggle with compassion and desire in setting clear boundaries with others who may need to re-earn your trust. In the near future, around the 23rd expect to apply hard work towards a project or relation for prosperity and growth.

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SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio,  an area where you've worked hard to remain patient proves to bring you benefit early in the month. Midway, things in the month improve in house and home. A friend or associate reaches out to you with a promising prospect. 

Sex & Love: At the beginning of the month, there's a situation that takes place between people that you love where you are caught in the middle but you bring a sense of compassion and understanding to both sides. Expect that around the 23rd your sexuality peaks and your find yourself more in your place of power and attract the love you want. 

Home: When others are organizing you find reasons to let go of things you no longer need. A person or organization is open to your generosity and you find a way to help more than one person.

Career: Another person gets promoted or noticed, and rather than feel jealous, you are part of the good news. Confidence rises mid-month, and your sense of value is seen by others. At the end of the month, a situation or duty requires your assistance that doesn't resonate with you. It resolves on its own to your relief.

Past/Present/Future 3 Tarot card spread: Reversed, Queen of Wands/Upright, Knight of Wands/Upright, The Tower

In the past, experienced a situation or person whose intentions and actions seemed to be self-serving and perhaps hurtful towards you. In the present, you find the determination to clear the path and bring truth to the surface. A friendship leads you to the realization. In the near future, you a relationship that needs attention while working on a project. In the near future, a change is coming that leads to an important break through.

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CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn, a situation brings peace in your environment early in the month and a complicated matter gets resolved. Mid-month where you lacked in ability you find new ways to extend generosity, not just in money but with time. 

Sex & Love: An anniversary or reason to celebrate with those you love comes early in the month with you looking forward to the future. Mid-month you depend on truth and instinct to resolve a matter. Around the 23rd, a change occurs in your love life that you were not expecting but find wisdom after the experience. 

Home: Home becomes more of a place to retreat to and take solace early in the month. Around the middle to the end of the month you may have visitors coming from out of town or perhaps travel comes your way.

Career: A concern about change takes place and may be health related. A job or responsibility is removed from you and it helps make things less stressful for you at work. 

Past/Present/Future 3 Tarot card spread: Reversed, The Lovers/Upright, Knight of Cups/Upright, Justice

In the past, an important relationship has grown distant and communication more difficult. It may seem that you and a partner have outgrown each other and things need work. Presently, a new lover or relationship is in view and seems promising. In the near future, you find out what you're seeking and the information allows you to make the right decision at the right time. 

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AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius, a person in your life opens up and mutual vulnerability paves the way for closeness and nurturing. You find patience that's needed to complete work mid-month. A message that helps you understand a need arrives. Expect progress starting the final week.

Sex & Love: Early in the month, a fresh start with someone new, or a renewal of commitment takes place in a relationship or with someone close to you. A situation leaves you feeling like you have little choices and indecision sets in mid-month. Around the 23rd, expect that a vision or dream you had comes to close opening the door to a new path.

Home: Work that has taken up more time than you would like to have given ends. An item lost returns to you, or you find it without looking.

Career: Something occurs and requires compassion from you. You help someone without expecting anything in return. A friend from the past reaches out. 

Past/Present/Future 3 Tarot card spread: Reversed, Temperance/Upright, Eight of Swords/Reversed, Two of Swords

In the past, you may have experienced a stubborn person, or have acted stubbornly in accepting the truth about a situation or lesson. Presently, you may find a situation leaves you afraid of taking the next step due to fear of the unknown. In the near future, a time comes when you are ready to let go of a project, partner, or relationship that isn't good for you.

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PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces, an area where you were in authority opens up to a joint venture. There's a change around mid-month that allows creative expression. Around the 23rd a person or situation enters your work sphere that helps things run more smoothly.

Sex & Love: Last month, you may have experienced feeling off your game, but this month you re-center and find a creative way to improve your relationships. Protection and strength are strongest by the 23rd with a joint venture coming to pass. 

Home: A balancing act continues early in the month. Mid-month expect a situation to improve. Someone, a friend or trusted advisor extends good news that improves things at home as well.

Career: A project that you've been working on takes longer than expected. Peace of mind comes and negative energy releases between you and another person. 

Past/Present/Future 3 Tarot card spread: Upright, Seven of Wands/Reversed, Ace of Wands/Reversed, Four of Wands

In the past, you've held your ground in areas where you maintained authority and power. In the present, your third eye opens and centering begins with you realizing what direction you need to take next. In the near future, there may be challenged in communicating your vision to members at home.

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