What Women Who Find True Love After Heartbreak Do (That The Rest Of Us Can Learn From)

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5 Things Women Must Do When They're Ready Find True Love

Almost all of us have had our share of topsy-turvy relationships. Some have been swoon-worthy, some absolutely lousy and some have set us into to the darkest depths of heartbreak, but without fail, everyone has been through at least one bad breakup.

Many women think from the heart rather than the mind, which is why some women take an emotional dive after a breakup.

We all know it’s tough picking up the pieces of your broken heart later, but it has to be done.

Just because you’ve had a bad relationship in the past, that doesn't mean your future isn’t bright. You must get back in the game! No emotional turmoil is easy, but it’s what you do later that really counts! A few bad relationships in the past shouldn’t stop you from seeking happiness again. No one deserves to live life in a dark hole.

Cliche as it sounds, every dark cloud has a silver lining and time really is the best healer. You just have to be open to learning how to let go, thinking about the future positively and to embracing the fact that you can have a happy future too!

If you want to meet your soulmate (finally!), here are the 5 things women who find true love do (that you can try RIGHT NOW):

1. Get out of the house.

We cannot stress how important it is to stop moping and get out of the house. While the tub of chocolate ice cream and never-ending Friends re-runs seem fantastic, you absolutely need to get rid of your pajamas and step out into the sunlight.

The more you think about your ex-partner, the more it will eat you alive. 

Give your friends a call, make a plan, and step out! Dress up nicely, put on a pair of new earrings and your favorite shoes, and go out for a couple of drinks.

If you’re planning to go to a local pub, put on a little eyeliner and lipstick and have fun! Shake a leg on the dance floor or enjoy yourself by singing lively tunes in a karaoke sing-off. There’s a very good chance someone new might notice you and smile. If this happens, smile back!

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2. Stop talking about an ex.

You must stop talking about your ex-partner constantly. If you happen to meet someone new, don’t talk about your old partner. Instead, enjoy the uniqueness of the new person in front of you. Just as you are different for them, they are different for you. Give your new acquaintance your undivided attention. For all you know, this new fantastic person might be sailing the same just-off-of-a-bad-relationship boat as you are!

No one wants to be bogged down (or tripped up!) by old emotional baggage.

The whole point of moving on is to live more positively and walk a new path. Once you realize this, your life will become easier, and you will slowly but surely stop thinking about your old partner.

So if you’ve been asked out, go and enjoy your time. Have fun!

3. Trust friends.

Your friends have probably seen you through some pretty hard times. Trust their judgment and advice when it comes to thinking about new people and let them know you’re open to meeting new people.

Even if you’re not interested in relationships at the moment, meeting new people and changing your outlook will help immensely.

Starting to meet new people will take your heart and mind off the forbidden ex-partner topic, and you might even improve your friend’s circle with some interesting new people.

Whether you get into a relationship or make a new friend, you’re moving ahead with a positive outlook!

4. Consider current friends as potential romantic partners

Is there someone in your existing friend group you may have previously overlooked? The best part about dating a friend is that you’re already comfortable with them, so there’s no lingering awkwardness.

Your friend already knows how you take your tea or coffee and which places you like to go to eat.

They also probably know you’ve just gotten out of a lousy breakup and need some time to get back into your old head space.

Taking things slow and easy with existing friends is the nicest way to ease back into your old life. If nothing else, you might decide that you both are better off as friends anyway, but until you that moment arrives, it’s fine to meet up every now and then.

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5. Remain confident and think positive.

There are countless options and opportunities for a smart woman to choose from. You just have to think positively and search for that lost confidence. No matter how hard you think it is right now, it will get better.

You will mess up in the future too — we ALL do — but it's so important to be able to laugh and smile again so that you can keep on keeping on.

That’s what really matters!

We wish you all the best for your future.

There’s something beautiful on the horizon just waiting for you to embrace it!

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